Three people remember the archbishop of Magello told affirmation nodded.

See three people like this, the Archbishop of Magello must have nodded, turned around and stepped into the Remidia Grand Temple, Herrick, Wei Li and Qi Ye, who also followed the footsteps of the Archbishop of Magello …
Stepping into the Great Sage seems to be a step into the deep and vast sky. The huge columns support the huge arch dome and expand into a fairyland. The complex spires and dazzling stained glass windows are all over the top of the Great Sage in Remidia Bayarica. From a distance, it looks like a towering stone forest piercing the sky.
With the pace of Archbishop Magello, Herrick and his party passed through a long and mysterious corridor and entered a tall pure white building. This is Magello Rochebach who has been praying silently. There are several tall white wall columns in the prayer hall, and there are almost no walls, while the wall columns have the same tall windows. In these dense and huge windows, stained glass is set in the moonlight, and the three of them are like walking into a giant kaleidoscope.
These stained glass paintings are pictures of hierophant’s origin, the five saints’ family leading the human battle. Each picture is so vivid that it seems that God will jump out of the picture and come to you at any time, giving people a sense of paradise.
In the prayer hall, a huge black cross stands tall, and the coffin containing Lin Ze’s cold is placed on the huge black cross. Obese and their five paladins are surrounded by the cold coffin and stand quietly …
And seems to feel someone entered the prayer hall, facing the main entrance of the prayer hall. Obese Rochebach suddenly looked up and saw Archbishop Magello enter the prayer hall!
"Grandpa!" Obese consciously shouted, only to find that his grandfather Archbishop Magello was followed by three war college students. Being away from Obese can’t tell the difference between a war college teacher and a student …
"Grandpa, why can they enter the Great Temple?" Obese’s face is full of doubts, and the other four people are also very curious. It is indeed a long time since they have seen strange faces appear in the grand templar of Remidia.
Archbishop Magello smiled and led three people behind him to the cold coffin and didn’t answer Obese’s words.
Seeing the archbishop of Magello behave like this, Obese also knew that she had made a slip of the tongue. She quickly silenced. Since Grandpa recognized that the three of them were qualified to enter the Ramidia Templar, there must be a reason for him. The Paladin of the Templar did not question the archbishop’s order.
Chapter 462 Oracle identity
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"Your eminence, can you tell us what happened in Lin Ze? What Linze will come out of Tiancheng with a burning flame, and what can you do to prepare the coffin to help Lin Ze? All this seems to be in your expectation? "
Wei Li didn’t overstep, but the tone was that he suspected the Archbishop of Magello, which was disrespectful to the Archbishop of Magello. However, the five paladins next to the Lin Ze Wanhan coffin, including the granddaughter of the Archbishop of Magello, seemed to have no reaction at all, and their faces did not reveal a trace of anger.
I didn’t know how to speak when I heard Wei Li directly questioning Herrick and Lacquer Night. They also had similar doubts in their hearts, but they didn’t say it! But this is hierophant’s home court. Is it nice to be so direct? It can be said that Herrick and Lacquer Night think more about this matter.
But they didn’t think that in the face of the strongest temple in Remidia, Archbishop Magello’s directness is the best way to stay away. What if they don’t know that this is not the Empire of Dros or the War College …
Archbishop Magello’s face is still smiling with a gentle smile. He doesn’t care about a little disrespect for Lin Zexin’s words.
"I know these things will make you have doubts in your hearts, but these things are not what I can expect. This is a prophecy that has been flowing in the great temple of Remidia … The angel of God is stained with the flame will of natural enemies * * will burn in the fire of karma, and the watchers of strange beasts are waiting for Oracle to come and the soul will disperse the fire of karma."
"This prophecy is finally confirmed in Lin Zeshen …"
Archbishop Magello doesn’t seem to care at all about the secret of Remidia’s Great Templar, but he directly told Herrick the prophecy of the Great Templar. He didn’t have any precautions at all, but this is not that Archbishop Magello’s reckless glance in front of the Great Templar has made Archbishop Magello decide to tell them these things.
Lin Ze is Oracle, and these people are accompanying Oracle’s growth partners closely and unyieldingly, but this prophecy seems to be a bit shocking to Herrick.
"God, God’s messenger?" Herrick stammered, "How is that possible? Lin, Lin Ze but … "
Herrick root doesn’t believe that Lin Ze is an emissary. You know, Lin Ze is a man who has inherited the power of ghosts and gods. How can he be an emissary? This moment of consternation almost made Herrick spit out Lin Ze’s identity. Fortunately, he didn’t say it when he reacted … And the paint night and Wei Li were still in consternation and didn’t realize Herrick was strange.
But the Archbishop of Magello looked at all this and nodded slightly. His guess was confirmed again. This flame god named Herrick really knows that Linze’s ghosts and gods are …
"Your eminence! Are you saying that Lin Ze is the messenger of God in that prophecy? " Wei Li is the teacher. After a little shock, she returned to normal and asked the Archbishop of Magello.
The Archbishop of Magello must have nodded his head, revealing the wisdom in his deep blue eyes, and said, "Lin Ze is the messenger of God and Oracle! I believe that not long ago, the imperial capital of Dros was more divine than Talon. You must remember that, right? This divine fall was also the reason why your Dross Empire supported Dross Empire to unify the mainland as a god … "
Wei Li nodded slightly. She did remember the mysterious man wearing a black cloak and holding a black sickle in the sky before …
"That is indeed a god, but it is not because of the Delos Empire, but because of the historical building of the War College …" Archbishop Magello’s voice connected all the clues in front of three people.
Originally, the three of them didn’t know what this divine descent was, and they didn’t deliberately connect the Divine Descent War College together. But now that they heard the Archbishop Magello get up, they remembered that the divine descent light disappeared into the War College.
And the historical building? Think of the four words of historical building, but leave your face a change! She has also experienced the test of this historical building, and naturally knows the secret of the historical building of the War College. It will not be surprising that Archbishop Magello knows the secret of the historical building of the War College. After all, it is not surprising that Archbishop Magello is also a distinguished person in the Principality of Belmar.
But let Wei Li’s face change into a divine presence. On that day, I helped the headmaster deliver a message to let Lin Ze go to the historical building. It was a coincidence that on the day when Lin Ze entered the historical building, the Deros Empire appeared a divine presence in Bitalon …
Under the guidance of the Archbishop of Magello, Wei Li connected all the clues together. Lin Ze entered the historical building of the War College and passed the test of the historical building, which caused a sudden change. The principal sent Lin Ze to lead the exchange group of the War College away from the core of the empire …
If all this is true, then there is a great possibility that Lin Ze is a messenger of God!
See only face change archbishop Magello also saw her wavering, let her know the identity of Lin Ze and Oracle earlier, maybe the shock will be less when she knows the identity of Lin Ze’s ghost bearer? Is it that Archbishop Magello is helping Lin Ze lead the red line?
"Your Excellency, although there was something unusual that day, it doesn’t prove that Lin Ze is Oracle, does it?"
Only at this time, I already believe that Archbishop Magello said that Lin Ze is Oracle, but the girl hopes to have more evidence to prove all this …
Look at the mouth shut expression archbishop Magello smiled and shook his head and said.
"If Lin Ze is not Oracle, how can his strength rise so fast? You know, Lin Ze has been practicing for less than five years until now! Isn’t it a miracle that an ordinary person who can’t do anything before the age of ten rises in a sudden day? But in just a few years, Lin Ze’s strength has reached the shadow clan. Isn’t that what Oracle can do? How can a real ordinary person do all this? Can you imagine the speed of cultivation? "
Archbishop Magello smiled and said these words, and then she stopped talking. In fact, she believed it, but she still needed time to digest it. Her student teacher Lin Yan, nephew Lin Lang Marquis turned out to be a Oracle …
Hear archbishop Magello Herrick three people are thoughtful nodded.
Chapter 463 The Watcher
Indeed, for them, Lin Ze’s qualifications are really amazing. The original strength is ahead of others, and they are constantly being surpassed by him. However, with a little stupidity, they are qualified to look up to Lin Ze’s back.
But Herrick and Lacquer Night are suspicious. They both know that Linze has ghosts and gods. Does Archbishop Magello say that God is ghosts and gods? Two people guess that the knight is getting closer and closer to the truth …
But in this is lying in the cold coffin burning Lin Ze is stuffy snorted frowned!
Everyone was awakened by Lin Ze’s stuffy hum and hurriedly looked at Lin Ze. At this time, Lin Ze was full of flames, and even the cold coffin seemed to have some methods to seal the flames around Linze.
Only from this time also know that now is not the time to struggle with Lin Ze’s identity. She hurriedly lay down on the cold coffin and looked at the ice. Lin Ze frowned and felt a burst of cramps in her heart. But after she came into contact with the cold coffin for three seconds, she was covered with frost … Archbishop Magello shook his head naively. Can the cold coffin be touched at will? What’s worse, lie down?
It was too fast just to be detached. Before he could react, he had already gone to lie down. This girl has really deep feelings for Oracle. Archbishop Magello shook his head and whispered gently. A group of light floated from him and merged into the detachment to condense the frost …
The white frost instantly dissipates when it comes into contact with this white light, and it is only pulled by this light from the cold coffin.
"Only from the teacher you are too bold! Can the coffin of Wan Han be easily touched? Fortunately, you are an ice shadow, and you are very resistant to the frost attribute. If you were someone else like you, you would have to lie by the fire for at least one day to recover. "
Archbishop Magello didn’t blame her for being passive, but hoped she would stop being so impulsive.
I shivered unconsciously, just as if I had been frozen. Without the help of Archbishop Magello, I’m afraid I would have formed ice. I patted my chest with concern. She didn’t know that she was a little flustered since she saw Lin Ze’s accident.
Archbishop Magello listened to her advice, but now she is more worried about Lin Ze’s safety.
"Your eminence is just my gaffe! I hope your Excellency can help Lin Ze. He is in pain now and I can feel it … "