"Don’t bite off more than you can chew!" Elo pie pie mind micro that rocket is also instantaneous turned a right angle straight Chen Ling was spirit force wrapped fist hit together.

"Bang!" A circle is clearly visible. air billow spreads, and the surrounding tables and chairs are lifted away. The rocket shakes violently, and then it is decomposed into light spots to dissipate. Chen Ling is stuffy and groans. He staggered back several steps, clenched his fists and stared at Arlo with abnormal ugliness.
See Chen Ling a recruit fall into the wind, the gray old man’s face is gloomy, but some worry about the rhyme is a light mask, and then a surprise passes through his beautiful eyes.
"Bastard!" Chen Ling’s teeth rattled and his body swept out again like a violent beast, and his cuffs hung slightly as if with a slight cold mans. A small sharp dagger slipped into his hand and then rowed mercilessly to Arlo’s throat.
See the Chen Ling hand so diabolical Elo eyes also flashed a little cold, and three rockets condensed faster with a wave of his arm, and then dragged a slender arc of light in a glyph and shot at Chen Ling, who was slightly changed.
"Hey!" Fire mountain just like a meteor flashed through Chenling, but before a rocket could get close, it hit the tip of the dagger like lightning. The original cold mountain overflowed, and the body immediately turned red, just like just taking out the soldering iron from the fire. The high temperature made the palm of Chenling feel a burning pain, and I couldn’t help loosening the dagger. Before he could react, two beams of fire mountain were rapidly enlarged in front of him, like the fire waves were heavily bombarded in Chenling, wrapped in protective spirit.
"poof!" The magic element condenses into a flame, and the temperature is far from ordinary. Compared with a flame that others can feel the spread of heat and destroy it, Chen Ling is slightly vain. All the spiritual defense is destroyed, and the severe pain quickly enters the brain. Most of Chen Ling’s hair is burned, and his body screams and falls backwards like a broken cloth bag, and he also spits out a steaming blood.
It is in
Name: king of fighters of Warcraft
A letter started a war.
The first chapter tavern war
On a snowy day, it is a pleasure to enjoy the snow and wine in a warm pub.
Kay likes this kind of fun.
Every time on this snowy day, he likes to have a drink alone in the corner of the pub, enjoy the snow outside the window and enjoy the noisy enthusiasm of the window.
At this time, the door was pushed outside, and the snow blew in. Several tall orcs broke in. They didn’t rob the orcs. They respected the unification most, and they didn’t destroy the pub and the peace. The orcs liked to strut the animals and suddenly pushed the door to surprise the people inside …! Of course, they are also eagerly looking forward to the people inside welcoming them enthusiastically. This is a habit and the most enthusiastic habit.
"Knowledge, barbarism, shif, dirty!" Pub dwarves, they curse loudly.
The orcs didn’t wait, they wanted enthusiasm, and the waiting was higher and higher, and then cursing became a game for those who were crazy about drinking.
These orc leaders pushed the door and didn’t move. He looked at the wine table proudly, and all the people raised their glasses and shouted at human beings.
There is more snow and snow outside, and many snowflakes melt rapidly. The sultry pub in the room is a little cooler.
"Dear orc warrior, come in and have a drink, new varos!"
Ariel, the owner of the tavern, spoke. The owner of the tavern is a mixed-race woman in her early thirties this year. She is tall and has white skin and always has a direct dissolute style.
At this time, the proprietress half grilled on the bar and looked at the beasts with a pair of sea blue eyes.
The floor left huge footprints of orcs, and the door slowly closed. Kay looked at the scenery outside the window like looking at a long-masked lover fighting in these four races in troubled times. No one can look down on everything in this world like him.
Several tables of dwarves are shouting about drinking dwarves’ high honor wine tables, enthusiasm for life and fun.
Orcs are getting crazy, too. Orcs always want to be polite, but it’s hard for them to settle down with a few bowls of Varos.
The orcs’ drinking in big copper pots made the tavern even hotter.
Kay likes to watch the pub hot in this troubled times. It is a rare happiness in life to sit alone in a small corner and drink light wine alone.
"Have you heard? The ancestors of the orcs were all human beings, and then the terrible beast grabbed them into the cave on a thunderstorm night … "
"I’d say it’s only the elves that can make children …"
"Yes, you can see that people’s elf essence can float by itself and find a place to plant trees by itself. When my essence can float, I will travel all over the world and let my essence float all over the world …"
"You are too obscene …"
After drinking too much, the dwarf blew up again. Huntress was red in the face for several nights, but they wouldn’t argue that the night is a peaceful race.
"hey! Never grow tall. Come and have a drink. Let’s have a drink! This is what men drink! " An orc warrior shouted wildly
"Don’t take inferior quality as an honor. If you knew the taste of wine, you wouldn’t drink that inferior root wine."
"You insulted the great orc winemaker." An orc warrior was about to explode, but his leader held his hand. This is a pub and a peaceful place.
The orc leader asked for a barrel of wine and gave a savage roar in the direction of human beings, and poured a barrel of wine into it.
"Good ….." The tavern was full of palms. Instead of being angry, human beings clapped their hands on the table and cheered.
The dwarf leader also asked for a barrel of wine. Frankly speaking, he is about the same height as that barrel of wine.
The dwarf gave a drink to the people around him and blew a good barrel of wine in one breath.
"Good … ah!" People are more excited.
Chatting with wine again! Orcs and dwarves have been having fun for thousands of years
An orc is not a good orc if he meets a dwarf in a pub and doesn’t make a drink.
It’s hard for a dwarf to tell people that he is a good dwarf if he meets an orc in a pub and doesn’t have a drink.
The world is so wonderful that every race has its side like a child.
Kay casually played with the purple flame in her hand in the corner and looked at the careless world. The snow outside the window is still a quiet world, and a little industry is far from having any impact on nature.
"Wow …!" The people in the pub stopped.
It’s bloody outside the window. A group of orcs are robbing a group of human beings. Orcs are the dominant forces in this area. There are tens of thousands of transactions and dozens of robberies in this area every day. In the concept of orcs, robbing foreigners is the beauty of strength, which shows that they have different values from human beings.
There are about seven orcs out there, and there are three human businessmen who are caught in a bitter struggle. If they want to escape into the tavern, they will be protected. No one can be in the tavern. The situation is the most respectful to unify the orcs.
However, human businessmen have not escaped into the idea at all. Terran businessmen are profiteers, but they are also a part of the Terran. Anyone who escapes into a pub in a crisis will be despised by all races, and other races will be laughed at for it.
Terran merchants’ knives are hard to compete with the orcs’ axe, but they sing passionate songs in the snow and die.