This is an extremely tragic thing, and the tragedy is that Chen Kai, one of their spellcasters, was dragged into the magic hole with the skeleton mage. The spells released by both spellcasters are not fatal, but everyone knows that once one side’s magic runs out, the other side will win the spell attack. However, in terms of magic, the creature side can’t compete with the spellcasters because the magic roots of both sides can’t be compared. As a result, Chen Kai, one of their guardians, was passively beaten after the players’ spellcasters ran out of magic. A spell blasted around them and scattered their formations completely. Now Chen Kai doesn’t expect to organize effective resistance. He hopes that the structural obstacles of the earth element wizards will be continued.

The first volume Chapter 43 Redstone fortress (4)
Chapter 43 Redstone fortress (4)
In those who have transformed the bones, the spellcasters bombard all the noble mages and players, and the spellcasters are running around. Chen Kai, they have their own side. Arihoshi can definitely suppress those horn bones with spells, but now the situation is just the opposite. On the contrary, if they hadn’t been constantly creating obstacles in the urban area, Chen Kai estimated that they would have been killed by the explosive spells around them.
However, he didn’t expect that the barrier to stop the undead was like a maze at the beginning, but now it has become an umbrella for them to avoid spells. Now Chen Kai doesn’t expect to command the players’ troops to stop those horned monsters, because there are less than 300 people around him now, including the hands of Count Andosk.
Although ll don’t want to admit it, but he can’t deny that they protect Amdo’s desperate retreat troops have been scattered, asking them to gather more than 500 people team secret spells will be like pouring rain, although they are all low-level spells, but too many words are also very scary.
The only good news for Chen Kai is that these skeleton spellcasters can’t release more than 100 meters of spell houses, but their troops can continue to knot more than 100 meters away, but they can’t resist the gradual advance of the undead
But what makes Chen Kai feel depressed is that he is still carrying a few drag bottles. Poor Sir Ando Sike was unfortunately hit by a fireball when he was commanding a battle. Although it was not regarded as dead, the fireball explosion killed his war horse, and then the dead war horse crushed the man’s leg. Then Chen Kai, a god of humanitarian relief, took this drag bottle and retreated into various buildings and walls to build a maze.
This maze made of various sundries and wood is piled up by rocks, and even the builders don’t know that it is far from the road. It can be said that the purpose of the whole maze construction is to keep all the undead out of north city. When building this maze, Chen Kai never thought that they would retreat into the maze, because their idea was to keep those undead out of the maze for two or three hours, and then rely on the maze to retreat when blocking a little. At last, Chen Kai never thought that he would be resurrected in the cemetery outside the city because he was a player. I know that the wounded man around me definitely knows the entrance and exit of the maze, but maybe it hurts too much when he was crushed by a war horse. This unfortunate knight is very shameful and fainted and has not woken up yet.
Of course, it’s definitely a good thing for Andy Skull to be in a coma. A noble who is tortured by pain and screaming is definitely much better than a unlucky guy who is in a coma. However, when Andy straightened his opponent’s thigh and bonesetting, he woke up the poor knight. He was almost screaming like a pig. If Andy is wrong, it is estimated that now the poor knight will not see Andy splint his thigh but see his thigh become three knots.
After the splint, poor Lord Andosk finally became lame from the wounded, but now that he has just finished treatment, he is afraid that he will take out a life-saving medicine from his carry-on ring, and the only way to make the bone governor well in a short time is to let him walk a little and run a little, so don’t think about it
"Have we failed?" Wake up. The questioner Chen Kai, in a low voice, looked at the team of less than 300 people around him. This knight can imagine what happened during his coma.
"Not a failure! However, there is no way to organize effective resistance to those skeleton spellcasters. The magic of our spellcasters can’t be compared with that of dead creatures. After being defeated, there is no way to organize effective spell resistance! Now I can lead those bones into the maze and hope that I can rely on the maze to block them for a while! " Chen Kaiyin is also low, and Chen Kaiyin is even more decadent than the coma Amdo, who personally experienced the fiasco half an hour ago.
In fact, if it was just a spell attack by the skeleton caster, Chen Kai and his colleagues would not have been beaten so badly. Although they were extremely miserable by the spell bombardment, they could barely support it with a huge number of soldiers. Especially, all the magicians made it clear in the end that the attack was definitely not the skeleton caster, and their opponents turned to spell defense. In this case, Chen Kai and his colleagues received the spell attack, and their attack power was weakened. However, it happened that at this time, some creatures with horns and bones and sickle-shaped arms like mantis entered the battlefield.
Those heads with sickle arms are triangular like mantis, which is completely different from ordinary skeletal creatures because their body surfaces are covered with a special muscle layer. However, Chen Kai thinks that this kind of constructed life should still be unfinished. If it has been completed, it is estimated that it will be covered with a defense layer outside the muscle layer. However, in Chen Kai’s view, it is an unfinished constructed life, which has caused great damage to Chen Kai and them. The sickle-shaped forelimbs nearly two meters long are more than the giant mantis that Chen Kai saw at the beginning. Add terror because the giant mantis was only one at the beginnijīng, but now ll they are faced with sickle, and there are few hundreds of skeletons. Even J and ng iron armor and shields are split into four parts in these monsters’ forelimbs. These monsters can’t make a move, and they are absolutely deadly and fast, just like mantis hunting. The result is terrible. In less than a minute, nearly a thousand players and civilian soldiers who stand in front of the legion are instantly dismembered, and even ll is almost directly cut into four parts.
Although he didn’t die, his chest was cut out by the sickle-shaped creature. His temporarily transformed breastplate was directly cut off by four pieces. Now Ll is almost naked, not because he doesn’t want to dress, but because the chest wound has never healed. That’s like a cross-cut attack, which made Ll have a cross wound in his chest. Each wound is nearly 3 cm long. Although it didn’t cut Ll’s chest, it has been bleeding and the loss of life continues to make Ll suffer, even if it is changed. It didn’t help to take the wound medicine twice, because the wound was attached with an extremely strange evil force. Although Chen Kai tried hard to fight to disperse these strange forces and tried to heal the wound, I don’t know what happened. Soon after each wound healed, those strange forces would regenerate and breed like weeds in hūn days. Finally, Chen Kai was depressed and had to carefully check the game when he got rid of heterogeneous forces. As a result, he was found in the genus list, which made him miserable. A genus is reborn after a bloody bath, that is to say, this kind of heterogeneous power will continue to breed when it comes to blood. Finally, ll was forced to bite his teeth and cut off the breast meat after removing most of the heterogeneous power to get rid of all the heterogeneous power.
Also thanks to the huge size of Llewellyn, if it were replaced by a small person with a wound more than 20 centimeters long, it would definitely kill people. Even Llewellyn became weak after cutting off such a large piece of flesh and blood. At the same time, she lost nearly 1,000 points of life. If he hadn’t led the team to retreat into the constructed maze, it is estimated that Llewellyn would have died because of too much loss of life, but even if she had retreated into the maze, Llewellyn and them would not be safe. Although Amdo’s north city periphery was due to narrow roads in civilian areas. Narrow alleys are densely covered with strong confusion, and it has become a maze in the illegal buildings built by Andover civilians without renovation. However, a large number of puppets are now pouring into this maze. These puppets will not take the right path directly like Chen Kai and others. They often encounter walls, walls, houses and houses, and the demolition is just a violent way.
Although Chen Kai hopes that the defenders can attack the undead in the maze, it is difficult for many soldiers to organize effective defense when they lose command, and those players do too much damage to the undead because of their strength. Even a single sickle can cause crushing damage to nearly 50 players’ troops, and these sickle life is not a single action, usually three or three actions, which makes the team less than 300 players, but even if they have done it, the final casualties will be more serious.
What made Chen Kai angry was that when they were hunted by the undead, he had high hopes that the knights of the temple turned and ran away. Chen Kai was not angry with the Grand Knight Lunashi for running away, but angry that he didn’t run away with loyalty and didn’t take them to leave him and the unlucky Count Andosk as a scapegoat. If Chen Kai sees each other again, he will definitely beat him up, but he can beat each other before.
Do you know how to get out of this maze? We must leave the maze quickly and organize people to defend outside the maze! " Chen Kai got the medicine from Count Amdo and slowly gave it to his chest wound medicine, which made him feel depressed. The medicine in his rich hand was not as good as that in Count Amdo’s hand. Although Chen Kai didn’t know how much the other party spent on this medicine, Chen Kai found that this special-effect wound medicine had a surprisingly good hemostasis effect and could gradually restore his life value. The ferocious wound on his chest scabbed slightly in less than ten minutes, and then it was restored to its original cleanliness.
"no! We will not leave the maze, we will go to the dungeon! " Amdo, extremely calm eyes looked at Ll. Ll. Ll. Ll. L was scared by each other’s eyes and almost didn’t swing his fist towards Amdo’s eyes.
"dungeons? What dungeon? " Chen Kai doesn’t know the truth about Amdo Sen’s roots. Even Amdo Sen’s indigenous players don’t necessarily know that there are Amdo Sen’s real ancient nobles who will know about the dungeon. The fact is that Amdo Sen’s nobles used to build tunnels to protect their descendants. At that time, when Amdo’s family was still prosperous, Amdo’s nobles would accidentally break the city because of frequent attacks from Warcraft. Therefore, Amdo’s nobles joined forces to build a huge orthodoxy, and several aristocratic families gathered together to build tunnels and became a huge Amdo. Sen-di-cheng-tong, the last life-saving place of the ancient aristocrats in Ando-sen, can only be known by the eldest grandson of each aristocrat, and it is not allowed to start the original Ando-sik only after the refugees in north city have all evacuated from the city. This method was started from Ando-sen, but it happened that that that bastard Lunashi took the lead in escaping. The thought that he was fooled by the other side and tried to fight to the death almost made him die. The eyes of Ando-sik became red than if he chose someone to eat the beast.
"But from Amdo’s road! You just have to follow me! If you want to save some people, you can, but remember not too much! " After saying that, Lord Andosk slowly sat down and rested. Although he took special effects medicine, his broken thigh could not recover so quickly. He just moved a little for a while and felt the pain in the broken place. If his endurance was not amazing, he would have been unable to help crying out now.
"But from Amdo? So what about those civilians? " After Chen Kai finished this sentence, he slowly became silent. Now he can’t even protect himself, let alone save those civilians. After the silence, Chen Kaima found the people who were still alive through the team channel, and found that Ji Guyun was still alive and not far from Chen Kai’s location.
After the gathering of a group of people, the original huge team became even bigger, and the Amdo Scotty was no longer alone, because Rola Chen was accompanied by more than 300 indigenous soldiers and knights, who were originally private soldiers or friends of Amdo Scotty, but later they were sent to protect Rola Chen. However, because everyone was surrounded by a few hundred people, they finally got together, and the number exceeded 2,000. Fortunately, they did not get together directly, but dispersed and moved forward alternately according to the cloud guidance method, slowly moving towards the position of Amdo Scotty Scotty.
"Is this it?" Llewellyn pointed to a dilapidated house and was supported by people behind him. Lord Andosk asked, although they were hiding all the way, they still encountered several attacks from undead skeletons, and even two or three skeleton spellcasters, but the number of skeleton spellcasters was not enough to suppress Llewellyn. After they paid the price of dozens of lives, those skeleton spellcasters became real bones. Another good news for Llewellyn and them was that the throne of bones suspended in the middle was sucked by Lunashi and their knights. Lead away Although Chen Kai was very angry at the fact that the Grand Knight Lunashi left them to escape, he was still very grateful to the other party for leading away the dark Council boss in the sky. Can Chen Kai finally live? Chen Kai hoped that the other party could live, but it seems that the success rate of this hope is not very high.
"Here it is! If you want to enter this room, then dig a white Se slate in the cellar and dig three meters to see the passage into the dungeon! " When I heard the words of Count Amdo, all faces quickly turned into embarrassing words. Until now, Chen Kaicai was white. Why did Amdo players mix here for so long and didn’t find this dungeon? Even if they found the entrance, they had to dig a pit three meters deep to find out which player would dig around in an idle way. If we want to add the depth of the cellar, the location of the dungeon is almost seven meters on the surface of Amdo.
"Dig! Others are watching around if they are okay. We should be careful that those undead touch us! " Chen Kai’s words have been recognized by everyone. After all, no one wants to be killed by the undead when they are about to get a way to escape from Amdo. That’s really a loss. The soil layer more than three meters deep is nothing for the team’s earth element mage, but in order to allow everyone to enter the dungeon quickly, they must expand the entrance and at the same time, they will not be pursued after entering the dungeon. Of course, they have to arrange some means for the thieves. They almost destroyed the whole supporting structure of the house. They can hide in the dungeon and then escape from Amdo and stay behind Amdo. Everyone is thinking about the creed that a friend who dies will never die and be original. Of course, if those players are lucky enough to get there before Chen Kai and them completely evacuate, they may be able to catch the last bus.
It took Chen Kai half an hour for them to get through the road leading to the dungeon. In fact, it was not a long time when digging a hole. The only trouble was to enlarge the hole and dismantle the traps around the original passage. Because there were too many people in the team, if we entered the dungeon according to the original passage less than two meters square, it is estimated that the entrance to the dungeon will be discovered by the undead when everyone enters.
The original Llewellyn wanted to simply expand the excavation directly, but only after Lord Amdo woke up did they know how serious the consequences of their reckless behavior would be. The ancient aristocrats of Amdo set up many self-destruction traps at the entrance passage to prevent the entrance of the underground city from being destroyed. If they didn’t enter the passage according to the established method, the cities around the passage would collapse. Dismantling these self-destruction trap clouds, they thieves came out with all their strength to eat N m: i, but only removed less than one-third of the self-destruction traps and almost activated them. However, it is precisely because they removed the trap tunnel entrance that they can expand to more than four meters wide now
"So these guys actually found such a road ~!" When Chen Kai and his party retreated, Lord Amdo’s figure slowly emerged from the ground less than 500 meters away from them. A drop of deep red blood made up his body, or half of it, specifically because he was in a humanoid state and still in a flowing liquid state.
"But since I found it, it will become my nourishment! I hope they can be delicious! " After Lord Amdo Sen finished speaking, the figure slowly melted into drops of blood, which flowed slowly towards Llewellyn’s area like a small stream, but when they were less than 100 meters away from the entrance to the dungeon, they suddenly spontaneously ignited, and at the same time, they stayed on the second floor of the abandoned hut. Rola Chen suddenly opened her eyes and looked in the direction where Lord Amdo Sen’s blood flowed.
"elder brother! ! Lord Andover seems to find that we must speed up! " Rola Chen looked at the battle record and reported to ll in the private chat channel. At the same time, it increased the scope of the aura of magic. A lot of magic was consumed like no money. In Rola Chen, the aura force forced Lord Amdo to change his blood a little, and he was forced to escape until five or six hundred meters away to reunite with the thief, Zei8ne.
"Damn holy sacrifice! Damn the divine power hurts! " Lord Amdo, who was braving the white smoke, burst her hatred eyes toward ll’s position, and ll also made everyone speed up their entry into the dungeon at this time.
The first volume Chapter 44 Redstone fortress (5)
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Chen Kai looked at the dark hole behind him with a face of fear. This is a mountain valley 20 kilometers away from Amdo. If you put it in the front, when Chen Kai walked more than 20 kilometers from Amdo, you should first sigh that the ancient nobles of Amdo were as strong as woodchucks in digging holes. Secondly, you should be grateful to these woodchucks. But now Chen Kai has fear in his heart because he managed to escape from that tunnel.