There are few surprises in this year’s playoffs. The game between the Spurs and the Suns has always been fierce. The two teams have been enemies in recent years, and the Suns have been wishful thinking about the Spurs as their sworn enemies.

This year, the Thunder said that there was one less than last year’s three, but after being abused by the Clippers last year, it was taught a good lesson by the Rockets this year. One reason is that the Thunder Line is too scum.
Yao is suspected to be a big killer in the playoffs, and it is difficult to defend if the referee gives Yao the penalty.
Thunder’s first detour was beaten to death by Marbury, Guy, David Lee, Scola and other vicious characters.
The Rockets are too restrained. After the Thunder traded Artest, none of the five players in the Thunder’s starting lineup was dominant. Even Durant, the second star in the scoring list, did not take much advantage of Guy. It is difficult to die.
In the second game, the Thunder didn’t dare to detour. As a result, Yao scored 32 points, and one person made the first two lines of the Thunder into six offenses. It is irreversible that the Thunder team lost two consecutive games at home and was eliminated.
The Lakers and Mavericks were also inextricably linked. The Lakers won the second game in overtime, but they had a chance to win the game. But in the last quarter, they habitually relaxed. The Lakers gave Nowitzki a chance to turn over. The Germans scored 15 points in the last quarter to help the Mavericks beat the Zijin Army. They bought an expensive order.
On April 22nd, the device for opening and booking the cat and fox tablet was once again squeezed. Jobs insinuated that the cat and fox technology device was second-hand. Actually, Mr. Joe guessed it right. The so-called squeezing is of course a fake or a trick of two people.
On April 24th, the number of pre-sales of the Cat Fox flat reached 120,000 units, of which 70% were 7 inches and 9 inches, accounting for 20% of the most expensive and 11 inches accounting for 10%. According to this sales ratio, Americans also pay more attention to cost performance than to buy expensive flagship products. After all, 700 dollars is not a small sum, and the price of more than 7 inches and 200 dollars is relatively more cost-effective.
Although the 7-inch has 512mb running, it is smooth enough to run the Cat and Fox Entertainment Flag. All the games can also watch the 1p video smoothly. All the apps can run perfectly in the face, and even the ipad doesn’t have a front camera. This is enough for most people.
The third game between Clippers and Grizzlies was also played on April 24th. As a result, the Los Angeles Clippers beat Memphis Grizzlies at 15:95 on the road and scored a huge lead of 3. In history, no team has ever made a comeback after falling behind 3, so the Clippers are one step away from the Western Conference semifinals.
After the game, the major media in the United States made comments on the game
Fo, the star of the Associated Press Clippers, made a shot once in the game, with a shooting percentage of over 55% and a game-high score of 26 points. In addition, he also sent five blocks, panda scored two points and grabbed a game-high rebound and secondary assists. First, Billups hit five three-pointers today, and Mr. Billups gave his opponent a fatal blow when the Grizzlies caught the line.
Espn Clippers’ perimeter finally came out. In the first two games, Clippers won by relying on the huge advantage of the line. Today, they proved that Grizzlies can win even without the line. Grizzlies adjusted their defense strategy at home. At half time, the two teams were deadlocked. The Clippers were one point behind at half time. Fortunately, they made 11 three-pointers on the perimeter and finally won by relying on the perimeter. The Clippers made 16 three-pointers today.
In the last quarter of the nba official website Clippers’ victory game, Ji Guoshi, Billups and Crawford hit three-pointers in succession. In this section, they took a 2-1 lead and solved the problem that the total score of the battle was 3 behind in one fell swoop. Grizzly has withdrawn from the competition.
Today, the Clippers are the last to finish the third round. After the team round, the war situation in the east and west has made unexpected progress.
West Los Angeles Clippers 3 Memphis Grizzlies; San Antonio Spurs 12 Phoenix Suns; Oklahoma Thunder 12 Houston rocket; Los Angeles Lakers 2-1 Dallas Mavericks
Eastern Cleveland Cavaliers 3: Charlotte Bobcats; Orlando Magic 3: Toronto Raptors; Atlanta Hawks 2:1 Chicago Bulls; Boston Celtics 2-1 Miami Heat
Needless to say, the Clippers, the second Spurs in the West, suffered a big defeat on the road. O’ Neill changed for two minutes and was out of tune with the team’s tactics, but it did not affect the Suns’ victory over Healthy Page and Nash. They had to run old enough to show that Duncan was tired of coping.
Duncan’s performance has been relatively low this season, and his personal data and efficiency have all fallen to the lowest in his career. Although he has not suffered from major injuries, his knees are not so healthy because of minor injuries, which makes the whole Spurs hang in the balance.
Not very healthy in the playoffs. Duncan meets health. Stoudemire is as passive as ever, not to mention having to deal with the 3-pound fat occasionally. So the result of this season’s match between the two teams and the prospect of a complete reversal of the season are not very good now.
After Ji Guo’s shame game, he still had the luxury to evaluate other people’s games. He said, "Last season, the Suns were injured and Stoudemire was injured. This season, it was the turn of the Spurs to be threatened by injuries. Duncan and jamison were not at their best. I am optimistic that the Suns will enter the semi-finals."
The dead fox seems to be watching the excitement, and the Clippers are really not worried about who their opponents are and which team they play.
This season, the Clippers are no longer afraid of the Spurs in the regular season. Their record against the Spurs is three wins and one loss. Duncan has already threatened them both in the season.
If there is anyone who can pose a threat to them in the West now, it seems unreliable. Although the Lakers often lose games that they shouldn’t lose, their talent is not much worse than that of the Clippers. The combination of Chandler and Gasol is still a great threat to the two brothers. They can beat the Lakers in the season, but it is not necessary to have this season.
It’s also puzzling that the Rockets lost. The Thunder made room for Harden and Sevrosa. Artest traded in the middle of the season. The price was cheap. Sevrosa completely played the youth storm. The Rockets were exhausted by Thunder’s vitality in the third game. Thunder ran hard for the whole game and finally exhausted a group of veteran rockets and won the first playoff victory after the team moved.
If it comes to the first victory over the grizzlies in the playoffs, it is still pitiful today!
Although Gasol brought the Grizzlies into the playoffs in succession, he failed to win even one game. It seems that the Grizzlies still have no hope this season.
On April 24, the Clippers and Grizzlies continued to play in the last of 16 teams. Because the Grizzlies were behind 3 in the previous game, today’s game is definitely last stand for them. If they lose today, they will be eliminated and have a holiday.
In this case, the players should cross the rubicon and maybe have a chance, but after the game, the grizzlies didn’t play well, and there were still some regular game rhythms, which made Buckley puzzled.
"I can’t see the urgency of the Grizzlies. It is reasonable to say that they should be desperate today, but it seems that the Grizzlies are playing a regular season game and turning a blind eye to all kinds of problems in defense. Are they going to fight against the Clippers?"
Buckley’s voice remained unchanged, and the national enemy blocked Gasol and Griffin in the basket continuously. That means "Who M fights with you to attack?" The Clippers also took the opportunity to draw the score and the two teams split to the double-digit old Deng Liwei. It seems that they don’t want to give the grizzlies too many opportunities and tactics to arrange a baseline storm. The prospect of bombing the grizzlies by turns is not good.
Kenny Smith believes that Deng Liwei Sr. has identified the grizzly bear’s dead end and attacked Griffin. Gasol Jr. is short of height and inexperienced. Haddadi simply recuperates at home. Except Battier and Ariza, the grizzly bears are all rookie players, so it is difficult to come out at the crucial moment.
Oj Mayo dared to take responsibility, but his storm won him nothing but let Ji Guoqiu complete four blocks in a single quarter.
Crawford Afraro beat Reservoir Dogs and they hit three-pointers on the perimeter. When the game entered the middle of the second quarter, the Clippers were 15 points ahead of the Grizzlies. Grizzlies’ presence also enabled Griffin and Mayo to attack, but without perfect tactical support, they just added blocked shots to the two brothers.
What the Grizzlies lack now is effective tactical cooperation, but it requires the players to have enough tactical literacy. This is a temporary solution. It is difficult for Griffin in the first year and Pau Gasol in the second year to play tactical cooperation that can break through the Clippers’ defense.
So there’s no way out. It’s hard to beat the Clippers now. For the grizzlies, it’s important to see if the opposite side is careless and artistic. Several teams can beat the Clippers in the regular season this year. No one has succeeded, even the Cavaliers and the Lakers.
Although the Clippers played unrestrained at half-time, they remained awake to a certain extent. There was no sudden change in the game. There was something wrong with the Clippers’ attack. Ji Guojiao was humiliated in the third quarter, and he hit 5 shots. His state fluctuated, but the Clippers still had giant pandas and Mr. Key.
Billups set an example for everyone. Grizzlies are going to chase the points. Billups hit the first three points and then stole the fast break again. He assisted Brother Panda to finish the relay. Grizzlies still have no chance to turn over.
Chapter six hundred and thirty-two Seize the market
Grizzly bear fans watched the team struggle and felt that their team must have been cursed by some evil curse. They just wanted a playoff victory, but what was so difficult? It’s been years, just a victory. What, they just can’t do it?
In the end, the grizzlies were still weak and were defeated by the Clippers. The first victory in the playoffs can be expected. They have been eliminated from the playoffs this year.
One of the twin brothers’ opponents is probably their sworn enemy in the same city, but it’s still uncertain that the Lakers lost to the Dallas Mavericks in the away game yesterday and the two teams tied 2-2, depending on the outcome of the Tianwangshan war.
The clippers swept the grizzlies 4 times, which was expected by everyone, and the data of the two brothers was always dazzling
Ji Guoqiu averaged 21 points, 1 rebound, 1 assist, 5 blocked shots, 2 steals and 4 turnovers in four playoff games. His shooting percentage was 63.6%, his three-point shooting percentage was 5%, and his free throw percentage was 1%.
Ji Guoshi contributed 35 points, 9 rebounds, 3 assists, 3 blocked shots, 2 steals and 3 turnovers in 4 playoff games, with a shooting percentage of 625%, a shooting percentage of 629% and a shooting percentage of 95% from free throws.
In the first four rounds of the playoffs in 1921, Cleveland Cavaliers, Orlando Magic and Los Angeles Clippers took the lead in advancing to the semi-finals. These three teams swept their opponents and showed their dominance.
West Los Angeles Clippers 4 Memphis Grizzlies; San Antonio Spurs 13 Phoenix Suns; Oklahoma Thunder 13 Houston rocket; Los Angeles Lakers 2-2 Dallas Mavericks
Knight of Eastern Cleveland 4: Charlotte Bobcats; Orlando Magic 4: Toronto Raptors; Atlanta Hawks 2:2 Chicago Bulls; Boston Celtics 2:2 Miami Heat
In the first round, three teams completed the sweep, but three teams also fought 2-2, which means they have to play six games less to win or lose. The three sweeping teams have at least four days off.
After the fierce competition on April 26, two teams advanced to the semi-finals, namely Phoenix Suns and Houston Rockets.
The Suns eliminated the Spurs, which was unexpected to the fans.
Since the Suns have been eliminated by the Spurs in the playoffs for as many as four times in the past 23 years, they finally gave a bad breath today.
In the fifth game of the two teams, Steve Nash was injured in the right corner of his eye and became "Cyclops" in the fourth quarter, but Nash was still terrible. In the fourth quarter, he scored 1 point, contributed 2 points and assisted 1 time. Amare Stoudemire scored 29 points and 5 rebounds. Qian Ning Frye scored 15 points and 6 rebounds. Cerid Dudley scored 12 points and 6 rebounds. O’ Neill also scored 1 point and 5 rebounds in two minutes.
Tim Duncan showed his old form in this year’s playoffs. In Game 5, Tony Parker scored 15 points, 22 points, 5 rebounds and 5 assists. Manu Ginobili scored 15 points, 9 assists, 6 rebounds and jamison scored 12 points.
Although the Sun’s victory over the Spurs was not a big surprise, the result of 4-1 was somewhat unexpected, but the two brothers knew that the Sun had swept the Spurs 4-0 at another time, which was even more unacceptable to Spurs fans.