Entering the game, the stadium is crowded with people and lively.

First field
Ice blue vs Yan tu Shen
Both of them play with fire, but it is obvious that the blue and purple are slightly better, but the Yan soil has a soil shield, so the two of them are evenly matched.
Perhaps it was a good reason for people, and finally Queen Ziyan narrowly won.
Second field
Hurricane goddess vs shock wave goddess
This is a battle between two goddesses, and the audience’s eyes are wide open to prevent them from missing a detail.
The hurricane goddess is very strong, of course, the goddess of firm but gentle is also very strong. In the competition, the goddess of firm but gentle has won the victory in Mengmeng.
Third field
Song Qing vs killing knife
There is no doubt that the root of the sword is not Song Qing’s opponent who died before two.
Scene 4
Raytheon vs yanhuang
For everyone, this game was interesting and the ending was just as everyone guessed. Even if he could fly, he didn’t ask, can flying escape thunder?
Scene 5
The fairy was in the ring, and his opponent didn’t show up, which made everyone think of killing God.
Is the fairy’s opponent killing God?
Chu Yun didn’t expect to kill God yesterday, but he failed to pretend to be forced again today, and the object of pretending to be a fairy. He obviously doesn’t want to live.
Everybody counted, but no one came out
Didn’t the deity come?
But soon everyone thought of another person, the black dragon. It must be him!
Yesterday, he made a scene in the imperial city and refused to arrest and fled the imperial city.
You know, you have to be in the imperial city to enter this stadium. If you escape, how can you enter?
Scene 6
The golden goddess of war floats and stands alone in the same place, leaving the goddess of dust for nine days.
It’s an amazing scene. The opponent of the golden goddess of war didn’t appear
Is this a killing?
Chu Yun smiled. This killing god pretends to be overdone. I really don’t know why he is so accurate every time.
Everyone counts, and when everyone counts to 1, a figure flashes in the ring and just appears in a quiver. Then there is a terrible shock wave with a wave of the right hand sword of the golden goddess of war.
-554 (broken blow)-554 (broken blow)-554 (broken blow)-554 (broken blow)-554 (broken blow)-554 (broken blow)-554 (broken blow)-554 (broken blow)
Although Lin Weiwei didn’t add any status, he still killed people
There are players in the venue who stare big eyes and can’t believe that the scene in front of them is real.
How is it possible that the deity died before attacking him?
Besides, the speed of this golden goddess of war is not too fast. Some people suspect that she shot before the game.
However, everyone is still happy that the golden goddess of war can win. There is no way to make her a goddess.
Game 7
The dream goddess stood in the ring like a fairy. Chu Yun thought that since she didn’t call her dream shadow opponent, it should be the summoner Bing Di.
With the summoner in MengMeng, the audience’s eyes sparkled and wondered if the little girl would shed tears.
The girl looked at the goddess in front of her and said, "Sister Goddess, will you give up?"
Chen Mengyao shook her head and said nothing because she knew the little girl’s tricks and would never give up.
"Sister Goddess, if you don’t give up, it will be miserable." The girl smiled brightly.
Chen Mengyao still doesn’t talk. She can’t think of a reason for her misery?
When Chen Mengyao released a brilliant ball in the first game, it killed the opponent directly.
The little girl was resurrected immediately after her death, and then she helped you summon a super beater.
This is a giant green rabbit. When we saw this rabbit, everyone was shocked.
Everyone knows that the green rabbit releases poison gas, which is very scary.
"How can it be?" The little girl was very dissatisfied because it was a random call and she couldn’t help it.
The "big green attack" call has been summoned, and the little girl can let it attack.
Chen Mengyao didn’t attack the little girl because she knew that even if her enemy did, she didn’t attack the green rabbit.
The green rabbit spewed out a poisonous gas. When the poisonous gas permeated, everyone was poisoned by the magic goddess, but no one expected the goddess to miss.
The big rabbit has nothing but poison, and the girl calls the little black rabbit for a company.
The big rabbit’s defense was not strong, and it was quickly killed by Chen Mengyao, but it was so poisonous that it still dissipated. Unfortunately, the poison was harmful to abnormal epidemic players.
After killing the green rabbit, Chen Mengyao attacked the little girl, even if her enemy interrupted her call.
The little girl is going crazy, although her summoning speed is fast, but it has been interrupted several times and the enemy time is running out.
"I give up!" The little girl cried out, full of grievances.
Hearing the girl throw in the towel, Chen Mengyao showed a smile that made the man laugh and said, "My little sister is good and doesn’t cry …"
"I haven’t cried yet." The girl was wronged.
After the Chen Mengyao game, there is the last game, that is, Ice Emperor vs Qin Emperor.
The war between the two emperors is about to break out!
Chu Yun ice emperor almost at the same time for the ice emperor Chu Yun is disdainful because the other ice to himself.
When he was in the ring, Bing Di smiled as if he were full of confidence.
Chu Yun was furious when he saw each other’s appearance. Who let him be a Qin Tianren?
Ice emperor didn’t know that Chu Yun was cheating him for the first time. If he knew, he wouldn’t laugh.
As soon as the game was over, the ice emperor made the ice cover, and Chu Yun directly made Yan Liao go crazy.
-(critical strike) (breaking strike)