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The three axes in sports warfare can’t work. Busan idol team has higher and higher possession rate, but it is difficult to pose a substantial threat to the eastern team’s defense line. On the contrary, their own mentality is getting more and more impatient and their field mistakes are increasing.
Huang Jianxiang, a CCTV commentator, couldn’t help laughing after seeing the idol team in Busan make mistakes again. "Everyone can see that Korean players are just as nervous and impatient as our players, and they will make mistakes. The national football team has been scared out for so many years. (In other words, the media is actually responsible.) In fact, if you think about it carefully, although the national football team has not won the Korean team for many years, even if those who lost the game, the score gap is generally just a ball, which shows that the national football team can actually fight for the Korean team."
Seeing that the Busan idol team is getting more and more chaotic, Gao Jun can’t help but shake his head. "In fact, there is still a common scoring method for Korean club teams in sports warfare, that is, relying on strong foreign aid and personal ability. However, the Brazilian da silva, the core of Busan’s offensive team, was greatly affected by the accumulation of yellow cards, so now the Busan idol team has only the’ three axes’."
Although the Korean team’s protection of the second landing point is the first in Asia, it is still difficult for Busan Idol to give the Oriental team a quick counterattack opportunity after being frustrated in continuous attacks. Even if Busan Idol has increased its left-behind troops, it is still difficult to stop the three fast horses of the Oriental team.
"Gao Jun transfer quickly told Lin to give the ball out to Gao Jun again! Gao Jun was forced by two Busan players and couldn’t cut beautifully! Gao Jun knocks the ball out to the front plug Deng Zhuoxiang! Deng Zhuoxiang entered the restricted area. Good! Ok! Beautiful! Deng Zhuoxiang unexpectedly deducted two Busan idol players in a row and faced goalkeeper Yong dae Kim. Then his golden left foot slammed the ball into the dead corner of the goal. Now the score is 2, and the Oriental team leads the South Korean Busan idol team away! " Huang Jianxiang excitedly explained his trademark hoarse voice.
"Hey, hey, Deng Zhuoxiang’s performance has been getting better and better in recent months. Although his personal ability is not particularly outstanding, he can have such amazing performance in the strong team of the Oriental Team. It can be seen that excellent teammates will become stronger when they play together." After Zhang Hehe praised Xiao Deng’s performance, the problem of China players studying abroad once again arose. "It is said that China’s outstanding players, especially young players, should go out to high-level European clubs as much as possible to improve their level and promote China’s football to take off faster. In this respect, our Beijing team has always been a national model and has never made things difficult for players
Deng Zhuoxiang was very excited after the goal. He excitedly ran to the sidelines and made a slide. Then he was quickly overwhelmed by his teammates who flocked to celebrate. Everyone huddled together and celebrated this wonderful goal warmly. China fans in the stands even sang "Singing the Motherland", saying that China really lacked special football songs, but it seems that a very interesting and unique football system has gradually formed after singing too many patriotic songs in the stadium.
By this time, the "Lao Wang" finally came to a conclusion. "Judging from this game, Gao Jun is as powerful as the Korean team. The Korean team is lucky that it hasn’t touched us for more than a year, otherwise it will hum, but sooner or later, they will have to suffer from’ fear of China’ and taste it."
But at this time, Gao Jun is the most calm person, because the game progress so far is as he expected. It may be because he was so impressed by "fear of Korea" that Gao Jun spent a lot of effort to study Korean football after becoming a coach and found out some ways to crack it.
The world remembers Gao Jiajun’s three classic cases of "fear of Korea", but few people know the fact that Gao Jun defeated Korean teams many times when he led the national junior team and the club team. He also maintained a record that Chinese people can match. Gao Jun led the team to remain unbeaten in the official competition!
Although Gao Jun’s tactics designed for the weakness of South Korean teams are not as good as the former China team’s unified play in the face of West Asian teams, especially in the case of losing the ball first, Gao Jun’s pioneering work is still of incalculable significance to China football, which is deeply affected by South Korea’s play.
"There is nothing to be afraid of when attacking South Korean teams mainly by the’ three axes’, but in defending South Korea, there is a lack of one-on-one defensive ability. Super defenders mainly rely on tight defenders for overall defense. This is in good condition when attacking the other team’s position, but if the opponent plays a fast counterattack, the defense line of the South Korean team will become full of loopholes. However, because the Koreans are very determined to fail, they will immediately foul the ball. Otherwise, the counterattack will be destroyed and played by the other side. No, that’s why I didn’t insist on Zheng Zhi at the beginning. No matter how the media and fans called on Zheng Zhi to play in the frontcourt, the defender lacked responsibility (in the national team). Even if his personal ability was strong, I wouldn’t beat him. Now the Oriental team has a great advantage, that is, all the players don’t drag their feet when they play. "Gao Jun looked at the players of Busan Idol Team, and their hearts were full of confidence to win.
And now before crossing, the situation is very different, that is, the Oriental team is so powerful that even without these targeted strategies, the Busan idol team can confront each other head-on. Just because of this confidence, before the half-time, the Oriental team suddenly changed its defensive posture and launched a line counterattack against the Busan idol team’s restricted area, which suddenly caught the other side off guard.
In the second minute of injury time, Gao Jun covered the opponent’s defense in the penalty area for a short period of confusion. After taking the ball in the penalty area and getting rid of several people horizontally, he pushed the ball into the near corner, thus helping the Eastern team to expand the score by 3 before the half-time!
Chapter one hundred and ninety Stubborn Koreans
"Well done! In this way, Koreans will have no hope of turning over again! " Huang Jianxiang praised highly that he was very excited to see that the former China football bitter had fallen behind the China team by three goals at half time. He consciously gave a high-five with the guest Zhang Lu.
However, Huang Jianxiang obviously underestimated the Koreans’ tenacity. Less than three minutes after half-time, they took a chance to score a goal by an unexpected header from a small player, so the result of the game was in suspense again.
"Set-pieces again. There’s really nothing I can do." Gao Jun shook his head. South Korea’s attacking ability of set-pieces is the first in Asia, and it doesn’t rely on set-pieces technology like Japan, China and other countries. If a good player is a Korean team, the attacking ability of set-pieces will not be bad, which is unique in Asian football.
Set-piece defense can be said to be a difficult problem in the world. Otherwise, it will not become a weak team to deal with two powerful weapons of a strong team. Gao Jun worked as a coach for more than ten years before crossing, but he still hasn’t found a good way. Fortunately, the scoring rate of set-pieces is relatively low. When the luck is not too bad, it is almost the same to lose one in a game. Therefore, this problem is generally not fatal
Based on this idea, although it was a little uncomfortable to lose the goal, Gao Jun’s confidence in victory did not waver at all, and the Busan idol team continued to storm and gave the Oriental team more opportunities to fight back. In the 54 th minute, the trio of the Oriental team played smoothly in the frontcourt, and finally Gao Jun’s ball was volleyed by Gao Lin to break the net and expand the score again.
"Well done! Gao Jun is also very domineering when he gets a position to tell Lin! " Huang Jianxiang blushed with excitement and spoke highly of the powerful attack power of the Oriental team. "The attack power of the Oriental team was so strong that it scored four goals in less than six minutes, and it was scored by four different players. This kind of multi-point spending is obviously more terrible than relying mainly on Gao Jun to score alone."
In just three minutes, Gao Jun caught the other team’s mistake and successfully scored another goal. In the game, the lead of the Oriental team was expanded to four goals. At this time, even Korean fans saw the strength gap between the two sides, and many fans were psychologically weak. They couldn’t help but shed tears on the spot, but even so, they continued to cheer for their team.
China fans who are ahead of so many goals are naturally very upset, but some people are worried, including the "Lao Wang" who came to South Korea to make a living a few years ago. He knows very well that Koreans are extreme and narrow-minded. After the Oriental team won so many games at home, the boss might give him a hard time to vent his anger. This is not something that Lao Wang really did.
However, affected by the festive atmosphere at the scene, Lao Wang soon put his somewhat timid ideas aside. "Grandma, a bear, if that fellow really dares to make a hard time for the old, he will quit!" Anyway, now that China’s economy is up, it may not be worse than here. In fact, it’s not so good here in South Korea. According to the exchange rate, the income is much higher than that in China, but the price here is really too high, especially the meat and vegetables. If you don’t always try to save money and bring it back to China, it may not be much better than doing work in China. Moreover, the boss is the last thing that has had enough of bird gas. "
"Going back to China or going back to China, even if he is not old, he will go back to China. Even the China team can win several goals from the Korean team. Isn’t it better for us in China to earn money?" The more I think about it, the more confident I am. Lao Wang finally made up his mind and unconsciously slapped his thigh and cried, which immediately attracted the fans around him.
After scoring two goals in a row, the Oriental team took the initiative to slow down the pace, save physical strength and reduce the risk of injury. After all, it is a troublesome problem to replace the substitutes, but many people didn’t think that despite falling behind by four goals, the Busan idol team still didn’t give up the game, and they were more aggressive than before. Although the Oriental team quickly and skillfully consumed the physical strength of Koreans effectively, the crazy momentum of the other team still caused great pressure on the players of the Oriental team, especially the two young players.
Soon, Corgnet, an important general in the Oriental team, had to make a tactical foul behind the Busan team player because his back partner Cai Huikang lost his position and he couldn’t go around and tackle because of his position. As a result, he got a yellow card unexpectedly, so he would be unable to play in a game because of the accumulation of two yellow cards, which is not a good thing for the Oriental team.
Speaking of the AFC Champions League, the rule is quite strict. If you accumulate two yellow cards, you will be suspended. This is rare in the world, because the black whistle in Asian football is far more than that in European football, and the degree is often more exaggerated. This strict rule has not played its role in protecting technical players, but has made those teams with backgrounds more profitable.
However, the objective Oriental team also benefited a lot from this. Because of the technical flow play, their chances of getting cards are much lower than those of those teams that pay attention to their health and fight hard. However, there are several yellow cards among the main players of the Oriental team at this time of the AFC Champions League. After the game, Corgnet will be suspended more and more because of the accumulation of yellow cards, which is a potential hidden danger.
Due to the increasing psychological pressure, the ball of the Oriental team is not as accurate and smooth as before, and even the backcourt kick is affected. At half-time, in the 26th minute, there was a serious mistake in controlling the rhythm of the backcourt kick of the Oriental team. After the Busan idol team broke the ball in the frontcourt, Li Er Yi got rid of Du Wei’s interception and formed a single-handed opportunity. Although Zeng Cheng immediately attacked and blocked it, the other team shot at the dead corner. Zeng Cheng could watch the Koreans pull back a goal.
Note 1: In other words, this Asian Games has seen the baseball limit again, but in terms of football, it is particularly dark for Koreans to host the games themselves, which is a little better than for West Asians if they are at home.
Chapter one hundred and ninety-nine Beat them
"The Oriental team is still a little lax, and the Koreans are too tenacious. If the China team is so far behind, they are afraid that they have given up before. Even if the Oriental team wins the game, the Koreans will never give up until the end of the game. Their tenacious willpower is still worth studying hard." Huang Jianxiang sighed on the spot.
Gao Jun looked at the Busan team players who gave up even the celebration and were eager to take the ball back to the middle circle. "The Korean team really has the strongest ability to seize opportunities in Asia (regardless of special individuals as a whole). We were caught by them only once in a fatal mistake, but this is also the result of their spelling. Although it is great, it is still admirable for Korean players to be tenacious on the court. In this case, let’s make efforts to completely defeat you!"
"Don’t be satisfied with the score against the Koreans now!" Gao Jun suddenly shouted, which surprised the teammates on the field, and this requirement also showed that the coaching staff did not match the arrangement. However, out of their long-term trust in Gao Jun and the enthusiasm of young people, everyone responded to Gao Jun’s call
As a result, the Oriental team suddenly strengthened its style on the spot, and paid more attention to the technical flow of "taking over" and changed the focus of "grabbing and encircling" into a strong confrontation style. I don’t know if people see that the field is still moving now, they will flip over and fight fiercely. Maybe they will fight against both sides. It’s a Korean team!
Playing in this way will greatly increase the probability of injury and card-taking of players in the Eastern Team, but the fighting spirit is higher than Gao Jun’s. At this time, Gao Jun doesn’t take it to heart at all. Usually, he is calmer than reason, but once stimulated, he will become more enthusiastic than all players. This seems to be a kind of dual personality trait. In fact, even before he crossed, he occasionally showed his other side, and when he took off the coach’s burden after crossing, he showed more times.
In the 75th minute, Gao Jun took the ball at the front of the restricted area, and then sideways protected his right foot with the ball on the instep. After cutting horizontally, he attracted many Busan players to come over and attack, and suddenly a movement similar to "passing the ball" gave the ball to the vertical direction and inserted it in front of Deng Zhuoxiang. At this time, Busan players consciously Gao Jun was faking it (it is not difficult to understand that Gao Jun’s shooting grasp is much greater than Deng Zhuoxiang’s). As a result, Deng Zhuoxiang directly wiped it in and formed a single knife.
After the players of Busan Idol team reacted, they reached out and pulled down Deng Zhuoxiang from behind. Because this movement was too obvious, it was not too dark in the game. The referee did not hesitate too much and directly pointed to the 12 yards. The Oriental team won another penalty when the score was three goals ahead!
When the score is ahead, Gao Jun usually doesn’t take the penalty. According to the tradition formed by the Eastern Team in the past two years, whoever creates the penalty opportunity will take the penalty. However, when Deng Zhuoxiang walked to the 12 yards, Ribery gestured to him to show that he wanted to take the penalty. The team’s position was a little worse. Xiao Deng thought about it and gave up the opportunity.
For Ribery’s little thoughts, Gao Jun’s heart could not be more white. Either Ribery has made up his mind to transfer to five major leagues this winter, so he should try his best to brush more data so that he can go to a better team and get a higher salary. However, this is not a bad thing for the Oriental team. Since Ribery can’t stay anyway, the transfer can be raised a little, which is also good for the club
However, it may be because of some impatience that Ribery’s penalty angle was not sharp enough to be saved by Busan idol goalkeeper Yong dae Kim. As soon as the ball left his foot, Ribery realized that he had not been punished and immediately rushed to the goal to prepare for a supplementary shot. However, although Yong dae Kim failed to save the ball, he knew that the ball should be saved from the side and not from the middle. He still tried to save the ball to one side, and even if he rushed fast, Ribery could not reach it.
Just when Ribery regretted Lang’s penalty opportunity, he suddenly found that a figure had rushed to the front of the ball as fast as himself, and saw him gently stretch out his foot to put the ball into the net skillfully.
"I’m lucky recently, but it’s also a chance to rule out mistakes." Gao Jun ran on Ribery in French, and then looked at his blackened expression and laughed. After a brief joy, Gao Jun soon realized a bigger surprise. "My ability to make up shots should be the focus of prevention, but just now the other defender was slow. It seems that Busan’s fighting spirit is still tenacious, but the mentality is chaotic. The defensive body is not as tight as it used to be. Once the defensive body has problems, their defense line is almost like paper."