Chapter 29 from the devil threat (a)

Compared with Chen Kai’s special idea about the magic circle of Gaotai, Su Wan’s idea is simpler, that is, take good care of Rola Chen as * * *. When Chen Kai walked to Gaotai, she directly followed the old men and women into this abandoned temple. The domain name is known to everyone. It is called an abandoned temple, not an abandoned temple. That’s because although it looks broken and old, there are still many wastes around it, but the whole temple has not been completely abandoned.
In fact, what this temple in Khedira is doing now is more similar to an old people’s home or an orphanage. Most of the people living in the temple are not clergy, but orphans who have lost their relatives and no one to support the elderly or their parents. When Su Wan walked into the temple, she could see some deformed orphans peeping at her in the shadow of the temple pillar Y Ρ n from time to time. It is even more audible that some children who were demonized by their bodies were injured and screamed bitterly because Rola Chen released the power of purifying aura not long ago.
You should know that the purification effect produced by Rola Chen’s release of the sacred purification aura is covered, and it will not be covered because the enchanted person is a child or has a good heart. In fact, the demonization of those people in Khedira will not have a special impact on their hearts, even if the good people are attacked by evil forces, they will suffer from this terrible thing, but when the sacred purification aura covers these lesions, they will be horribly burned, and the sacred forces will remove the evil spirits from these painful parts. Unfortunately, this removal is not gentle. Instead, it is forced to burn it as if it were a flame burning, so that the effect of removing evil spirits from the enchanted parts is very rapid, but the pain is also unbearable, especially for some enchanted areas, which is even unbearable for adults. Even adults can’t bear the pain. Living in the temple, the children naturally become more so. Su Wanke can hear the children struggling and crying, and the nails scratching the ground and creaking. In some places, she can still see the blood and blood fingerprints that have not dried up.
Listening to the horrible screams and crying in her ear, Su Wan felt that she had walked into a prison instead of a temple, a prison where children were being tortured. When Su Wan walked slowly in the passage of the temple, the red light outside gave the dark temple méng a layer of blood-like mist, which looked particularly bloody and ferocious. It was in this mist that Su Wan walked into the temple with the footsteps of those old people. In the corner of the temple, those old people brought deformed children with ferocious looks to Rola Chen and prayed for her sacred strength to dispel the pain of those children.
However, although Rola Chen is distressed by what happened to these children, she can’t do it. Although she is a life nv god, she is omnipotent. Even a god has a limit of power, not to mention that she has a fifth-order life sacrifice to Chen Yike, and her divine power dispels some evil smells. However, for treating deformity and demonization, she has the ability to force aura power to treat those demonized areas. The effect has already appeared. When she walked into the temple, she rarely saw several children’s bodies that died suddenly. They were all shrouded not long ago. The poor people who were forcibly treated in the sacred purification aura could not bear the terrible pain and were directly killed alive. Some of them were demonized areas that ran away and collapsed completely after being treated.
For Rola Chen, the only thing she can do is to restore the aura, slowly restore the physical strength of these children and heal those minor injuries. Of course, there is nothing she can do about the enchantment. Of course, there is no way to treat these children easily if those sacred lakes and lakes are touched, but it is only effective for those enchanted children. Physical deformities are cured by Yao, and some deformities are completely treated by magic. Because it is already a variation to a certain extent, you can’t expect magic to cure the palm length. We can’t expect magic to treat this kind of symptom, which is that the eyes grow on the mouth. We can’t expect magic to turn a short dwarf with rickets into a tall and healthy person. If magic can do this, then releasing magic will never be Rola Chen, but the life behind her will be nv, and it will still be as high as the thirteenth order super-high order magic. However, it seems that the nv god has about a half chance of falling into a deep sleep after releasing the thirteenth order god. Even the nv god is not willing to release this kind of change.
A few believers and let themselves fall into a deep sleep for a hundred years. This kind of compensation business can only be done if it is stupid. It is not stupid to be able to become a god. Fortunately, God will not be stupid from the last year. Naturally, làng will not be able to do such thankless things. That is to say, these deformed children are destined to be abandoned. No one can really save them, even if they are gods. For these deformed children, Rola Chen has no way to slowly relieve the pain caused by their physical deformities by magic aura.
"Girl, pay attention to a demon coming towards you." When the old people led out the demonized and deformed children, Chen Kaiyin suddenly sounded on the team channel. At that moment, Su Wan had reached Rola Chen’s side. After she heard it, she ran directly to the entrance of the temple and took out her weapon from her backpack. The old men were very surprised to see that there was nothing worth moving weapons in this old temple, but they knew what was going on when they saw those demons slowly appearing at the entrance of the temple.
"Get out of our temple, you bastards from hell." An old man with crutches growled at the demons who entered the temple. Unfortunately, his words seemed to fall on deaf ears to those demons, and there was not even a ripple of ideas. J: When entering the temple, the demons directly looked at his words. For them, the human old man was a pile of moving bones with old rü u, and there were not many rü u. Almost all of them were bones. Of course, even so, old bones still had demons who liked it.
To prevent losing contact, please remember to reserve the domain name L A.
Obviously, these demons didn’t pay attention to the Khedira law, or in their view, it was more important to take Chen Yiyuan away than to abide by the Khedira law. They directly blocked the road with their paws. The old man walked in the whole abandoned temple road with sharp claws.
"Bring out the nv child jiāo behind you", the leader of the mixed magic, shouted in a cold and contemptuous tone towards the old men. Of course, as soon as his words were finished, he heard a crisp broken black Se dragon gun and stabbed him straight towards his brain.
"Damn it, you foreign human dare to kill her first." Looking at the dragon gun demon leader’s brain, Men suddenly burst into a burst of veins standing out, and its own action root would not be stopped. Although the Lord of Khedira is inclined to those humans, in Khedira, with fewer and fewer strong human beings, a large number of demonized people appear, and the demon forces become more and more powerful in Khedira. In the view of the demons, these old roots will not stop themselves from taking away this body, which exudes sacred power. Humans are less nv, and its roots did not expect to be there. People resisted and stopped, but now the other party not only resisted, but also stabbed it from behind the temple pillars. This gun almost wiped its forehead and stabbed it in the past, and almost gave this miscellaneous magic head directly to Duo.
Looking at the terrible gun stabbing past, the leader of miscellaneous demons felt as if he was wandering around in the ghost Men, so his heart was extremely angry. Unfortunately, no matter how angry he was, he couldn’t alleviate it. At the moment, passive Su Wan’s attack was not just a dodge, but her gun skills not only melted the dragon gun stabbing method in the game, but also combined the pike making method in reality. Although her marksmanship accomplishments were definitely not as good as those of the masters who had been immersed in yin for decades, those monsters in the game became her best practice target. Gunmanship is already very tough. At least several of her gun skills are extremely strong. Once launched, even the rough skin and thick skin of the mixed magic leader can’t stand it. In the face of Su Wan’s dragon gun, these mixed magic defenses can’t withstand the penetration force of the dragon gun, even if the spear head of this dragon gun has become dull now.
What makes this mixed magic leader even more angry is that when it escaped Su Wan’s second attack, it suddenly saw a chubby figure rushing out from behind it, and the dagger in its hand directly hā entered its back when it had no defense.
"Damn despicable human thief, you bug in the shadow of Y and N", this terrible monster leader grabbed his arms behind his back and tried to cover the wound stabbed by the cloud. Unfortunately, he covered his back and forgot that there was a more fierce killing nv in front of it. At that moment, the sharp dragon gun was waiting for it to turn back. At this moment, hundreds of gun shadows broke out, and Su Wan killed Xing skills. Although more than a dozen of these nearly 100 gun shadows were real attacks and only seven of them really hit the monster leader, the sharp spear head and terror piercing power of the dragon gun were given.
In the eyes of the cloud, when Su Wanlong shot the poor monster leader, he kept seven blood at that moment. Every blood huā appeared and took away about 5,000 to 6,000 health points in the monster leader’s body. huā added up and took away nearly 40,000 health points. The whole monster lost half of the 100,000 hanging health points in an instant, and with the last horrible stab of Su Wanlong’s gun, it directly penetrated the monster’s neck, resulting in a near-slaying effect. The other person’s health points directly broke out at the moment when the spear penetrated, and the health points of terrorist damage directly fell
"Flame Cutting" saw that the hybrid leader was hit by Su Wan, and his body entered a stiff state. He just recovered the dagger cloud and seized this once-in-a-lifetime opportunity. He directly J and lived his hand. The dagger attached skills together blessed the flame power cutting line. When his double Bi jiāo fork crossed the hybrid leader’s neck, a little bit of foul-smelling demon blood gradually appeared with a blackened trace. Finally, the hybrid leader’s head kept oozing from the blackened wound, and his dull eyes slowly slipped from it to being killed. At that time, it was only 17 seconds before his head left his neck, and a lot of black and stinking blood
"Cut a sixth-order hybrid demon and dare to hit our family’s sister’s idea. It’s simply reckless." Yun got rid of the dagger and blood bead in his hand in a very handsome posture. Unfortunately, his posture matched his figure without any handsome performance, but it gave people a nondescript posture. Compared with Chen Kaiyun’s posture, which is now attacking two hybrid demons crazily with a big sword, it is obviously not down a peg or two, and it is even less powerful.
Although ll was beaten by those old men and women not long ago, it was absolutely easy to deal with the two fifth-order minions of the miscellaneous magic leader. After all, before his battle, Rola Chen shrouded them with a sacred purification aura. Plus ll almost rushed out of the darkness of the temple with the cloud to sneak attack. The first opportunity is to grasp the huge weapon in his hand. At the moment of hand, it is a deadly trick. He directly chose Rapier’s heavy chopping field, and the sharp sword entered the stage of continuous technical enlightenment at the moment of splitting. The demons were attacked from behind and directly hit méng. When they came to their senses, their leaders had just been beheaded, and their huge heads were accompanied by blood columns that directly shocked them. They forgot to fight back and forgot that they were also being slaughtered.
By the time they decided to resist, Chen Kai-Rapier’s heavy chop had reached the third sword in a row. At this time, the two demons had been completely suppressed by the continuous technical control field. Without Chen Kai-gao (both demons had a level of 55 and Chen Kai had a level of 50), their strength was also suppressed, and their body shape was not dominant. When Chen Kai’s third sword was split out, the two demons were attacked together, and the three sword marks and blood marks of the body had completely lost their balance, causing pain. Completely covered by fear, because they all saw Chen Kai’s fourth attack, terrible sword wrapped in pale gold Se, and quarrelling came over their bodies. At the moment when they hit their bodies, the quarrelling force was directly poured out, forming a flash and a huge impact force, which directly turned these two monsters who were only two meters tall into a gray machine and slammed them on the porch behind them, and then fell to the ground. When the light gold Se purification aura enveloped their bodies again, the two poor monsters completed their miserable life and returned to the Styx in less than half a minute.
"Boss, you’re eating alone again." Cloud looked at the two demons who turned into corpses and sighed. He didn’t get any assistance experience because he didn’t attack.
"Without my sister, it’s not the halo’s help." ll put the sharp sword on his shoulder. When the ridge of the sword collided with the solid shoulder armor, it made a very crisp metal impact, which was very eye-catching in this silent temple.
"Is also the boss how to deal with these two guys? Skimming? " Cloud looked at the ground and asked Chen Kai about the bodies of three demons, but when he looked up, he found that it was not in the wild now, but in the middle of the Khedira Temple. The old men and women around him were afraid to look at them as if they had made a big mistake.
"How can you kill them? They are demons. "An old man’s trembling voice shouted at ll. They were very familiar with this old man ll. Just now, this old man hit him the hardest.
"The devil zha? I haven’t killed a hundred demons for fifty years, and I haven’t seen any Mao disease. "Yun felt very uncomfortable listening to the old man’s words. Listening to each other’s tone seems that Ll should not kill these demons, but should let them take away Han Yi.
"You’d better go quickly. If you kill the devil, you’ll stir up a hornet’s nest. Those demons will definitely not let you go." An old lady shouted at Chen Kai and them, but listening to her words, Chen Kai and them became more and more wrong. What do you mean, the devil will not let them go, and they killed the devil together and they killed the wrong one.
"What do you call this? Don’t let these demons take her away? " Ll pointed to Rola Chen behind the old men and said that when he spoke, the old men and women were silent. After hesitating for a while, they actually lost Han Wei and hurried away from this temple hall with those deformed and demonized children as if to avoid some disaster.
"What is this? Just now, when I saw Rola Chen release the aura, it was like seeing my own father. How did the horse change when I saw the devil die in our hands? " Yun looked at the trembling old people and children who fled and felt very puzzled. He really couldn’t understand what these old people were thinking. Even though the Khedira demon was not a mortal enemy of mankind, it was wrong for them to try to catch Rola Chen. Why did Chen Kai kill these three demons and stir up a hornet’s nest?
"I don’t know, but I think this should be able to tell us." Su Wan shook her head. She pointed to the arm of the leader of the miscellaneous demon who fell to the ground and said that there was another mark on the other arm, which was similar to the general mark of the six-star awn array. Obviously, this is the mark of the power of the miscellaneous demon. They are newcomers to ll. They don’t know what this mark represents, but they know that these miscellaneous demons have a great position.
Chapter 3 from the devil threat (2)
"What shall we do now?" Looking at the ground, the hearts of the people who have moved together with the bodies of miscellaneous demons are heavy. They rented the house. Chen Kai resold it again when Zhao Tiezhu left. Although he resold less than 45 secret silver coins, it was better than the loss of the department. When he came to the abandoned temple, Zhao Tiezhu saw it. Chen Kai, who was staring at the bodies of miscellaneous demons, was in a daze at the moment. Although they didn’t know which evil group the miscellaneous demons belonged to when they were killed, it didn’t prevent them from worrying about what happened afterwards.
"What else can I do? We can take it one step at a time. Those humans dare not fight back when they see the root of evil demons. Maybe in their hearts, evil demons are no longer enemies, but a bunch of evil tyrants, or they are more afraid of evil demons than loyal to human beings, otherwise they will not see those evil demons just like mice see cats! " Chen Kai sighed. Although he was very angry with the old people for abandoning them, he couldn’t say anything. After all, Chen Kai couldn’t ask these old people. They were strangers and evil demons. It was the old people’s attitude of leaving time that made Chen Kai extremely angry. Looking at those old people’s eyes, Chen Kai felt like vomiting blood, as if he saw those eyes that were numb and weak in the old world. Chen Kai simply wanted to say a word of sorrow to those old people and be angry! It’s a pity that the phrase "he is great and great" is not appropriate on this occasion, but he always feels that this word is very suitable for those old people.
"Then where will we live?" Yun took the forty-five secret silver coins from Zhao Tiezhu, although the house was sold, but the price was much lower because of the unusual haste. This transaction made Yun lose five secret silver coins and changed them into gold coins, which is 500. Of course, this was Zhao Tiezhu’s hand before the old people returned home. As a result, if the old people came back, maybe he could not sell the forty-five secret silver coins, but the fact is the same. When Zhao Tiezhu left the house and handed over the keys to new buyers, the old people held them up. All kinds of simple weapons tried to get rid of him, but it was a pity that they were too late. The new owner had already got the deed, and Zhao Tiezhu also saw those old people on the street corner. They were very contemptuous of those old people who went to Zhao Tiezhu. These old people were afraid of evil demons, and they even planned to occupy the house while they were away. If Zhao Tiezhu didn’t move fast enough, maybe he wouldn’t be able to sell the house.
Hearing Zhao Tiezhu’s retelling of Chen Kai, they are even more contemptuous of those old people, and at the same time, they are even more depressed. They don’t know what these low-powered demons can make those old people so afraid. Even though these old people and old ladies are old now, their physical strength has not completely deteriorated. They used to be the seventh order, but now they dare not get angry with the leader of the sixth-order miscellaneous magic. This kind of bullying makes Chen Kai extremely angry because he didn’t want to cause trouble to these old people not long ago. If he had known that these old people are like this, his fist would never fall instead of being beaten.
Now, for them, it is absolutely impossible to go to the city where they used to live, because most of the old people came from that area. Maybe they will not be discovered by evil demons, but will be sold by these old people to the evil demons to please their chips. For Chen Kai and them, the old city is a very dangerous place, and they can’t go to the evil magic area where they escaped, that is, the sheep went into the jaws and didn’t come back. Fortunately, they can live in this old temple for the time being, although the whole temple area is not small. Originally, those temples in Dalulu were blessed by God and had a huge expansion, but the whole temple was already the largest and high-rise building in Khedira when it was built. Perhaps it was when people came to Khedira to think about this artificially built temple to show their respect for God. Unfortunately, when the power of God really came here, Khedira people were afraid to protect and guide God to come to people. This is definitely a great irony, but for Chen Kai and others, the huge temple is best to hide for a short time.
Of course, before hiding in the temple, they must get enough drinking water and food, so poor Yun once again acted as a shopper, while Chen Kai and others searched for places to hide in the temple. Chen Kai, they didn’t want to be so obvious, and they could be found if they searched for a little less hiding places. They chose to learn from birds and look for places to stay in the high pillars of the temple.
Unfortunately, the structure of the whole temple is very meticulous. It is difficult for them to find a place for one person to stay on the roof of the temple if they are looking for it. However, they found that this method is really good, because the most difficult place to see in the temple is the roof. The strange natural lighting environment of Khedira makes it rare for the whole temple to have a bright place. If it is placed in the original land, even the temple of hades may be brighter than the temple of Khedira, because there is no spar torch in the temple, even if there is a skylight, it will be surrounded by rings. There is no way for most of the light to come in. For Chen Kai, the roof of the temple is definitely the best hiding place. If you design it well, you can live lightly on the surface, and because the surface is 20 meters away from the ground, they can avoid many low-flying evil spirits. According to Chen Kai, they understand that even if these low-level evil spirits are re-acquainted, it is impossible to look up and check the situation of the roof of the temple. The only thing to worry about is those small evil spirits.
However, in Khedira Chen Kai, they rarely see the trace of evil demons. The worst strength is those miscellaneous demons. They are said to have evolved into higher evil demons, but none of them have been seen. Although they are very puzzled about this, a group of people who are busy looking for a foothold will not go to ask the evil demons this question unless their brains are completely teased and they look at the temples. Chen Kai is very entangled in him all the time. Obviously, the layout of this part of the structure is also in perfect harmony, and it is difficult to find a real place to stay. If they can’t find a place to stay, it means that they can’t find a hiding place on the roof of the temple. They can choose to find a place to stay in the rooms of the temple hall, but those rooms of the temple are no secret to people living in Khedira, and even evil demons know the location of those rooms. Maybe some evil demons know more about which rooms in this temple are staying in the temple rooms than people living in Khedira. That is definitely a way to die, and maybe they should stay in the wild.
Looking at the top of the head, Chen Kai sighed. He clearly wanted to settle down on the roof of the temple. Of course, soon he patted his head again because he was too busy looking for those places to stay, but forgot that they could make a place to stay by themselves. After looking at the roofs of several houses in the temple, Chen Kai found that the gate at the entrance of the temple was the most suitable place to hide, because it was necessary to set up a few boards there to set up a tent. The most important thing was that it was in this position. It is appropriate for demons to enter the temple without looking up at the roof. Even if they look up, the location chosen by Chen Kai will be easily covered up with the help of those dark environments and roof rocks. After choosing this location, there will be one more cloud, that is, like the timber shop in the city ordering a few thick boards. Wood in Khedira may be more expensive than food. After all, wood growth cannot be separated from water. If it is food, the magic power can be harvested for several seasons a year, but if it is wood, even if it depends on magic. Power can also make a forest grow several times, and few druids in Khediraki lack natural spells, so it is possible to make forests in large quantities. If there are enough druids in Khediraki, maybe there will not be just a dozen withered trees outside its city, but a large green forest.
Even in a dry environment, druids can create a forest by natural magic, and relying on the original number of dharma masters in Khedira, the magic circle of water element can be laid on these forests, which can ensure the growth of those forests. At the same time, druids can take good care of the forests that have grown up so that they will not be demonized by the surrounding sinister environment. Unfortunately, without druids in Khedira, even high-level dharma masters can make the magic circle of water diversion to ensure the normal trees. Most trees must be cut down when they grow to 10 cm, otherwise it will be difficult to ensure that they will not be enchanted into magic trees to attack human beings. Therefore, it is almost impossible to buy a whole board with a width of 10 cm in Khedira. Even the coffin boards are assembled. In Khedira, human beings think that it is as powerful as sleeping after death. The coffin boards are all made of small boards, which is perhaps the most equal in Khedira.
For Chen Kai and others, it’s not too big to assemble boards. It’s a pity that even under such a simple condition, the boards cost a lot of 20 secret silver coins. This kind of flower makes a group of people have an impulse to regret it. You know, although most trees are withered when they escape from that forest, it doesn’t mean that some wood can’t be very strong without getting wet because of the dry environment. It’s a pity that when Chen Kai cut down the wood, they were all used as firewood and cut into neat pieces, let alone pieced together into wooden boards, which would be good if they could be completely connected. So Chen Kai directly put them as stepping stones in the crevices where the stones were chiseled. When Chen Kai climbed on the roof of the temple to design a foothold, he repaired the magic circle on the high platform outside the temple. Xu Fei was tired and straightened up, hammered his hammer, and his back was ready to drink some water. But he raised his head and quickly fell down and lay prone.
"Kay elder brother! Attention! ! Six more! No! It’s seven evil demons rushing towards your position! " Xu Fei reported that if he didn’t look up and see these evil demons rushing over, maybe they would have rushed to the entrance of the temple hall by the time Chen Kai found them. It was because Xu Fei warned Chen Kai that they were not prepared to deal with it in a hurry when they lost their heart. After hearing Xu Fei’s report, Chen Kai quickly climbed from the roof of the temple more than ten meters high, but didn’t finish climbing to the end. Instead, he was lying two or three meters away from the entrance, waiting quietly for the evil demons with the help of iron bars nailed to the colonnade. When Zhao Tiezhu arrived, she took out her shield and her hammer and hid behind the colonnade like Su Wan. The only one in the whole team who didn’t dodge was Rola Chen. She knelt quietly at the entrance of the temple and slowly prayed that a halo of occult magic would slowly spread from her body and cover the three of them, increasing the resilience of their bodies. Of course, this kind of recovery halo is extremely difficult to find in the dim temple. Otherwise, those evil demons will see that Chen Kai is shining when they enter the door, and several people will try their best to create a sneak attack opportunity and disappear completely.
When the seven evil demons rushed to the entrance of the temple, several people had completely occupied the battle position. Although they knew that this attack was very risky, it was definitely more risky than rushing to the outside of the temple at the risk of death. They had no chance to sneak attack outside the temple and could fight against it, but in the open air, the level of evil demons was not much different. Obviously, it was very unwise for everyone to know that in the wild, there were more evil encounters. It was definitely a disaster. Chen Kai, who was in the temple department, could still use the temple. The entrance environment limits the number of evil spirits. After all, the temple gate is composed of two huge rocks. Most of the time, this gate is just a gap for two or three people to enter and exit. The weight of the two stone gates in the temple is no longer human, and the stone gates in the temple have long been corrupted by the power of years. These two huge stone gates are the biggest barrier for Chen Kai. If these two stone gates are still in Chen Kai, they will not worry that a large number of evil spirits will flood into the temple together, but they will lose two huge ones.
When the first evil demon stepped into the entrance of the temple, whether it was hiding behind the gate post or the colonnade, Zhao Tiezhu and Su Wan were relieved. Because the evil demon rushed in, it was still a mixed magic level, and the three leaders who were killed by Chen Kai and others were almost the same as a 61-level mixed magic leader. Although they were nervous, they still felt that they could win the game. At the moment when the first mixed magic stepped into the temple gate, it saw Rola Chen kneeling not far away. It was just its face. Laugh and feel a burning pain on the surface of the body. At the moment it rushed in, Rola Chen released the light golden aura power that had been ready to purify. The 50-point health loss per second of the leader’s foot of this hybrid magic made it not only physically painful but also extremely uncomfortable.
As soon as this evil demon who took the lead in rushing into the temple was uncomfortable, it naturally blocked the footsteps of those evil demons at the entrance. Although the entrance is still very large, two or three people can enter side by side, it is still too small for a creature with a relatively large body like the evil demon, especially the leader-level evil demon. Although it has no elite logo, it has an elite-level physique that directly blocks the two bodies behind it. The body is slightly charming and smaller. See this evil demon leader. Zhao Tiezhu knows that this is a rare opportunity to attack, but compared with Zhao Tiezhu, Chen Kai still has to continue to hide it, because he saw an intermediate evil demon figure at the door through a crack in Shimen. The evil demon is far stronger and stronger than the entrance demon, and the color of the horn is more simple. The purer the horn color, the purer the pedigree. Although this guy is still a demon, he is suspected to be among the demons.
So Chen Kai didn’t take the opportunity to launch an attack, but he chose to continue to hide his body. But Zhao Tiezhu took advantage of this opportunity to launch the first wave of attack. He was also Chen Kai, the first attacker they arranged. The Earth Knight, even if he was attacked, could support him in Rola Chen. Because his shield is the most defensive side of Chen Kai and all players at this stage, the tower shield protects this Gucci. A blacksmith in Laishendian Road, Zhao Tiezhu, found a defense number of 73, 3 points and 2.
It’s a pity that it is still high-end blue because its owner is not Zhao Tiezhu, but Gucci Zhao Tiezhu only has this tower shield, which can exert the high-end blue effect. According to the blacksmith, this shield is a soul equipment, that is, it has the talent recognized by its owner, but it can exert the strength of the whole equipment department. Although the joint of this shield and its owner was cut off due to plane reasons, it also caused the whole shield to temporarily drop to one side. The high-end blue equipment can still trigger the counterattack effect at that time, but it can be reflected in the attribute surface. Maybe the real owner of this tower shield knows this shield.
But even so, for Zhao Tiezhu, this shield is also an artifact. With the help of the shield power, he can see that many piercing or chopping attacks only need to bear the impact of those chopping. Similarly, he has many ways to guide his forces into the underground to minimize the impact. Therefore, Zhao Tiezhu is absolutely confident that he can resist the attack of three miscellaneous demons, but now he needs to face a leader of miscellaneous demons, and his confidence is naturally more abundant. At the moment when he rushes out of the hiding colonnade, he will have a hammer in his hand. The extremely high speed and strong centrifugal force make the speed of the hammer extremely horrible. In Zhao Tiezhu’s view, the centrifugal force evolved into a hammer attack multiple. A big two flashed across his view. Looking at the flashing word, Zhao Tiezhu sighed and doubled the attack. It was definitely a low value after the hammer was cooked, but it was always better than a multiple.
Chapter 31 from the devil threat (3)
Facing the roar, the leader root of the chain hammer monster has no way to dodge, because its position determines that it is left protruding and right flashing ~ ~ The stones on both sides blocked it from dodging to both sides, and the back part may have stopped it from retreating. As a result, at the moment when it stepped into the entrance of the temple, it was doomed to tragedy when it was injured by the halo of Rola Chen, even if it stood in front of itself and tried to block the attack, it would be useless. After all, no matter how strong the skeleton skin of the evil monster is, it can be compared with the hammer head of the chain hammer.
The huge hammer struck less than 10 meters away from Zhao Tiezhu one second after leaving his arm. The terrorist impact force of the miscellaneous magic leader’s arm hit its body, and one foot directly lifted back. I couldn’t help but take a step back. The huge body directly hit the back and tried to rush in. Two miscellaneous magic bodies helped it stabilize its footing again, but it has completely lost 171 health points. After all, its arm is not steel, and even if it is not broken after being hit by a hammer, it will be extremely painful. A little bit of black and red Se blood hangs down with the hands of the miscellaneous magic leader.
What scares this monster most is that when it wants to fight back, Zhao Tiezhu not only takes back the hammer, but also rushes over with the shield at a very high speed. At the moment when he is about to approach him, he slaps the shield at his body. At the same time, the shield contains an instant explosion of quarrelling, and this skill is the strongest defense and attack combined with the attack skill of the shield defender in the first stage. The shield defender is the most threatening, and the shield attack means determines the ability of a shield defender.
For example, Zhao Tiezhu’s shield attack is definitely a failure if only from the way he attacks and releases it, because all the quarrels from the shield J ○ and are absorbed by a miscellaneous magic. The original shield attack range is fan-shaped J ○ and the quarrelling impact can attack all close targets on a fan-shaped surface, but now because of the position, the quarrelling number is blocked in the mouth of Men, and the miscellaneous magic leader eats it alone, which also reflects the shield attack range. The attack effect in the range is suspected to be a failure, but it is precisely because of the miscellaneous magic leader position. This time, Zhao Tiezhu’s shield rushed to achieve another effect. Relying on the impact force of the shield, this tall two-meter three-odd hybrid demon was directly taken off the ground. At the same time, Hun was quarrelling with the shield and broke out at the moment when the leader of the hybrid demon left the ground, causing the second blow.
This continuous attack not only swatted the monster leader completely, but also made him fly backwards again. The body carried great kinetic energy. As a result, the poor leader accidentally collided with the back again, and this time they collided even worse. Not only did they almost fall down, but another pair of monster teams were also brought, especially when they were hit from the front. The whole I not iōng bone of the monster leader was dented, and a drop of black and red blood and dirt gushed out from its mouth. Although its order was high by Zhao Tiezhu, it was After all, it is just an ordinary monster. If it is crowned with J: ng English template, then Zhao Tiezhu still keeps hitting its ribs. Unfortunately, its strength is weak. Although it is a leader, it is only because its level is higher than that of the two demons behind it. After that, it is still not strong enough to fight and crit this monster bone, especially in the moment of removing the shield. The hammer in Zhao Tiezhu’s hand hit the mouth of the monster leader I not ng at close range, which became the last straw that caused its bone to break.
Listen to the monster I not iōng’s crisp bone fracture and look at each other’s mouth. Zhao Tiezhu is very clear that he has finished his work. He chose to retreat and flash behind the big stone men before the other party reacted. This dodge made Zhao Tiezhu flash across the other party’s first round of revenge. A horrible flame ball directly hit his original place. After the fireball landed, it didn’t explode into a flying flame, but turned into plumes of black Se flame attached to the ground. Chen Kai knew very well which evil it was to release the flame ball. Magic that’s behind the six monsters, the other side of the high-level monster, even if bathed in red Se light, still exudes black and red Se brilliance. The horns released this fireball attack, while the other side was holding a flame in each hand and ready to release it at any time. Unfortunately, its target still hid behind Shi Men, so it could angrily take back the flame in its hand and then kick those monsters’ bodies, especially the one smashed by Zhao Tiezhu, which was the focus of its attack.