It opened its eyes and narrowly escaped the slaying sword, and then bit it.

The sharp tooth sword collided in the middle, and the strong anti-shock force made the female body fly out immediately.
But her eyes shine.
"Right now!"
The woman drank a cold drink, and another man and a woman immediately jumped out of the bush. Two long swords were cut at the python’s body respectively.
Because the first woman involved the python, most of her body was unfolded.
Its seven inches just fell within the attack range of the other two people.
This is a trick!
The sword slammed into the python’s body and two huge mouths instantly appeared, and blood rolled and flowed.
"Weiyuan, what are you doing!"
However, the other woman frowned discontentedly drink a way
"I’m sorry, Hu Jie, I lost my aim." The young man was embarrassed.
It turned out that their plan was to be the first woman to attract the attention of the python, and the other two worked together to cut it off and kill it seven inches.
But it may be because of nervousness that Weiyuan’s sword missed the python. It seems to be seriously injured, but it is obviously not fatal. It is just an increase of two wounds.
"Be careful!"
Hu Nv was just about to reprimand angrily, but suddenly her face changed and she rushed to Weiyuan.
The huge snake tail has come across.
Hu’s female horizontal sword block underestimated the python’s strength and directly spit out one mouthful blood and flew out.
"Sister Hu!" Weiyuan exclaimed
"Don’t worry about her, avoid it and cut off this beast when you have the chance!"
The woman who made the first move was anxious to drink it, and then she rolled up the splendid sword flower in her hand and rushed to the python.
"Bang bang!"
It was a breath when she hit the python dozens of times, adding several wounds that were neither too deep nor too shallow.
Python roar once again focus on the front of the female body.
"Adjust your mind and think about how we usually teach you!" Female attack while drink a way
Hearing this, Weiyuan took a deep breath and temporarily put the energy of the injured female forgetting department in front of the python.
Finally, he found the rare opportunity to quickly deceive himself and cut his angry sword in front of the python seven inches, and the wound overlapped.
Hua a bucket of thick pythons was directly cut off and blood was sprayed all over Weiyuan.
Python face upwards long hiss on the ground frantically tumbling and rolling, two people hurriedly jumped into the distance by it there crazy.
They know that the python is dead.
"Hu Wenjie!"
Weiyuan remembered Hu Wen at this time and soon found her in the bushes.
She vomited blood, and one arm was obviously broken across her chest.
"It’s all my fault. I’m sorry." Weiyuan felt guilty.
At this time, another woman came over.
The python’s head-on battle cost her a lot of spiritual strength, and her face was pale and her forehead was full of sweat.
"I’m fine. You’re inexperienced. It’s normal."
Hu Wen barely smiled and said, "It’s just a broken arm. I’ll be back in a month."
"It’s all my fault" Weiyuan is still blaming herself.
"All right!"
The other woman helped Hu Wen up and looked at Weiyuan. "It’s normal to get injured in battle."
"If you have that mind to blame yourself, it is better to find out where your problems are or you will never grow up!"
Hu Wennai gave her a look and said, "Jiang Fei, don’t be too strict. This is not the first time Xiao Yuan fought."
Jiang Fei snorted slightly and said, "I don’t want to lose my companions in the beggar temple again."
A few people said a little rest for a moment before they came back to the pool.
At this time, the python has been quiet enough, lying on the ground and bleeding to death.
"Hey? Here are some eggs! " Suddenly Weiyuan exclaimed
Jiang Fei and Hu Wen hurriedly surrounded the past.
See a pile of white eggs lying there quietly in the big green stone grass.
Count it. There are actually seven.
"Python eggs, we are rich!" Hu Wen shouted with surprise
In the market, a python egg can sell 50 lingshi less.
For them, this is a great wealth!
Jiang Fei also showed up.
"Put it away and dispose of the python’s body. The smell of blood is easy to attract."
Before she finished, suddenly a sound came through.
"Yi green python eggs, we are lucky."
Then five monks jumped out of the Woods and went straight to Jiang Fei before them.
They are all well-dressed and well-dressed, and they are not sloppy at first glance.
"Yes, it’s the green python egg that just needs this main medicine blindly." The first female face smiled.