Los Angeles Clippers-player potential A+; Management b+; Salary a+; Market attractiveness a; Draft; General comment a+

Boston Celtics-player potential B+; Management a+; Salary d; Market attractiveness a; Draft d; General comment a
San Antonio Spurs-player potential; Management a; Salary; Market attraction+; Draft; General comment a
Cleveland Cavaliers-player potential B+; Management b; Salary; Market attraction d+; Draft d; General comment a
In January, the Clippers played five preseason games, with a record of 3 wins and 2 losses. From this record, we can’t see anything about the Clippers’ three core players, including Crawford, who moved here, who didn’t play in the Clippers’ lineup, except rookie players.
Dradzic and Avraro’s backcourt partners are surprisingly bright in preseason. The former can contribute 11 points and 5 assists per game when he plays in 3 minutes, and the latter can contribute 15 points, 5 rebounds and 2 assists.
Garcia is not much different from the season, Uncle Jia. If you give him 30,000, he can do 30,000 jobs … If you give him 50,000, he can still do 30,000 jobs.
Another swingman, Matt Barnes, is almost the same as Garcia. Their potential has long been exhausted. They both have an annual salary of about three or four million yuan. A game can contribute seven points steadily without allowing themselves to play against the players. This is their job.
Clippers fans have a good impression on Garcia and Barnes. These two players are very motivated. The defensive end is willing to defend the offensive end and dare to shoot in place. Both of them are qualified main players.
Old Deng Liwei plans to make Garcia the starter and Barnes the substitute in the new season, but there won’t be much difference between them when they play. The time base for the Clippers’ third position will be divided equally between them.
Bill Walker, a glass man, injured his knee again during training. Old Deng Liwei decided that he would lay off Bill Walker in one season and have a one-year guarantee contract. It seems that they didn’t find the baby. This is a sick seedling. Unless someone can, old Deng Liwei won’t make him.
The fans of Jordan Clippers think that he will be fined if he can’t play half a game in preseason, and Deng Liwei dare not let him play for so long. Jordan’s defensive skills are too rough, except for his excellent body and active rebounding.
However, little Jordan himself is full of confidence. His idol is Brother Panda. This guy is a brain-dead powder. He is killed by Ji Guoqiu in the training ground every day, and he still enjoys it afterwards. He always said that he wanted to come to the team most before the draft and hoped to learn something from Brother Panda.
Little Jordan has actually made progress. It would be too harsh to compare him with his two brothers, especially if this guy grows up on the defensive end every day because of Ji Guo’s hatred. It’s hard to think about it. Maybe after half a season, Little Jordan will become a qualified substitute.
Generally speaking, the selection of these three rookies this year is the most satisfying thing for Old Deng Liwei at present. Drazic’s European players have high professionalism, good skills and strong combat power. Apart from confrontational handicap, it is more than enough to be a substitute for Billups.
The biggest surprise of the Clippers’ No.2 veteran Deng Liwei is that Afraro, a young second-year rookie, seems to have good potential. He usually trains hard, projects accurately, and the ball dealer is high. Although his athletic ability is average, his defense is not bad, and his offense is not bad. He can train well.
Old Deng Liwei came to ask Crawford to play the main role and recall Avraro in order to make him a second-place substitute. But now, looking at the state of Avraro, old Deng Liwei decided to let Crawford continue to play the sixth man, Avraro, as a fake starter.
The Clippers surpassed the Lakers in the last issue of the nba combat power list in the regular season in October.
With the approach of the regular season, the media have a higher strength for the Clippers, and the odds of defending the Clippers by major gaming companies have gradually decreased. This is because the Lakers scored 1 win and 4 losses in the preseason, which is too low for them.
After the preseason, all teams actively prepared for the regular season. The defending champion Los Angeles Clippers ranked first in the battle power list, which was the biggest winner in the season. The popular media generally recognized that they had lost watermelons and picked them up. Crawford’s battle power would have risen compared with the season if there was no water and soil. Plus Garcia and Barnes filled the gap. After Artest left, the odds of winning the White Clippers were 1 to 2.
The Lakers are also the favourites to win the championship-but they won 1-4 in the preseason, which made their odds not so high. Now they are the same as the Clippers, 1-2.
Although the preseason was a bit of a stumble, the Lakers’ book strength was so good that they almost sent the Clippers back to their hometown in the final of the Western Conference last year. The luxury of this team is unmatched by other teams in the league.
The Celtics are in third place, and the odds are 1 to 4. Although the Green Army has limited salary and has not gained much in summer, the Big Three are strong contenders for the championship if they want to stay healthy.
In addition to the three most promising teams ranked fourth and fifth, respectively, the Spurs (1-5) and the Cavaliers (1-6), judging from the odds index of major gaming companies, these five teams are the most likely to touch the champion team, and by the sixth place, the magic winning odds have turned into 1-15. The poor performance of the World of Warcraft Olympic Games has lowered the Orlando winning odds, but superman is not suitable for the Olympic Games. This year, superman is said to have gained weight and strengthened his limb strength. Many people are waiting to see the Happy Beast continue to be hanged by Yao in the new season.
Clippers pay 1 to 2.
Lakers 1-2
Celtic lost 4 to 1.
Spurs 1 to 5.
Knight 1 to 6.
Magic 1 pays 15.
Hornets 1 to 2.
The clippers are optimistic. Many people think that the outstanding performance of the two brothers in the Olympic Games is the problem of not exchanging jerseys. Their performance in the Olympic Games is indeed a bit terrible. Plus Billups, an old monster, Crawford, a nerve knife clipper, has surpassed the luxury Lakers before the regular season to become the most watched team by fans in the new season
Their first game was scheduled for January 3 against the Los Angeles Lakers, who ranked second in the battle force list.
Of course, this game is broadcast live on the United States. Everyone wants to see how fierce the luxury Zijin Army will be against the defending champion. This is destined to be a hot race in which Mars hits the earth.
The Clippers’ season ticket price in the new season was 4% before the regular season, and now they are in line with the Lakers’ ticket price. Stirling is fast enough in this respect.
However, even if the ticket price is expensive, the Clippers season tickets are still sold early. Those unlucky people who can’t get the best actor have become Clippers fans this season. The stars in the front seats of Clippers games this year are no longer as dim as before.
This is the essence. Now I can’t wait to call my twin brother Dad. I’m afraid even if the two brothers call Sterling an old one, they dare to promise!
The day before the first game of the new season, the two brothers and teammates weighed and measured after training. Before the new season, the head coach had to know something about the players’ physical condition. Although the real results may not be reported to the nba official website, they should not be too outrageous.
The boss of Ji Guoqiu’s team was the first to weigh and measure the height and nose depth. The final result was that the height was 211m, the arm span was 22m and the weight was 24 pounds. Ji Guoshi’s height is 211m, his wingspan is 22m, and his weight is 235 pounds.
"I never gained five pounds." Ji Guoshi didn’t gain much weight in the gym, but he also gained five pounds.
"You’re all fat. See how much strength you’ve gained." Ji Guoqiu despised the dead fox for not training seriously and followed McGrady’s footsteps sooner or later.
Ji Guoqiu wanted to see how much his strength increased and tried bench press. The final result was that it was not necessary to bench press 24 pounds and add it, but it was easy to get hurt.
Ji guoshame then tried it, but he didn’t look at Fox’s ability. Of course, he cheated and finally pushed 22 pounds and was half tired.
"Mom, what if you push 2 kilograms!" Fox felt ashamed of his achievements, but he said it was true that the nba didn’t record such data at all, and it really didn’t have any eggs for the game
Basketball is based on bench press, except that Artest was pushed by Aoshan Palace in those years, but at other times, the strength of a player depends on the triceps brachii. In fact, the strength of a player mainly depends on the strength of his legs. Yao can resist all his opponents. Howard always shows his muscles, but it is always tragic in the game.
Those who like to practice bench press and biceps curl in the gym are not very helpful to playing basketball at all, but affect their flexibility and shooting feel, with the exception of Malone.
Old Deng Liwei ha ha smiled at the assistant and said, "In our website, I wrote 4 pounds of bench press for Brother Panda and 35 pounds for Brother Fox." Old Deng Liwei’s voice dropped and he was eager to try. Little Jordan almost missed and was overwhelmed by the barbell.
Clippers players look good when they hear old Deng Liwei’s shame. His coach can blow up 24 pounds too much. It’s called 4 pounds. This damn thing is almost too big for Howard to cry in the toilet!
After measuring the height and weight, there are no bench press clippers to test the bounce, bounce speed and sprint speed, but there are many things. In fact, the clippers mainly measure these data for the two brothers, and these data are abnormal in both seasons. At the same time, old Deng Liwei also wants to see how Jordan’s body side data compares with the two brothers.
Clippers players are also very interested. Little Jordan, this guy, has to show off in front of his teammates if he has a chance to join the Clippers. Later, this guy angered even more Sao Fox’s younger brother. A 36-degree turn and hip dunk made little Jordan never dare to participate in the dunk contest again. Although he bounced better than the two brothers, his athletic ability was more than just jumping.
Finally, as soon as the side results came out, Clippers players looked at the results and lamented that their team’s linear sports ability was probably the strongest in the league.
Ji Guoqiu is 211m in height, 22m in wingspan and 24 pounds in weight; In-situ bounce 2m run-up bounce 9m; The baseline turns back and runs for 114 seconds, 3/4 sprints for 325 seconds.
Ji Guosheng’s height is 211m, his wingspan is 22m and his weight is 235 pounds. In-situ bounce 7m run-up bounce 9m; The baseline turns back and runs for 1122 seconds, 3/4 sprints for 31 seconds.
Jordan Jr. is 29m tall, with a wingspan of 22m and a weight of 245 pounds. In-situ bounce 5m run-up bounce 95 m; The baseline turns back and runs for 1235 seconds, 3/4 sprints for 339 seconds.
Old Deng Liwei looked at the physical test data, and the result was not unexpected. The two brothers bounced a lot better than when they first entered the league, and the speed of turn-back running and sprint was also faster. This is the result after training. Jordan Jr. bounced better than the two brothers, but his wingspan was not as good as that of the two brothers, and his speed was also much slower, especially in the turn-back running, which meant that he could not hit the two brothers on the spot.
However, little Jordan has just entered the league. After a season or two of training, I think some data will be better than now.
But then again, in the nba, if you are in good health, you will know that the best template given to him by the outside media is Tai Sen Chandler, but the worst template is Strommel Swift, which hurts.
Old Deng Liwei knew that Jordan Jr. fell from the lottery area to the second round and was recognized as being very similar to Das. Although the latter had a low IQ in basketball and was injured by bugs all the time, people at least had a good attitude and listened to the coach’s words very much. In this way, in the end, they still couldn’t play, and their comprehensive physical fitness was not as good as Das Jordan’s. Of course, no one dared to take it.
"It doesn’t matter, even if the offensive end can’t be practiced, being beaten up by the panda brother every day may become Tai Sen Chandler, and then you will earn it." Old Deng Liwei looked at Jordan and secretly thought that he hoped he could become the best template player.
Chapter three hundred and sixty-five Champion ring
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January 3 rd, today is the first game of the Clippers’ 9 th season against the Los Angeles Lakers.