The Devil of Destruction was so stunned that he waved his body like he was going to disappear, and God rushed in like the wind, and his claws even waved and killed him.

Monsters, big and small, saw that the demon king was in trouble and rushed madly. The magical bear Lord stood up and covered everyone crazily, but its ability was too limited to resist the crazy impact of these monsters.
God had to go back and fight with these monsters, and the cold toad exploded wildly among the monsters like a flying fireball.
Nami Xiaoruixin is a little dangerous here. Andy Ma, the little white hellhound, is in front of his master, but Kay suddenly turned her head and suddenly burst out the purple aurora of the magic emperor in her eyes. This extremely powerful purple aurora of the magic emperor killed the monster that threatened Nami Xiaoruixin.
Andy, the little hellhound, spat at the monsters in the yellow sand and wind.
Nami Xiaoruixin took this cute little monster of her own, but there was no way to give it a few states and a little attack power. The little devil Cerberus saw that he had a lot of flowers and a little state of childlike innocence and ran and played in the desert of death.
Kay and God were fighting fiercely with the Devil of Destruction at this moment. The old voice of the Devil roared loudly, and a huge destructive flame broke out in the sand.
Kay and God both felt the magic fire in their hearts as if they were going to be spat out by the demon king. These two men were better able to stand up to the demon king who was stronger and more arrogant.
Speaking of the three men at the forefront of the battle (including the Lord of Destruction), they are all the kind of men who can’t bear the magic fire in their hearts. None of them can stand the magic fire in their hearts and be ignited by the magic fire in the other’s hearts. None of them can retreat and retreat to evolve and attack to resolve the other’s magic fire. These three guys are hard-working, who are not afraid of anyone and who would rather die than that kind of goods.
The Magic Face
Destroy the flame
These three fires are fighting in the desert of death.
Either burn someone or be burned by someone else, there are two possibilities, and there is no other possibility.
These three men decide their world because of their hearts, not because of this world. They have to kill others or be killed by others.
"Woo … woo … woo … dance … woo yarn!" God madly started a 24-fire dance combo, which is a range of 36. The attack can not only attack the Devastator, but also attack the black inflammation monsters around him.
Kay rushed against the flames of destruction, and once again, the magic penetrated into the body of the demon king of destruction, and once again, a "dark thunder and dragon burst"
A huge dark thunder tornado appeared in the yellow sand after the "Dark Thunder Raptor burst". This huge tornado surrounded the Devastator, Kay and many black inflammation monsters. One end of those black inflammation monsters was torn to pieces by the "Dark Thunder Raptor burst". Even those monsters that were not involved in the periphery were not involved in the "Dark Thunder Raptor burst", and many of them were entangled in the tornado by the "Dark Thunder Raptor burst". Black thunder came out.
The demon king of doom struck the death sand with a stick, and the ancient and arrogant sound warned these outlanders.
Kay and God are flames to express the respect of the younger generation to their predecessors.
God’s hands attack even more fanatically, but he constantly bursts out powerful and exciting magic. Kay actually learned to destroy the flame in this battle, and finally the demon king fell down in the pursuit of various forces.
The yellow sand rolled and the wind blew through God, and he threw himself at the demon king of destruction and enthusiastically sucked up his life energy …
15 fairy forest
Kay cleaned up the dark heaven gate in the hands of the black inflammation monsters nearby, and also absorbed the life energy of the Devastator. The funniest thing is that the cold toad also sat on the Devastator and absorbed the life energy of the Devastator.
At this time, the Devastator is dead, but it is a combination of light and fire, and its life energy is a great supplement to the Devastator. The Devastator falls into the hands of dust Kay, and the dark heaven gate sucks the Devastator into his hand, and then Kay continues to suck the Devastator’s strength through magic. Finally, the Devastator is sucked into his body by Kay.
This rod of destruction comes from the energy body. At this time, Kay can ask this rod to come out, or she can ask this rod not to come out decisively and magically.
Nami Xiaoruixin successfully picked up many kinds of gems and feathers. Nothing can make a little girl feel happy. Nami Xiaoruixin’s cuteness, simplicity and knowledge are even more obvious at this time. A little girl who carefully and carefully picked up all kinds of gems in a vast desert can make men feel a sense of accomplishment.
Kay and God have absorbed the life energy of the Devastator at this moment, and they are not going to pick up those gems, but watching Nami Xiaoxin pick up these treasures.
At this time, although the yellow sand is still rolling and the wind is blowing, the red moon in the desert rises and the full moon in the wild sand gives people a lovely and respectable feeling.
That hellhound Xiaobai didn’t really take part in any battle, but it was covered with yellow sand and looked like a pure yellow dog.
Brother Big Bear also drank a lot of wine. Not to mention, the upgrading ability of the magic bear Lord is much worse than that of the cold toad. So far, this brother is mainly good at shooting a bottle or something.
However, this girl in Nami Xiaoruixin is not a place where pets can locate themselves. She is still kind to this bear.
After cleaning the battlefield, several people walked back along the way they came, and met some small monsters along the way, but they were all cleaned up by bears and toads.
When a few people came, the dead bridge didn’t go far before it returned to the sea of Atlantis. As soon as Nami Xiaoxin entered the sea of Atlantis, she felt the refreshing ice in the sea of Atlantis. It turned out that the desert of death was so hot, so stuffy and so terrible. Just now, the battle in the desert of death was so fierce that even Nami Xiaoxin ignored this feeling.
Several people walked in the cold sea for a long time and finally reached Haimen.
At this time, several people feel like they are going back to another world. Speaking of it, anyone who has heard of The Lake in the Bamboo Sea Naruto in Atlantis, even a generation, will never forget the feeling in this sea, and anyone who has been to the desert of death will even remember the feeling of being different from this world.
Several people went back to the small pond when they came through Haimen. At this moment, Kay took out the map and suddenly said, "I’m sorry, I read it wrong. This is not the brave continent anymore. This is the fairy forest."
What is "fairy trace forest? Is there a fairy inside? " Nami small core core asked.
"There may be a fairy sister," said Kaihu.
"good! If there is a fairy elder sister to give you and God’s brother a good one, "Nami Xiaoxi smiled and said.
"It would be better if I had a fairy brother. I can give one to Nami Xiaoruixin." Kay also laughed.
"Who likes it? I want my little white dog, right? Andy "
Andy’s dog became enthusiastic when he heard his famous horse, and said, "Woof, woof, woof!" "
A few people talked and laughed, went to the pond and looked back. Even Kay couldn’t believe that this small emerald pond was connected to the ocean, and the ocean was connected to a series of ancient and dead deserts. From the map, this dead desert may also be connected to an ancient cultural site. This small pond is really amazing.
Kay suddenly thought that maybe if you miss such a small pond in your life, you may miss an incredible magic.
"Kay, what are you doing there? Are you thinking about your fairy sister? " Nami small core students come and choke the Kay way
Gloria was in a trance when Nami Xiaoxin’s classmates just dipped their fingers in the seawater and a lot of Kay smiled slightly. "I was thinking about this fairy sister."
Nami Xiaoruixin didn’t appreciate it at all. "Who wants you to think!"
Nami Xiaoxin finished this sentence and quickly turned her head to take her little white Cerberus with her and walked by the pond.
God has already walked through the pond and looked at the scenery in the fairy forest. If the brave mainland is a rough and wild man, this fairy forest is a delicate and gentle fairy sister.
"Ya god classmate you can poem, right? A person in a daze here "Nami small core come and smile Shinto.
God put his hands in his pockets and smiled proudly without answering.
That little white dog, Cerberus, saw God, and this brother dared not answer his master’s words. He ran over and dragged his trouser legs, which means he bit God recently.
The little white dog teased Brother Ha with Nami’s little core and ran over to pick up the little white Cerberus.
A few people walked along the complicated path of Fairy Trace and it didn’t take long to reach the center of Fairy Trace Forest.
Speaking of miracles, every region of the mainland has a central area, which is controlled by human beings and it is almost impossible for monsters to capture it.
A few people can hear the stirring sound of the tanker as soon as they enter the center of Xianjing Forest.
"What’s this sound? Brother Kay? " Nami XiaoRui core a good up to call up the brother kay.
"The map says there is a kind of creature that says little brother Brin can synthesize wings." Kiah looked at the map.
"wings? Isn’t that flying 6? Nami really wants to fly to the sky! " Nami small core happy way
"What are you going to do by flying to the sky?" Kay teased her way
"Let’s see if the weather is delicious." Nami Xiaoxin answered honestly
Kay and God laughed and cried at that time-so ambitious!