"Ha ha, so that’s it. This little one is really a buhaore." The master of the thyme army also laughed.

At the moment, the elders’ seats in the stands were full of discussion, and even the people themselves didn’t know to cheer. Perhaps it was too long since they saw this wonderful confrontation. The twists and turns of the warfare were simply wonderful and touched everyone’s hearts from beginning to end. Even the struggle between Muhong and Tianmu was not so important.
There were three elders, Bailixiong, who snorted and was livid.
Just then, when Muwen found out that the other three were real avatars, the three avatars were just around the corner, and the huge flame fist in the pupil was getting bigger and bigger.
"Give me a break!" Mu Yun shouted and saw three fists wrapped in flames hitting Muwen together.
"Click" is crisp and subtle, but everyone present feels it clearly.
Mu Wen’s eyes were filled with incredible look, followed by deep fear. I didn’t think that I had a thousand calculations, but I still missed them. If I killed him before the game, he didn’t believe that he would be defeated by Baili Mu Yun and lost so simply and thoroughly …
"Click, click" and "bang" Muwen’s shining armor is like being hit with a cracked glass. The cracks are getting bigger and bigger. Finally, the power of those three fists is completely shattered, and he lost his shining armor. What did Muwen do to resist the heavy three punches? The result was that he flew out like a cannonball and drew a nearly 100-meter-long valley. Blood gushed out and his body trembled and his eyes closed, and he passed out.
"Four" Mu Yun looked at the lying on the ground, and the "three" Muwen disappeared instantly. Mu Yun also completely breathed a sigh of relief. This relaxed throat was so sweet that he couldn’t hold back a mouthful of blood anymore. Obviously, the former Muwen had a crack and explosion fist, but it really hit Mu Yun. Even if Muyun had pure yang and true qi protection, he was still seriously injured. After all, in a strict sense, Muwen’s strength is higher than Mu Yun’s.
"It’s not easy to finally win." Mu Yun sighed with a wry smile and quickly took out a gas-returning Dan and put it in his mouth to recover.
"Three elder brothers won three elder brothers well done" Mu Yue clapped his hands and cheered.
The other brothers and even the whole stand rang with cheers. The hero, the hero who never gave up, the hero who gave a wonderful game.
Master thyme was so excited that he couldn’t speak, mumbling "Europe, Europe"
Chapter 32 MuHong terror
Lying on the ground, Muwen didn’t know what he would lose until the moment of losing. What would suddenly become a real member? What he couldn’t figure out most was that even the real members’ strength was at most three-quarters of Mu Yun’s physical strength, and his Yan shining armor would be shattered. Did Mu Yun also hide his strength? Was Mu Yun the strength of the construction period?
Of course not. In fact, Mu Yun’s trick is also a kind of gambling. First, he conjured up three avatars so that Mu Wen could be a shadow avatar or a virtual avatar. Then, after Mu Yun’s fist was caught by Mu Wen, he deliberately showed panic and fear, which convinced Mu Wen that he had broken the shadow avatar.
In this way, Mu Wen relaxed his vigilance at this moment, eager for quick success and quick success, and wanted to kill Mu Yun with a blow. Although one real member of Mu Yun was hit hard, the other three real members of the organization had an opportunity to take advantage of the strength of each real member, which would be attributed to the pure Yang Gong, and if three members of the organization directly conjured up five real members of the organization, Mu Yun’s strength now could not make each member as good as his body even if the pure Yang Gong was severe.
So Mu Yun, this is a life-and-death game. He was seriously injured, but he won, and Mu Wen lost in arrogance just like Mu Yun said. He never paid attention to Mu Yun from the beginning. Even after Mu Yun showed his strength, although Mu Wen paid a little attention, he still recognized that Mu Yun did not pose a threat to him. However, such an opponent made him as small as an ant left him an unforgettable lesson.
In fact, whoever wins or loses is a good thing for the Baili family, but the "grudges" between Mu Yun and Mu Wen are actually not grudges in a strict sense. Everything is jealous.
After today’s World War I, the attitude of these two brothers towards Mu Yun will inevitably change. After all, this is an era of cultivating immortals, and the strength of the local area is above everything else, even the family.
The battle here in Mu Yun has come to an end, and then look at the battle situation in Mu Xue.
Mu Xue, one enemy and five enemies, although relying on their own strength, suffered from the fact that the other side was outnumbered and never confronted Mu Xue. At first, Mu Xue was worried that Mu Yun wanted to crack the siege of the other five people as soon as possible and was eager for success, which not only caused great loss but also did not take the slightest advantage.
But as Mu Yun gradually occupied the wind in the battle with Muwen, Muxue’s heart also settled down, and he was as calm as a cucumber at ordinary times, and that feeling came back.
Although the other five people are working together, it is also the first time to cooperate together, which is quite tacit, because everyone has their own small plans in their hearts and they don’t want to make wedding clothes for others. Cong Mu Xue seized this point and stormed one of them, and it really received results. In this way, with his super strength, he broke it one by one and added Mu Wen to suffer heavy losses. Before the direct defeat, the plan was completely broken, like a domino, one fell down, and Mu Xue became more and more brave and relaxed.
After the end of the battle in Mu Yun, Mu Xue soon ended the battle. Muxue, one enemy, five consumes a lot of natural resources and learns to recover from Mu Yun. After all, there is still a tough battle waiting for her …
After two waves of fighting, six people were eliminated, and the clique actually took the wind at the final decisive moment. This is very unexpected. The faces of master thyme and the master thyme army also showed a relaxed smile, longing for the day. If nothing else, the master will still fall into the hands of the clique.
But is there really no accident?
"Mu Tian, your third brother is very strong." Looking at the distance, sitting on the floor is recovering. Mu Yun Muhong’s knife-like face rarely shows a movement
"Yes, his strength is beyond my expectation. Maybe you and I will both be defeated by him." Mu Tian also sighed.
Think of his third brother Mu Tianyou shaking his head with a wry smile. Just yesterday, when everyone still thought that he was the former loser boy who stayed in the quenching stage forever, he unexpectedly defeated the strong enemy with "true spirit". Just when everyone and his strength will be difficult in the final, he shocked the whole court and shattered the so-called "defensible attack during the construction period" in Yan.
This feeling is like a dream, which is still convincing today. I wonder if the whole family is as talented as Mu Hong and Mu Tian. Who dares to look down on this seemingly weak teenager again?
"It’s our turn." Mu Tian’s face gradually became dignified and stared at the opposite Muhong and said.
"Yes, I hope you don’t disappoint me." Muhong’s eyes narrowed slightly, and the true qi of dancing in the wind and fire lingered around him instantly.
Bao Wang w w w b a o s h u 7 o m
"You too!"
The words sound just fell and Mu Tianfei’s body and the whole qi rapidly condensed to Mu Tian’s right hand. A red fireball was visible to the naked eye, and the violent energy in the fireball was chilling. Then Mu Tianfei was thrown out by Mu Tian when he was in the middle of the body.
"Go to the wasteland fire" Listen to the "bang" and a fireball hits the ground a few meters away from Muhong. The huge fire energy directly smashed the ground into a deep pit. Just when everyone longed for the sky, they saw that the fireball split into a fire and rushed towards Muhong’s position at a high speed. The fire has already arrived.
"Kuang" wasteland fire shook the mountains in a condensed way.
The people in the stands didn’t wait to react and listen to a binge drinking "Skyfire Rushing Thunder Palm". They longed for the sky and the latosolic red palms to come out and go to Muhong’s place.
See five huge red handprints flying out of the "bang, bang, bang, bang" five palms in turn hit Muhong Muhong’s cracked foot. The warfare platform can no longer support the rubble and is directly blown into powder.
They looked at this almost conan the destroyer sharp offensive is dumbfounded.
But to everyone’s surprise, this … It’s not over yet. I’m running again, and I’m really angry. I see a bunch of fire in the sky, and then it drops for several days. The fire is like a downpour, pointing straight at the center of the explosion …
"Drink thunder and fire rain! ! !”
This earth-shattering three moves directly shocked the audience. This move is better than an offensive. Oh, my God, even if Mu Hong is no better, it is estimated that he will be beaten into scum, right? This is … it’s horrible.
Even Mu Yun, whose eyes are slightly closed in the distance, is recovering. He has been completely shocked by the three moves of his eldest brother, that is, his strength is almost the same as that of his elder sister Mu Xue. But now Mu Yun has made a mistake. It seems that his eldest brother usually has no strength to compete with his elder sister. If he comes to pick up these three moves, even if he has pure Yang Gong to protect himself, it is estimated that it will be a serious injury. It seems that the title of’ the first person of three generations’ of his eldest brother is shameful.