"Three arrows!"

Wei Sanjian lived up to its name, and the third arrow died everywhere in Nami.
Although Lu Zhan has recovered from the golden body, Nami didn’t come to play that general attack!
After a long struggle, Lu Zhan finally got the other team’s annihilation.
Lu Zhan and the night watchman glances all see each other’s eyes.
Just now, it was almost the first time for two people to cooperate, but they cooperated with Tianyi Sewing. The process of two people working together to kill each other was extremely dangerous, but in the end, no one died.
And the two of them directed the mass destruction together.
Now there are two of them left in the summoner’s canyon, and they can tear down the crystal of the other road. After the battle of returning to the city, the popularity of the other five people has reached the lowest point.
"How did this happen? How did you fight like this? Seduce each other in our tower group or be destroyed by the group! "
The analyst flew into a rage and looked at five people.
The five players looked at each other, and they didn’t know what was going on. By the time the demon Ji killed the hammer stone blind monk, everything was developing in their favor, but the final result was unfavorable.
"This Vayne has developed and someone can’t protect the roots." Dade shook his head while sitting in the middle.
Of the five people, he has the clearest eyes and hasn’t lost his temper.
"Then five people killed Vayne together! See how a Morgana who killed Vayne jumped up! " Rob hate hate said his nightmare to Vayne was morgana q really think about it and feel resentful.
"It can be like this."
Five people make up their minds to go straight to Vayne in the second team battle, and fight for a few lives in the front row, and also take away the Vayne policewoman. After all, the development is ok, and Vayne means that he can harvest.
Five people tried this team battle, and five people rushed to Vayne at the same time.
The result is that the demon Ji was kicked back by the blind monk, and the nightmare was still Morgana Q. Jax was blocked by the column, and the policewoman was hooked by the hammer stone in Nami. He didn’t suddenly reach that position, and he didn’t suddenly!
"Four guarantees and one dozen will not let people play like this!"
Jax beat the night watchman in a single game before patting the keyboard, but who would have thought that this land exhibition would avenge the night watchman, not only suppressing him to death, but also giving the night watchman a chance to kill him alone just now.
Now he wants to kill Vayne, the night watchman, but he can’t kill him. Even Bobby, a mad dog dressed in six gods, will be desperate if he faces four people.
Chapter 57 Nocturnal mind wandering
After four people joined forces to protect the night watchman, Vayne blocked the momentum and won seven heads in two consecutive team battles to complete the super-god.
The fact that the night watchman is like a Korean opponent shows what national competition wants to ban him from Vayne.
That’s because no matter how difficult it is to develop in the early stage, if he wants to seize the opportunity, he will have the strength of one enemy and two.
What’s more, he tailored a set of play in this game of land exhibition. This set of pseudo-core night watchman’s true nuclear play has been giving the night watchman enough from beginning to end, and the last four guarantees and one guarantee have made Vayne’s output play to the extreme. Four people watched him form this situation like dharma King Kong, and the other team was doomed to lose.
At their analyst’s instigation, they tried two group battles and made two ways to break into Vayne, but both failed.
Five minutes later, although the other party dragged on for nearly four minutes, they still took Lu Zhan away in a wave of five people
Hearing the familiar "viory" sound, Lu Zhan smiled from the heart even though he didn’t know Korean on the screen.
At his side, three Korean players actually hugged each other.
Three people holding hands and talking to each other, Lu Zhan can’t understand words, as if they are more affectionate than couples, which makes people suspect that it is a triangle homosexual love.
I don’t know how much they owe each other, but it’s possible that they lost everything before they survived the robbery.
It’s too bad to force the players to go to the betting match and force others to block a lot of things.
Fortunately, this game won, and according to Li Xiuyue, the other side also bet heavily on this game. If this game lost, it would not make trouble again for a short time.
Three people busy for a while and turned to land show together.
They are all white. Although Vayne, the night watchman, shines brightly, there is no land exhibition tactic. Maybe the game will be over before Vayne develops.
The first hero of the game was Lu Zhan.
"Thank you, Smecta!"
Three people laughed and ran to hold Lu Zhan.
Fortunately, Lu Zhan reacted quickly.
In the face of their enthusiasm, Lu Zhan gave an English reply with a wry smile. They perfunctory a few words and the three talents went back to celebrate.
"Lu Zhan …"
At this time, the night watchman got up, and his expression changed.
"Thank you!"