The girl’s face turned pale, and she was familiar with a pot of tea. She poured herself a cup of tea and took a sip of it to ease some charm. She leaned against the table and criticized, "Gu, I am a man. If the hero is upside down, if the candle is soft, you will put the knife rest on my neck and I will look down on you in my heart."

The man slightly zheng then said, "Cut the crap. You have killed the man. Take out the silver quickly."
When the girl entered the store at this time, she assumed that the other party was afraid to come in and kill people, so she was completely relaxed. However, when she saw her eyebrows Gherardini and her eyes with a hint of sly color, she said firmly, "The state-owned national law thieves and thieves passers-by killed the goods and I robbed you. If the rules are broken first, don’t sell the goods and unload the goods here!"
The man slightly zheng immediately said, "No, there are too many goods, so you have to split them in half."
When the girl heard this, she was no longer impatient. Liu Mei turned upside down and said, "Fuck you! I’ll kill your house if you don’t leave!"
Chapter 16 When the wine is pressed, the guest is advised to taste it
As soon as the girl said a word, the men cried and couldn’t help turning their horses and striding in. The first one roared, "Little bitch, see how Lao Li can tidy up you!"
The girl seems to be waiting for a bunch of him to come in and see this sneer. "Don’t blame me for waking up before I’m okay."
The song Han glanced at the room and saw that except for a few monks who seemed to be martial arts, they immediately denounced, "Lao Jin will take you back and ask the brothers to taste what it’s like to be a butterfly with two swords and little Niang’s flesh."
This man is a tall man, but his posture is very clever. When he lifts his feet, he can’t see him, so he walks more than one foot and reaches the girl named Han. When he grabs her hand, he hits her neck.
The woman surnamed Han saw that he had dared to enter the store with a slight Zheng, and then she heard a squeak on her toes. The bench with her figure suddenly stepped back three feet, and when she sat back, the bench tilted and suddenly turned sharply, and she hit the big fellow’s knee.
The big fellow had never expected that she could turn the bench around so quickly to listen to "Ya"-the bench suddenly hit the side leg, but it didn’t hurt him, but it also made him fly into a rage. He immediately jabbed a few words and hit the girl with a punch. Seeing that his fist was put to good use, it was as if it were just like my husband’s martial arts.
And the girl’s posture is light and light, and she immediately circled around the table and bench to see her clothes flying with ease. Obviously, her flying accomplishments are far better than that of the big fellow.
Qi Yufeng saw that the two men dismantled several moves, and it was known that the girl’s martial arts experts were all far away. The big fellow was the big fellow who made great efforts to recruit and sank his martial arts, and he also had a lot of statutes. It also looked fierce, but the fist was dull, and the girl’s skill was a little longer, and the big fellow was in doubt.
But this girl is alone, but that big fellow is with four helpers. If five people are together, that girl may not be this person’s opponent.
He Shizong and Shixiu, accompanied by a bunch of diners in the restaurant, got up and hid in the corner for a moment. In this restaurant venue, there were four people sitting coldly, and the monks were fighting hard.
After several strokes, the big fellow, a escort, saw that he had been invincible for a long time. He was anxious and immediately shouted at the right hand and played out three darts in one hand. The girl couldn’t help but exclaim when she heard the roar in the wind. She stepped on a bench and caught three darts.
While Shizong and Shixiu smelled the faint gamey smell of darts, they couldn’t help glancing at each other and their hearts sank secretly.
But just then, when she was unprepared, the big fellow suddenly put his arms around the girl’s place and fled. He immediately leaned back and lay flat on the table with his hands on his back, grabbed the table and turned it over along Ling. His feet were stacked in layers and even kicked a dozen legs at the other end of the table.
This disadvantage can never really shine like wearing a Hua Hudie. Shizong and Shixiu couldn’t help but feel amazed in their hearts. Qi Yufeng looked at each other and said that this female martial arts is not good enough, but this kung fu is definitely a kind of high martial arts.
That gang of gangsters meant to make a quick victory. Immediately, the man’s three darts were shaken in his hand and three darts flew to her. At this time, the woman was behind the crowd. Yu couldn’t immediately turn the table up and push it forward to block out the three darts.
Qi Yufeng behind the woman at this time to see her regardless of their own but struggling to save heart way this woman although foul language is very educated is a kind heart.
At this time, the five bandits are all in good order and will come to capture her, but they see that she has risen from her busy schedule and landed in a place. Obviously, she is afraid that civilians will be killed by mistake behind her, and she will choose another place to fight.
The five men drank together and heard that the girl suddenly pulled out her waist and two small swords with handles. The light flow dragged around and circled around to protect herself, but seeing that her moves were extremely rapid and changeable, the five men could also be cut at once before holding out their spears.
The girl’s strength is small and the weapon in her hand is too short. The five people recruit a heavy force and slash it, but soon they will see her stumble and step back a few steps. Obviously, it is already a spent force for the five people to vigorously.
Just as the big fellow was chopping, he suddenly saw the girl spin and jump up for several feet, and several meteors burst out at the jingle place, and went straight for the five people.
This number of hidden weapons neither see her start work nor see her like a potential body rotation and inspire and fly. When Qi Yufeng sees it, he can’t help secretly wondering if this hidden weapons is a small-scale operation that flies out of the place.
The five people saw this hidden weapons at first sight, and they were all too busy to resist the hidden weapons. Although the firing was very good, they were very strong. Two people immediately "ouch!" When they fell to the ground, the other three casually waved their spears, but the hidden weapons bounced out.
A bunch of diners, such as Qi Yufeng, have unconsciously come to a few people nearby to watch, but they saw an arrow being shot by the big fellow’s knife back and headed straight for the crowd.
The woman exclaimed that she immediately looked up at the crowd regardless of the enemy in front of her. She thought that she would hurt others by mistake this time, but she couldn’t stop her from flying arrows quickly.
Nazhi Qi Yufeng looked at her face, and Se’s heart moved suddenly and longitudinally three steps forward. Outside the crowd, it seemed that she didn’t care about scratching at the fur hat, and then she bowed her head slightly. "Ouch!" One had caught this short arrow, but it was the sharp arrow that cut his hat by half.
He seemed very surprised. "Ouch!" The diners around him were also startled. Then when they saw a short arrow in his hat, they even praised him for being lucky and said that his hat had blocked a disaster for him, and they didn’t realize that Qi Yufeng was quick to act.
Qi Yufeng silly smile touching his heart seems to be frighten not light stole a look to see the four monks is looking at the game seems to be such a civilian life and death to them immediately a loose in my heart.
At this time, I saw the girl one enemy and five counted, but she fell into the wind. Although her clever plan frequently churned, she couldn’t hold the five people’s guard against the door. I saw her dagger dancing, but every time she knocked on the other blade, she couldn’t help but fall back with a quiver.
Even including Qi Yufeng, when everyone thought that she would be defeated, suddenly someone heard a cold hum, "Haven’t the five ghosts in Liangzhou been noisy enough?"
See the gray shadow flash into the room, and the right hand is still holding a plate of hot dishes, and the left hand grabs one and throws the five people out of the door one after another.
He turned to look at the girl and snorted. Obviously, she was very angry. The girl quickly gathered her hands and held up an ingot of silver and shouted, "Brother-in-law, this is the money I will pay for your chairs and tables."
The man fumed, first put away the ingot of silver, then frowned and said, "Don’t yell who is your brother-in-law?"
The girl smiled and said, "My sister married you, and you are naturally my brother-in-law. Your aunt was beaten for so long, so it’s not interesting how you made your appearance."
The man snorted angrily. "Don’t cling to her sister like you there." Say it and ignore her. She went straight to the table in Qi Yufeng with a dish and put a plate of Yellow River carp on the table and laughed. "You have found a seat to eat, but in my’ Heze Inn’, the guarantor hurt you and lost your food today …"
He looked down at the ingot of silver in his hand, which was enough for him to sell for a few days, and then he looked up and continued to say with a gentle smile, "It’s all borne by the store."
When those diners heard this, they saw that the shopkeeper’s martial arts skills were high, and they immediately sat back in their chairs with trepidation. Fortunately, those people didn’t play too far, and three tables were smashed, and Xiao Er immediately came over to order again.
The five people got up from the ground, but when they saw that the shopkeeper’s martial arts were so high, they didn’t dare to enter the house. Se was immediately livid. The first one at the door, Y and N, said in a strange way, "No wonder you are so arrogant in Korean butterfly dancing. There is such a hard point as’ He Ze’ behind you."
Han Diewu hasn’t spoken yet. The shopkeeper turned slightly and said, "You’ve been living in Liangzhou for a long time. Haven’t you heard of my rules here?"
A Han suddenly face se a surprised way "and ze inn don’t touch"
The shopkeeper nodded and said, "Yes, if you come in for dinner and stay in the hotel, all the gangsters and white shops will sweep the couch to warmly welcome guests, but if you start a fight, don’t blame me. You’re welcome. Wu Tianbiao, ask your father, Wu Yiman, if he dares to run wild in my store?"
When Qi Yufeng heard the words "Wu Yimou", it suddenly occurred to him that Duan Sixie had told him that there was a man named Wu Yimou who was good at making the "Soul-Breaking Scolopendra" famous in Jianghu. Even the heads of the six schools had to be treated equally. I didn’t expect to see his son here.