Hearing his words, Zhu Feng asked doubtfully, "What should add charm?"

"Wild summoners can summon pets. The higher the charm value, the higher the loyalty of pets and the easier it is to summon other monsters." Village Chief Reid explained with a smile.
Zhu Feng didn’t know that the summoner needed the charm value until he listened to his words. He didn’t take it seriously before. He smiled and said to the village chief Reid, "Thank you, village chief, for helping me turn around. We can always find me if we have any difficulties after leaving in advance."
"Well, I won’t keep you, either." Village head Reid said with a smile.
A few people walked out of the small room, and Zhu Feng suddenly felt that the weather was very good today. There was not a cloud in the sunshine. He smiled and said to several people, "It’s getting late. Now let’s all rest and prepare for the day’s battle."
The bat asked him, "Do you have any equipment when Brother turns?"? I have a summoner’s ring here. Now I’ll go back and get it for you. "
Zhu Feng was warm in his heart, thinking that this group of brothers would talk a lot if they didn’t care about the money. He waved and said, "You keep your equipment and sell it to others if you can’t get it. Even if you buy it, it’s the same. Zhu Feng played a lot of online games before. He summed up an experience that gang bosses and managers can’t sell equipment to their brothers in the gang at any time and they can’t buy their equipment to their own people. Equipment will be laughed at by everyone. If they don’t care about loyalty, they will sell it to their own people. Sometimes it’s hard for both sides to negotiate the price of
When the bat saw him, he refused to smile and said, "Boss, how about if I give you a gift?"
"If you don’t sell it, and several of you are also the eagle in the gang, you will be independent. It’s best not to buy or sell equipment in the gang." Zhu Feng told several people that he wanted to continue talking, but after thinking about it, he stopped talking at a small meeting in a few days.
Although Zhu Feng wears a mask, several bats can feel that it is very serious. Although several people can play jokes on each other at ordinary times, when it comes to business, several people will never joke at this time. Everyone has a tacit understanding and nodded.
At the side of coffee, I watched Zhu Feng all the time and saw his majestic tone suddenly saying, "So manly, I like this type of man."
Zhu Feng glared at her and said to them, "All right, take a rest."
Several people nodded their heads and quit the game, but coffee was still there watching Zhu Feng giggle.
"What’s wrong with you?" Zhu Feng asked him with a frown that there was really no way to take this strong woman.
Coffee evil smiled and said, "You are nothing? Do you want to secretly upgrade yourself? "
Zhu Fengyuan thinks so, too. He has nothing to do in prison, and his level is the highest now. If he doesn’t step up his training, he will stay put and the enemy will be two steps or more faster than himself.
He shook his head and said, "I’ll go back to the city to do something small and then I’ll be done."
"I’ll go with you," Coffee Horse said to him.
Zhu Fengnai shook his head. He was the boss of the gang. How could he throw the gang away? He said, "See you in Qinglong City" and then made the scroll back to the city.
As soon as he came out of the delivery office, he heard coffee shouting behind him, "Boss, do you want to run away without me?"
Zhu Fengnai turned back and said, "I’m not waiting for you? Go with me to equip the NPC. "
Zhu Feng, who came to NPC’s side, typed his equipment list and looked for equipment to wear after a turn, and found some female players to wear equipment at level 30. It took half an hour for Zhu Fengcai to find four pieces of his own equipment helmets, necklaces and leg protection rings, but there were quite a few female players’ equipment. He changed his own equipment and sent a transaction request to coffee.
"Eldest brother? What are you doing? " Coffee don’t understand asked him.
"Give you a few pieces of your equipment."
When she heard that she had her own equipment, the coffee flew faster and agreed to the transaction request. She was afraid that the boss would suddenly go back on his word and then looked at her with a smile.
After Zhu Feng gave her a suit of equipment, he warned her, "Don’t tell others about equipping you. You can take a rest now, and I will soon."
"I’m sure I won’t tell anyone." Coffee nodded and smiled and said, "I’ll go online after I see you leave."
Zhu Feng sighed and quit the game.
~ ~ ticket
Chapter one hundred and fourteen Important people
Slowly open your eyes, Zhu Fengli shook his head and cursed "MD, who slept for a night and had a spring dream, hasn’t relaxed yet." Zhu Feng took a cold bath in his cell and brought his game helmet. He is still thinking about the beauty in his dream in YY.
He just received a heroic message on the first line. "You know what? Now the players in the city are discussing that there was a cow who turned around yesterday. "Seeing his information, Zhu Feng had an impulse to laugh. He was excited to think that these animals knew that someone would say a lot of admiration when they turned around. Let them admire me. Haha.
Zhu Feng sent him a message saying, "Have you chosen the invasion target today? I saw someone turn your news with my own eyes. "
"Would have chosen a little weaker than yesterday’s king day gang. Did you see someone turn? It’s not you, is it? " The hero sends a message saying
Zhu Feng grinned and said, "Where are you now?"
"My horse will return to the city and wait for me in Anqu."
Just as Zhu Feng was chatting in every way, he suddenly received a message from Liu Jingli, "Brother, come to the King Hotel!" Zhu Feng guessed that Liu Jingli must have bought equipment and borrowed his own military forces. He decided to negotiate with him together after the hero came.
A few minutes later, the hero arrived at Zhu Feng’s side and asked as soon as they met, "Can’t you really turn around?" It seems that there are not many players by 7. "
"After this incident, I said that I would go to the King Hotel with me first." Zhu Feng said that he took him and walked outside the security zone
On the road, Zhu Feng told him what he agreed with Liu Jingli yesterday. After listening to it, he cursed Zhu Feng for being treacherous.
They knocked on the door of the hotel and went straight in. He found that there were three people sitting inside, besides Liu Jingli, there was an old man and a beautiful woman. He stared at the beautiful woman for a long time and felt a little familiar.
When Liu Jingli saw Zhu Feng coming in, he quickly got up and introduced to the old man beside him, "This is Mr. Zhu, with his friends around him. The game is called Hero Color", and then he said to Zhu Feng, "Hello, Mr. Zhu, this is the chairman of our Fenghua Tuanlin, and this is Miss Lin."
Oh, even the name has changed. Zhu Feng thought to himself, but he still said hello "Hello, Mr. Lin" politely.
Zhu Feng has been staring at him since they entered Fanglin. He wants to see what the characters in the game look like, but to his disappointment, Zhu Feng’s face is masked and he can’t see any expression. And he heard that this young man is now in prison, and it must be something special to be treated like this in prison.
"Ha ha Zhu please sit down" Lin Lao smiled and said.
Zhu Feng and Hero Color are also welcome. They sit in a chair and stare at the opposite three people. Zhu Feng likes it very much. This feeling is quite exciting.
Liu Jingli first said, "Mr. Zhu, our company has discussed your opinion. If you can tell us the reason for letting us finish the letter, we will consider lending you some people."
Zhu Feng felt funny after listening to his words, thinking that you really took the Maple China Group as a matter, but I didn’t want to expose my strength. He smiled and said, "I don’t have any reason for you to finish the letter. I think you also know that my guild is now strong and I have enemies with the West Asia Group, but it’s not too late for you to take revenge for ten years."
At this time, the hero color communicator rang for a few times. He smiled awkwardly at everyone and found out that it was Xiaohui’s message, "The brothers in the gang have finished closing. Do you want to fight now?"
After reading the information, Hero asked Zhu Feng, "Are you ready to help your brothers? Are you going to attack those gangs now?"
Zhu Feng didn’t consider nodding and said, "Hit me now for a while. In the past, you and several people led the bed sheet skeleton."
Hero nodded, then got up and said apologetically, "Everyone has something to do. Please leave now." Then he turned and walked out of the room.