In early September, the younger generation Ma Chao looked north and worshipped. "

6 single-handedly going to the meeting is crazy.
"Wang Shensi!" Du Ji fell to his knees in front of me at the first time and trembled, "A thousand daughters go deep into the tiger’s den!"
I helped him up. "Youzhou is not that terrible."
"Even if the king’s thousands of pro-guards are all elite, but Youzhou is, after all, a leaker. There are more than 10,000 Qiang Bing in Zhuojun alone. If you sit and watch the king go to death, it will be different from serious dereliction of duty." He did not compromise.
"I’m taking Dian Wei alone. Well," I patted him on the shoulder but remembered that the expert had lost his fighting capacity in the toilet and changed his choice. "Take Tuoba Ye."
Du Ji’s shoulder muscles suddenly became extremely stiff, and his face looked even more dismayed.
I paced into the courtyard and punched the corner at random.
There is no wall contact on the back of the fist.
However, there has been a deep punch mark on the wall. Outside the punch mark, cracks like spider silk are constantly extending around.
Then the wall cracked and quietly collapsed into broken bricks.
Du Ji white cheeks leaps a trace of blood GongSunXu Liang Cong was trembling.
"If Lu Gan wants to dig a hole to kill me, I’ll pull him up." I gently blew a sigh on the back of my fist.
However, Du Ji still didn’t give up persuading him to fall to the ground and knock slowly for three times again, and solemnly begged me again, "Du Ji dared to ask Wang to think twice again."
I didn’t stop him from quietly watching him finish the etiquette before lifting him up again and holding hands. "I am grateful that I am the monarch of the new dynasty, but I hope that the new dynasty can’t do without me." I straightened up. "Even now, I still think about peaceful reunification and am willing to make this possible. If I can make a heroic soldier die less, a broken family die less and a lonely family help less, I will have reason to go to Youzhou. Am I a fool to make the monarch?"
Du Ji listened to me in silence and bowed to me with his eyes closed.
"The king …" Gong Sunxu opened his mouth and said with some difficulty, "Zhuo County may not necessarily be an Wang and will go again …"
I read some hidden dangers in his eyes. "What do you want to tell me? Sun Bojue wants to kill me, too? "
He hurriedly shook his head.
"Even if he has this intention, it’s his own, and I won’t blame him." I smiled. "It’s incredible that I didn’t expect to go to the meeting alone many times when I had the advantage."
Once in Qingzhou Plain County, once in Yangzhou Wujun County, and this time in Youzhou Zhuojun County.
"The king still needs to be careful" GongSunXu murmured 1 with his head down again.
"Wood" I waved to my little brother. "Dare you go to Youzhou to speak for me?"
Jia Mu smiled at Gong Sunxu. "Since he dares to come to Jizhou, why can’t I?"
"Good" I nodded. "You go to Youzhou with my letter Gongsun Xiandi and tell Lu Zhi and Gongsun Zan that I will go to Zhuojun on the ninth day of September and ask them to set up a banquet."
"Yes!" Jia Mu fuels should be full of enthusiasm.

The second day is the ninth day of September.
"Ji has made 6,000 cavalry in four counties of Zhongshan, Bohai, Hehe and Julu listed on the border of Jizhou. Once Zhuoxian has changed, it can go straight ahead." Du Ji still reported to me nervously. "But it will take half a day to get to Zhuoxian … it is better for the king to take two thousand guards."
I waved my hand. "If Lu Zhi is determined to kill one or two thousand people, I’m afraid it will also help, and as I said, it will be much more convenient for two people to escape."
Du Ji still insists that "Wang Yongwu is a natural enemy, but after all, the battlefield is full of swords and spears …"
"Call twenty, oh, fifty archers." I interrupted him with advice, and pushed the hall door into the middle of the courtyard.
Although the building of Jizhou secretariat mansion is not grand, it is easy to call dozens of archers.
"This is the most elite 100 skilled soldiers who can be transferred here at present, please take the king." Du Ji obviously misunderstood my intention and he doubled the number.
I looked at these soldiers. They are not particularly young-after all, it takes years to train a skilled archer.
"In this courtyard, you each choose a suitable ambush position." I made it clear that I wanted to "be quick with a crossbow."
These soldiers acted with bows and arrows without asking questions.
Some of them hid behind trees, others hid in houses, and more of them jumped off the roof.
"Bo Hou" I waved to him, "You retreat back into the hall"
Although Du Ji was puzzled, he retreated into the chamber according to his words.
Then I said, "Everyone shoots me two arrows."