"You are his fencing teacher master can have fighting ability at the moment you are definitely not one point two! Why didn’t you say I found the ghosting ghost fencing so high before? "

There is a playfulness in the words and a banter in the eyes …
Kaijia recognized the popular speech culvert with a wry smile and said with a snort.
"You remember that I taught my master fencing skills. I know you want to see my jokes! Master has understood the ghost fencing, and now I understand it better than master fencing. You did it on purpose, didn’t you? "
Kaijia sat sullenly on his misty throne and stopped looking at Plymouth, but the sound did not fall …
"You don’t know that ghosting ghosts and gods have fencing attainments, and I don’t know that eroding ghosts and gods will read the mind!"
Just now, when Kaijia’s words stopped, he looked up at Prumont awkwardly.
His words hit all the pain points of ghosts and gods …
It is true that ghosting ghosts and gods did not erode ghosts and gods by fencing, nor did they read their minds. Both of them have fallen into ghosts and gods and have failed to live up to their names. Maybe now ghosting ghosts and gods erode ghosts and gods as a code name instead of a name.
They are now called the ghosting ghost Kaijia.
Erosion of ghosts and gods
Once Kaijia, the dark swordsman, once Plymouth, the psychic mage.
Seeing Kaijia’s embarrassed expression at the moment, Plymouth smiled! Speak lightly
"Ghosts and gods are eternal life and we are one of them! But we are lucky to meet our master at this moment. If we are now remembered for the names of ghosting and erosion, then we will let people think of the two of us when they think of these names … "
"Ghosts and gods also have names! Our name will become a symbol of ghosting erosion in this era. Even if we die again, we are the brightest part of ghosting ghosts and gods’ life … "
Kaijia took a deep look at Priemont. He knew that since Lin Ze helped Priemont condense and erode the throne, Priemont had finished serving in Lin Ze …
Plymouth believes that Lin Ze can help the ghosts and gods to rise again, and perhaps he should be more honest, not only the ghosts and gods, but also the dark elf survivors to take revenge on the light apostle Shillock.
It seems that I feel the change of two ghosts and gods around me, and the corners of my mouth are slightly raised, but it is a moment, and then his face turns back to indifference. The black flame throne slowly blends into his left arm and loses support. The black ember instantly falls from the middle into the silver ocean …
But Kaijia and Pridamon seem to be indifferent to Hei Ember’s move and look at each other silently and sit back to their thrones.
Black Ember lay quietly on the silver sea, silent.
Lin Ze’s performance in this battle was really amazing. During the first battle of the Goblin team during the day, he found the most suitable weapon for Goblin’s combat, the blood sickle. Kai Nuo, the Lord of Goblin, fought late. He successfully hit Kai Nuo’s weakness by reading memento mori during the day and seized the summable machete, which is even more valuable. In the course of the battle in Kai Nuo, Lin Ze actually kept his last card …
And finally killed the earth bear who was behind all this!
I have to say that Lin Ze’s mind has been far superior to his peers in this day’s battle …
Chapter 192 Breakthrough
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Will the future of the ghosts and gods really be pinned on Lin Zeshen? At this time, Hei Ember’s heart was even more confused than Lin Ze’s current strength. Even a Goblin Lord was so embarrassed that the apostle was simply untouchable to him …
Although the apostolic power of ghosts and gods exists together, Hei Ember doesn’t know if Lin Ze has enough time to grow to the point where he can be an apostle in World War I!
Or is it true that the strength of the devil may cry has been inherited by Lin Ze? Is Lin Ze really the incarnation of the devil may cry?
Hei Ember is not clear about his life experience, and he is also puzzled about what Lin Ze can become a ghost bearer.
Hei Ember knew that she was entangled with Lin Ze at the moment she woke up. Maybe she was really a Lin Zeyuan ghost! He is a Lin Ze distractions?
Isn’t this the reason why I came to talk about Lin Ze? Now I’m talking about myself!
Lying in the silver sea, a faint smile appeared on the face of Hei Ember …
Now he can believe that Lin Zexin, the ghost bearer chosen by the devil may cry, Lin Ze is the hope of the rise of ghosts and gods.
Just as Hei Ember was thinking in the sea of Lin Ze, Lin Ze’s body slowly changed.
Lin Ze’s dry spirit is slowly recovering in the green jade vine and green leaves. Green leaves have helped Lin Ze many times since they were handed over to Lin Ze by the war giant TEDA Hill …
Mei Ya Qing Yu Teng Lin Ze’s vitality nourishes the green leaves and Lin Ze’s spirit returns … The two are really a perfect match.
These two things are the key to Lin Ze’s continuous fighting. If Lin Ze didn’t have green rattan and green leaves, perhaps his spirit could not reach a shallow awakening so quickly.
Now Lin Ze has fallen into a coma, but his body shadow soul force is constantly rising! Lin Ze has been in a state of exhaustion in today’s battle. In the last battle of the earth bear, Lin Ze even started a violent walk and completely exhausted his last shadow soul …
But this is not a disadvantage. Every time the shadow soul force is exhausted, the shadow soul force will become bigger! And this device is Lin Ze’s body, which is a method to increase the shadow soul force to the limit.
It is said that fighting is the best teacher of the shadows! Every desperate struggle will increase the filmmaker’s experience greatly, and the exhaustion of the shadow soul will also greatly enhance the filmmaker’s strength.
Now Lin Ze is at this stage …
Now Linze’s shadow soul force is going through the stage of drying up to yingrun, but this is not the real shadow soul force recovery, it is the shadow soul force that is getting bigger.
Lin Ze is now a two-star cinematographer, but after a day of fighting today, the shackles of the two-star cinematographer’s shadow spirit have gradually loosened. In consciousness, Lin Ze’s physical weakness has hit this shackles and sprinted towards the realm of Samsung cinematographers …
The barrier between two-star cinematographers and three-star cinematographers is not too great. It is not as difficult as you think when your strength reaches, but for Lin Ze, he broke through to the two-star cinematographer not long ago. If he hadn’t fallen into a coma, this imaginary shadow soul force root wouldn’t have the opportunity to impact this barrier.
However, this inflated soul force is not true after all. Although this diaphragm is not tough, it is still not Lin Ze’s coma that can penetrate these inflated soul forces. There is no vitality support. It is root water, but Lin Ze’s body strength seems to be more than these. It seems that this inflated force seems to be a little shrinking. Lin Ze’s left wrist green rattan instantly bursts out.
Strong vitality once rushed into Lin Ze’s body, and Lin Ze’s physical fatigue disappeared at a very fast speed! With the support of vitality, as soon as the trend of the imaginary rising shadow’s soul force retreating is stopped, they seem to be supported and sprint towards the dividing line between two-star and three-star filmmakers again …
With the support of vitality, the soul force of inflated shadow is no longer trying to attack as before, but with a momentum that will never retreat until it is broken, and it keeps hitting this diaphragm like waves.
The diaphragm is still strong, but the soul force of the inflated shadow seems to have no sense of fatigue, just like the waves hitting the rocks. Although it doesn’t look spectacular, it is very persistent …
This is the resilience and struggle of the two, and the soul force is supported by the strong vitality of the green jade vine, but the diaphragm is just a barrier. Once the impact force exceeds the line it blocks, the barrier cannot be played.
And in the face of the impact at the moment, the fence of inflated shadow soul force has been untenable! The imaginary shadow soul force is still continuous …
A slight tear sounded in Linze body, and a slight crack appeared on the diaphragm that blocked two stars and three stars … The so-called Trinidad dike collapsed in the ant nest, and this diaphragm was doomed to destruction from the moment this crack appeared.
This diaphragm is like a dam to intercept the rivers on both sides. Now there is a crack in the dam. Even if the crack is no longer small, the soul force will penetrate to the other side like water.
Compared with the crowded "dam" on one side, the other side can be regarded as extremely wide and even a Ma Pingchuan.
Diaphragm cracks are being torn apart by the impact of inflated soul force, and the water flow symbolized by inflated soul force can be said to be not infiltrating but pouring!
Lin Ze coma body suddenly a shock and then calm.
But Lin Zeti’s two-star and three-star diaphragm has been exploding in an instant, and the dam has been blocked by it as if it had disappeared in an instant, and it has poured into another vast world like a runaway wild horse.
The imaginary soul force helped Lin Ze break through the two-star boundary, which means that Lin Ze has become a three-star cinematographer unconsciously. It seems that this battle brought Lin Ze not only fatigue but also an accident …