Red and blue babies are beating violently with a small amplitude, and it seems that they will collapse at any time. Zhang Xiaotian frowned, flushed, not only two yuan god, is also out of the mind of the pearl, to suppress the demonstrated spirit force crystal yuan baby. The red and blue dragons are still circling around the two yuan babies, and sometimes a black bead is transformed back and forth in their bodies.

Zhang Xiaotian knows. Once he can’t resist the actions of two yuan babies. Causing the explosion of two yuan babies, then even if he has a ghost king’s body. I’m afraid I can’t stop such a violent spiritual impact.
Suddenly, the two Yuan babies gave birth to a feeling that they were about to break out of their bodies, and slowly slipped away from the abdomen of Zhang Xiaotian. It seems that they want to prove their ideas with practical actions.
Zhang Xiao’s body trembled violently, and the soul force energy on the body began to churn. Yuan Ying slowly moved to the outside of the abdomen, step by step, inch by inch, and moved forward little by little.
Finally, Yuan Ying approached the inner wall of the abdomen space and moved out of the abdomen a little distance.
Spiritual power seems to have no longer belonged to Zhang Xiaotian himself. As soon as Yuan Ying came into contact with Zhang Xiaotian’s body, Zhang Xiaotian’s body immediately felt the power of spiritual power.
Half ice, half hot! Two worlds to feel, Zhang Xiaotian clearly felt again. The spirit of fire and water no longer belongs to him and no longer blends.
Feel Zhang Xiaotian shangdi a cold and a hot body, Yang Xiao and three eagle all by surprise, out in a rash, but there is no other way. It can’t help Zhang Xiao’s talent.
Yang Xiao gnashed her teeth and her eyes were red! Jiang Kun was filled with resentment in my heart, and even led this resentment to Li Fugui who brought the news. It’s hard to say, if anything happens to Zhang Xiaotian, Yang Xiao will immediately seek revenge from them.

Chapter two hundred and nineteen Plan
When Zhang Tianshui’s fire Yuanying was about to escape, and the pain was unbearable, an extremely strange thing happened within the abdomen. This chapter was uploaded by netizens, and the website hereby declares.
Zhang Xiaotian clearly felt that the black beads in the fire, water and fire in the abdomen were rushed up and down, and the degree was faster and faster. In an instant, Kung Fu was transformed hundreds of times in the body of two psychic dragons.
Suddenly, two psychic dragons stopped the throughput of black beads. The black beads slowly spread out a faint black awn, and the black awn gradually became thicker and thicker! Shine on two little dragons with spiritual power.
Time, as if it were still! Fire, water, and yuan baby no longer go outside the abdomen, and yuan Shen is no longer laborious! The black mountain shines straight on the two little dragons with spiritual power.
Suddenly, the black mountain became brighter and brighter, making the whole abdomen black! Spirit in the abdomen, like falling into a quagmire, unable to move, don’t find out what happened.
In an instant, the black mountain disappeared and everything returned to normal! Yuan baby is back in place, and two psychic dragons slowly hover around the two Yuan babies! Black beads, still in two small spiritual longkou, back and forth throughput! Zhang Xiaotian carefully watched for a moment, and now two psychic dragons throughput black beads faster than before, don’t watch carefully, don’t come out now!
Body restored calm, Zhang Xiaotian slowly opened his closed eyes.
"elder brother! Are you awake? " See Zhang Xiaotian opened his eyes, Yang Xiao pleasantly surprised shouted.
Zhang Xiaotian faint nodded, without saying a word.
"What the hell happened to you just now?" Yang Xiao looked worried and asked.
"Nothing!" Twist a head to look at Yang Xiao, Zhang Xiaotian smiled and shook his head and said. Just look a little dim!
"elder brother! Your realm has improved? " Yang Xiao shouted in surprise.
Zhang Xiaotian looked dazed for a moment. This is now. In my mind, the goblin beads and the two yuan gods in the mainland of Dantian. All reached the fourth-order medium-term cultivation.
Unconsciously. The realm has actually improved a layer!
Gave a wry smile. Zhang Xiaotian slowly spread out his arms. Flat between heaven and earth. hu
Suddenly. The soul force between heaven and earth quickly poured into Zhang Xiao’s body. Slowly refining. Little by little, Zhang Xiao’s body is enriched.
Two ring space to fire, water and spirit force also slowly coming to Zhang Xiao heaven and earth. Enter the Yuanying in the mainland of Zhang Xiaotian. Become a part of them!
Time, one minute has passed! After three days. Zhang genius opened his eyes again! Deep in the eyes, a dazzling light flashed.
"How long has it been altogether?" Open your eyes, Zhang Xiaotian light export asked.
"Master! Twelve days have passed in total! " Hearing Zhang Xiaotian’s inquiry, Ling Tiangong respectfully replied. It only takes three days for Zhang Xiaotian to absorb soul force and fire and water spirit force, but it took nine whole days for the previous spirit force riots. Zhang Xiaotian nodded slightly and looked into the distance, not knowing what to think.
"elder brother! What is your strength now? " Looking at a face of Zhang Xiaotian indifferently, Yang Xiao was silent for a while. Asked the exit.
Zhang Xiaotian looked back at Yang Xiaodi, pondered for a moment, and said, "Soul power and fire and water spiritual power have all been upgraded to a higher level! As for strength … there seems to be something wrong with the spirit of fire and water! " .
Zhang Xiao, as in a wry smile. His greatest reliance is fellow practitioners’ spiritual power of fire and water! Now, at this critical time, he is now out of the question.
"What happened to the spirit of fire and water?" Yang Xiao to heart in a surprised, tight voice asked.
"I don’t know! Just now, fire and water are incompatible! " Slightly shook his head, Zhang Xiaotian said slowly.
Two fingers flick, two red and blue psychic powers, and come out! Stopped in the air not far from the eyes and turned into two red and blue flames.
There was silence for a while. Zhang Xiao, as the mind moved, two flames approached slowly.
Finally, the two flames leaned together and merged into one! Into a purple flame!
Zhang Xiaotian eyes a bright, some joy on his face! The spirit of fire and water can still blend together, and it is still a purple flame!
Yang Xiao is to see a face of confusion.
"elder brother! The color of this purple spirit seems to be much darker than before! " Watching for a while, Yang Xiao suddenly said.
Hear Yang Xiao, Zhang Xiaotian zheng, eyes looking at the purple flame not far ahead. After a while, his face could not help showing ecstasy.
Mind move, purple spirit force into the body!
Sure enough! Zhang Xiao, as in a burst of joy! The strength of the body, in the purple spirit force into the moment, enhanced by four hundred times!