When Qian and sakura rain came, many people in the team had three younger sisters even if they were missing two. This time, it was another nightmare for them to come and choose. For Qin Yan, the output equipment was so poor that she didn’t do much harm to Amy.

When Yang Ye woke up from the state of charm, he was attacked a lot and lost a lot of blood. He rushed to help after taking blood medicine.
This trip is not as simple as killing Seaking. The key is to kill Seaking in human form, so as to complete the hiding and gain an Amy follower. However, Yang Ye in human form is a method to attack and there is still danger if there is not much blood. In this case, this can be solved by Qin Yan alone, but her attack is really a bit difficult
Nai Yang Ye can make a lot of attacks in the form of "fish" in Seaking, reducing Amy, the goldfish king’s blood volume to a limit position, and then waiting for her to transform and then being killed by Qin Yan.
But even so, I still failed three times.
"I’m good, I’m always unsuccessful." Continuous failure makes Qin Yan a little discouraged and has strength to speak. Although Yang Ye controls the blood volume of boss at an extremely delicate level every time, it will definitely be an accident if the transformation scene of boss is controlled by Qin Yan alone. It didn’t kill Seaking for 5 seconds and he can start all over again.
"Ha-ha, it’s okay. Just come and play. Look at this vice. You’ve also upgraded a lot, right?" Yang Ye laughed that Qin Yan could enter the game and upgrade, and he felt good about fighting.
"Come on, let’s do it again!" Yang Ye continued to give Qin Yan an encouraging smile.
Nodding heavily Qin Yan rectified his mood.
Two people to start over.
The blood volume of Amy, the goldfish king, has actually bottomed out, but Yang Ye must make the miner’s hat control her blood volume so that Qin Yan can kill her more quickly after she transforms. The blood volume control must be very precise because it is not known when boss will release the transformation skills.
When the boss’s blood volume rose by more than 2w, Yang Ye immediately attacked quickly. He hanged the boss’s blood volume back to thousands of surplus blood volume with three knives, and then immediately retired and stopped attacking. He didn’t dare to attack with less blood. He was afraid that a sudden critical strike and a knife would be hacked to death, which would be disastrous.
There are thousands of blood left, but Seaking is still arrogant and bubbly, spitting fish scales everywhere and shooting everywhere, leaving the whole mansion department devastated. This time it really lasted for a long time without changing …
"Doesn’t it change?" Qin smoke doubts that her skills have been cooled down, and a goldfish king will be able to complete a set of continuous attacks immediately!
"Wait a minute, it should be a horse." Yang Ye looked at Seaking boss and said.
Sure enough, just as Yang Ye’s voice just fell, the miner’s hat finally gave a sign-
[Amy is about to release her skill taxiing]
Miner’s hat shows that there is a certain time difference, which is faster than the unified display. When you find this, Yang Ye quickly releases his skill "chop the emperor"? Seven flashes "rushed to the front of Seaking Amy but didn’t let the skills attack, but raised his hand and made three quick attacks with a sword."
"Ordinary attack!"
"evil eye!"
"Ordinary attack!"
After three attacks, Yang Ye quickly pulled out and retreated, leaving Seaking with more than 3,000 blood to call Qin Yan. This control is very good, and Qin Yan’s skills can probably be completed!
Just as Yang Ye recognized the distance of retreat, Amy, the goldfish king, also completed the taxiing, half-fruited, hanging around in front of Yang Ye’s eyes, attracting his attention, and his girlfriend was at his side. Yang Ye naturally closed his eyes and mused that color is the punch line to resist evil …
"boom! !”
Suddenly, my eyes were pink and there was a slight buzzing sound. Yang Ye knew that Amy had opened her eyes …
Xiao Ye’s brother has created too many opportunities for himself, but he didn’t grasp it every time. Although Yang Ye said nothing, Qin Yan was also very sorry in his heart. He said that he would help Xiao Ye’s brother silently, but now it seems that instead of helping, he is constantly giving him trouble …
"I will work hard!" Eyes suddenly serious, serious qin smoke to himself a.
Take a step forward. The blue mage’s long skirt floats gently in the water, and the staff shines with white light. In Qin Yan’s face, her eyes are solemnly fixed on the fruit girl Qin Yan in front, and her skills are released-
"general attack!"
Whew, a crystal-clear cone-shaped icicle quickly rushed towards Amy, fiercely stuck in her body and then smashed into pieces …
"Youlian Prison!"
Qin Yan raised his staff with both hands and shone brightly overhead, shining and whispering at the bottom of the deep frozen pool. A huge blue lotus suddenly formed at Amy’s feet, spinning and turning bigger and bigger …
"ding! !” Suddenly a crisp sound rang at Amy’s feet, which means that Youlian Prison has been imprisoned to the target.
Amy stopped moving forward, and the Youlian prison locked her up. She was free to move for 135 seconds.
"Frozen water arrow!"
"Ice storm!"
Two jiao drink Qin smoke and move fast. A huge icicle keeps waving in their hands. It flies towards Amy at a high speed and finally pierces Amy’s body accurately. Followed by flying ice like a sandstorm, it constantly impacts her body, revealing Amy’s blood consumption …
"Be sure to succeed!" Qin smoke slightly anxious in my heart.
Although Qin Yan’s skill has slowed Amy down, at this time she killed Amy, the goldfish king, if not slowing down, and that was done!
But it seems not enough!
Qin Yan has no way to level 30. She has no more skills to release … So ordinary attack!
Qin Yan didn’t think much of waving his staff and throwing one ordinary attack after another at Amy’s body, which was constantly consuming her blood …
"whew! !”
Another icicle flies to Amy. At the end of the icicle, a silvery white ribbon is brought out, and then it quickly melts into the cold water in the deep frozen pool …
"pa! !”
The icicle hit Amy-it was her last bit of blood. The icicle killed her!
"Finally … relieved …" Suddenly Amy, whose face was covered with frost, showed a sad smile as if she looked down on everything …
[Amy, the unified goldfish king, died in human form, and the goldfish king changed back! You found Amy’s real body. She is human now. Please rescue her or she will drown! 】