And the same fairy attacked, but her attack looked light and simple.

Everyone knows that these three light waves will follow people unless they are stupid.
Lin Weiwei danced faster than the fairy because of the release of the star power and streamer!
In such an increase, it is very terrible to kill the attack power by streamer, even if the earth can kill a player.
When this attack hit the fairy, seven light curtains appeared on the fairy’s body in a row, but after being hit by streamer, these seven light curtains were as fragmented as foam.
-5212 (crit) (smash)-5212 (crit) (smash)-5212 (crit) (smash)-5212 (crit) (smash)-5212 (crit) (smash)
There is no doubt that the fairy will be killed, and at the same time, the three light waves of the fairy will also attack Lin Weiwei
It’s another spike, but the fairy will be resurrected immediately after being spiked. It’s not surprising for Chu Yun, because the fairy had two lives at the original martial arts conference.
The fairy is still in the ring, but the golden goddess of war has turned into a white light, which means that this fairy has won.
Everyone in the field admire the golden goddess of war. Although she lost, she definitely hurt off the charts. If it weren’t for the fairy who had two lives, she would win.
Lin Weiwei was resurrected in the square, and Chu Yun made Zhang immediately appear in front of her.
It’s a pity to see Vivian Chu Yunlin. It would be great if the fairy didn’t have two lives.
"No, I will hit her." Chu Yun is full of fighting spirit and of course more worried
Chapter 367 Rage!
In reality
Today is the last day of the Magic Martial Arts Competition. Chu Yun tries his best to make himself look down on this matter. If he loses, he loses. It’s no big deal. Of course, it’s best to win.
Chu Yun will call Song Qing when she comes home from school. Why hasn’t she done things well yet? Maybe the identity of the other party is so big that even the Song family is afraid?
Chu Yun thought if it was Qin family or Tian family, it would be in trouble if it was really these two forces.
After answering the phone, Chu Yun asked directly, "What is the identity of that person?"
"This ….." Song Qing didn’t say that it was obviously difficult to hide.
"Say it?" The more the other party is like this, the more curious Chu Yun is, "Is it Tian Jia or Qin Jia?"
"No, it’s not." Song Qing quickly gave the answer.
"There is nothing to be afraid of?" ChuYun language since it’s not family and qin home that have any scruples?
"I’ll pick you up in my car. You can tell the young lady. I can’t do it." Song Qing said it was something that could not be helped.
“! # $% … "Chu Yunnai said a place and let Song Qinglai pick him up.
In the process of waiting, Chu Yun thought about who the perpetrator was. Since it was neither Qin family nor Tian family, which got the Song family so fearful? !
"It should be that kind of partnership." Chu Yun thought it was possible.
After waiting for five or six minutes, Song Qing came by car alone, and she was still as seducing men as she was now wearing stockings.
Sitting in the passenger seat, Chu Yun couldn’t help but wonder and asked, "Who is it?"
"You talk to miss" Song Qingdao at the same time the car has started.
"Is it your partner?" Chu Yun stared at Song Qing’s beautiful face and asked him what he wanted to see from each other’s face.
Song Qing’s expression is a bit weird when he doesn’t talk, which makes Chu Yun puzzled. Who is it?
"Is it your Song family?" Chu Yun suddenly realize surprised way
Just after Chu Yun finished this sentence, he obviously felt that the car was unstable. "Is it really your Song family?"
Chu Yun has a terrible headache. How can there be such a coincidence?
If it’s really the Song family, will the Song family help themselves? Obviously impossible
"He is a young lady’s third uncle," said Song Qing with an unnatural expression.
“! # $% … "Chu Yun cursed in my heart.
"Let me ask if you can punish your third uncle?" Chu Yun Daoxin is depressed to death.
"It should be impossible" Song Qing shook his head and said.
"You song home how can have such rubbish? !” Chu Yun was so angry that he hit and run. People like this are living in the world.
Song Qing don’t talk because in her heart also very agree with Chu Yun this sentence.
"It’s impossible? ….. "Chu Yun wry smile Song Ning frost even his assassination can endure more being said to others.
"Miss should compensate a sum of money," Song Qing said. "A sum of money that can make people feel excited."
"You know money by money." Chu Yun wanted to say that it was a child’s life. Life is a price. Can money buy it? But now there is also this way.
I’ve been here once before when I came to Song’s home and brought Chu Yun here.
When I came to Song Ningshuang Courtyard, the flowers suddenly filled my nose. What a wonderland!
At this moment, Song Ning Frost is holding a watering can forehand and quietly watering these flowers and plants.
I have to say that this is a very beautiful picture. Song Ning Frost’s long hair shawl skin is so ethereal that she is wearing a white dress like the first style.
Seeing this dress, Chu Yun couldn’t help laughing when she thought that she had overheard her dress being discovered.
"I really miss that smell," Chu Yun thought, but I really want to smell the unique fragrance of Song Ning Cream at close range.
But soon Chu Yun came from this fantasy to reality.
"I’ll give her a billion dollars, and it’s just like nothing happened." When Chu Yun came to the side, Song Ning Frost gently put the kettle on and said unhurriedly.
As soon as I heard this Chu Yun anger, I didn’t fight. "It’s amazing to have money!"
"What do you want me to do?" Song coagulation cream TanTan hand very nai said
"Bring the perpetrator to justice," Chu Yun said firmly.
"You know I won’t." Song Ningshuang gently shook her head like a fairy.
"That’s a life, a living child. You can’t cover up criminals like that. If you insist on doing that, you are an accomplice!" Although Chu Yun knew that he had the money to solve this problem, he just had a feeling that he wanted to vent it.
"Let’s be accomplices. I can’t be an outsider, which leads to family division." Song Ningshuang simply admitted the harsh word accomplice.
"I know you can’t punish the garbage. It’s a family, but outsiders are human beings. She didn’t make any mistakes, but your family garbage took away the children. What if you don’t have the children in your stomach? Don’t just turn a blind eye and forget it. "Sometimes ChuYunZhen wants to tear this woman’s mask.
"I won’t get married and I won’t have children." Song Ning Frost shook his head gently and his expression was unnatural.