Chapter sixty-three Hot

The advertisement has been advertised four times, and the black one is really painful!
In these few words, kung fu actually charged me more than 1 gold coin, and the poor gold coin was gone, but that was before me; It takes months to work hard.
Fortunately, paying always pays off. Watching an endless stream of players choose equipment there means that the gold coins in their pockets will become me. That dreary feeling has already been thrown out of the cloud nine. Watching the busy players and those who bought them from the building, a sense of accomplishment rises in their hearts.
At this time, Lan Yixuan and Yan ran and Sandy came back from the outside, which seems to be the completion of today’s announcement.
Lan Yixuan, I brought him to discuss with him on the first line, so I gave him the responsibility for the announcement. Of course, this matter can’t be less attractive. Sandy, these two beautiful women, are so attractive that they don’t want to do anything that they don’t want to send me a bill in the crowd. Think about when the young lady born in everyone did this, but I can’t hold back. There are all kinds of unequal treaties. Maybe they are also somewhat yearning and curious. Anyway, they finally promised to do it.
Lan Yixuan’s ability is really satisfactory, let alone getting things done in an orderly way.
The three of them came to the building. This is my lounge. No one can enter without me.
"It’s good to finally get things done, boss with the wind. You are so happy here alone." Lan Yixuan wiped his sweat and said to me, "We will be miserable. So many players have to announce it in person ~! I’m exhausted! "
I didn’t pay attention to Lan Yixuan’s complaint, and then I called Sandy to sit in the chair next to me and have a rest. Seeing that I was holding her hand in front of everyone, I resisted shrinking my hand and saw that my grip was a little tight, so I gave up. I grabbed it and sat next to me and chatted with Sandy.
"Hum see color forget friends guy will know how to comfort the beauty also don’t comfort me?" Blue Yixuan beside watching me to comfort the two beauty aside jealous muttered.
"Don’t complain about the tired things there, kid. I’ll leave all the foreign sales to you. I think that’s a big sales group in the future. Well, that’s your business. Let’s do it well. I won’t treat you badly. Now I have some changes in salary, plus I’ll sell it to you. I promise I won’t lose your share." Seeing that he works so hard, I’m not narrow-minded and I won’t let him suffer. I plan to give him success and I can live up to his efforts.
"Ha ha, then thank you for being the boss with the wind. Now that you’ve mixed up with nature, your heart is on your side. I’ll take care of the sales, and you’ll wait for the money! ~ "Lan Yixuan patted his chest to ensure that he would be happy to see me promise him. After all, whoever earns money is happy.
Watching the players go in and out one by one, they are happy to leave with satisfactory equipment, but they also have a full face of regret. It is not that they have no money to look at those extreme equipment, but their ability is different. Another point is that the good equipment has been sold out and they have not bought satisfaction.
In order to plan for a long time, most of the equipment sold now is white equipment and green equipment. There are not many pieces of blue or gold-grade single equipment, and one of these equipment is snapped up by those rich owners.
"Xiao eldest brother, don’t you have a lot of equipment? Why are you still selling in limited quantities? You don’t want to buy more? " Sandy was curious and asked me why I didn’t sell the good equipment in the garage.
Chapter sixty-four With bloodthirsty to train
This maintenance was not very long, but something was added to the imperfect system.
In the game
Everything in the equipment shop is running normally. With Ngawang and Lan Yixuan taking care of the roots, there is no * * heart.
I feel like I’m doing nothing when I’m idle. Seeing the little guy running back and forth around me, he’s bloodthirsty, and suddenly I have an impulse to fight monsters and upgrade.
Novice Village Although the king has been running for quite a long time, people there are still in an endless stream. This is not far from Novice Village. There is a person in a plain where leveling is wrong. It can’t be said that leveling is a massacre. I didn’t expect that novices are so abnormal now. Groups of monsters keep pouncing and falling to the ground.
A series of fire walls are laid on the ground. It is strange that those monsters can’t regret their death!
At this time, there was another group of gray wolves and beasts, about three or so. A little one in front led the group to rush to the fire quickly, seemingly trying to put it out. Look at the red eyes of those gray wolves and beasts, and you will know how much they hate.
Anxious to rush to the fire wall, the novice B Hao was not nervous and threw out several fire walls. Immediately, the flames that were almost extinguished immediately rose and jumped up more than 1 meter high, quickly devouring the gray wolves and beasts.
It’s strange how to take the lead. It doesn’t matter at all. It seems that it enjoys it very much and doesn’t feel threatened at all. It doesn’t care about death in the face. It seems that it is still a little proud to look at the rolling eyes around.
Strange things happen every year, but this year there are so many players who don’t care about that monster. Now novice players are so careless?
Just when the player was not paying attention, the monster flashed a light and shadow to kill the careless player.
Next to the leveling people, they couldn’t help but exclaim, thinking that this unlucky guy is dead. Look, this unlucky guy should be a novice, otherwise how can he have no heart at all! The leader of the grey wolf beast can be designated as a boss unscathed in the flame. It seems that there are still some perverts. The mage player is actually ready to be close to the boss. It would be unreasonable if he is still alive …
However, strange things happen every year, especially this year. Just when everyone’s novice mage hangs up, something happens that breaks everyone’s eyes.
The monster leader didn’t kill the lucky player, but ran over the player and licked his face as if he were coquetry.
The player didn’t resist frolicking with the monster.
Maybe I’ve had enough fun or I’ve upgraded enough. I’m tired and got up and left. Even monsters and litters don’t even have the interest to take a look and pat my ass and leave.
The monster leader looked around and saw that the player had gone, shook a shadow and crossed to chase the mage player.
Novice players nearby have a look at that pervert leaving equipment and copper coins all over the place, and occasionally some silver coins rush past one by one with their eyes lit up, which is not bad in any way, comparable to that monster’s speed.
Today, I want to take bloodthirsty to the advanced map upgrade. I didn’t expect it to be bloodthirsty. I couldn’t get any experience. Later, I read the pet introduction to understand what was going on. It turns out that if a pet wants to experience the player, it has to cooperate with its owner to fight the enemy together to get the corresponding experience.
However, pets can’t die. If a pet dies, there is a 10% chance that the data will be cleared, but it will be resurrected, but it will be downgraded and everything will start all over again.
Bloodthirsty is my first pet and the only pet at this stage. How can I give it up? I hurried away from the high-level map and came to a place not far from the novice village. First, I raised the bloodthirsty level, and then I went to the high-level map. Although I hit those low-level monsters, I couldn’t get a unified data setting. It was fair that those monsters were called bloodthirsty after their experience.
Chapter sixty-five A gold coin caused a bloody case 1
Level 1 bloodthirsty has a life skill and an auxiliary skill. Fortunately, the defense of small things is not bad, and the health value is also quite high. hp 2 mp 2 defense 2 attack 1 skill bites the active attack skill. When the fast shadow auxiliary skill is actively displayed, its speed increases by 2%, resulting in a visual gap. You can see a shadow.
I had to change a set of novice junk equipment in the novice plain, otherwise it would be too conspicuous. That’s it. I still asked a lot of leveling players nearby to find out that after all, there don’t seem to be many players who can bring pets now. It’s really a bit difficult to be inconspicuous with bloodthirsty.
Novice plains monster level is around 12 to 22, and bloodthirsty can bite and attack one by one, so it will be dangerous. But bloodthirsty guy is extremely cunning to find a single monster to attack and then quickly come back to me to reap the benefits. I can also easily solve the monsters that follow.
Soon bloodthirsty will reach level 5. As the level rises, bloodthirsty will gain another skill, namely, roaring and provoking skill group attack. This will be terrible. This little thing will run to monsters, and it will not be fatal to display its experience until it growls. Look at those monsters with red eyes chasing bloodthirsty and cunning bloodthirsty. How can it go shopping with those angry monsters? Those monsters run away at a speed, and the roots are just waiting for dust. The little ones don’t forget to get down to business and occasionally stop to tease these monsters so as not to get out of combat.
After another, I led the monster to my side and watched Sao Bao bloodthirsty Nai still drop a few fire walls and put them in the gray wolf beast that followed.