On the other side of the stands, Tan Fei was frowning for a long time before his face suddenly dawned. He smiled and smoothed his beard and said, "So that’s it. Presumably, this is why Laurence family tried every means to exterminate the thyme family …" Tan Fei looked up at the tower slightly, and somehow Tan Fei always had a feeling that the Buddhist was not here to select talents for another purpose and seemed to be waiting for something …

Buddhist always kept that warm smile and looked at Mu Yun’s figure and murmured, "Actually, it seems that Master Xuandan can improve his capability for two hundred years at least this time, and it’s really glad you came that you can do everything in the chaotic Mu Yun."
"Give me death!" Suddenly, I saw a black figure rapidly moving towards Mu Yun, but in a blink of an eye, it was in front of me. The speed was even a little surprising to Mu Yun. At this time, Mu Yun’s qi consumption was already serious, and this person’s theory of speed and momentum was defeated by Mu Yun. That person was about to take a picture of Mu Yun’s chest in the blink of an eye.
Suddenly, Mu Yun felt that his shoulder was pulled by someone, and then he heard the familiar and old sound "Mu Yun be careful" and "bang" and they just saw the two figures clearly.
That black robe with gaunt face and narrow eyes is exactly what Luo Tian bully and Lamuyun people are, and it is also the master of thyme.
"Today, your baili family will die!" Luo Tian bully bite a tooth and said.
Seeing Master Baili smiling kindly at Mu Yun, he said, "Even if my Baili family dies, your Luo family will never hurt Mu Yun!"
Chapter ninety-five The recruit
Thyme master’s forceful words kept echoing in Mu Yun’s ears. At that time, Mu Yun felt a sense of happiness that he had never felt before. Looking at that moment, Mu Yun, who stood tall like a mountain in front of him, felt a pain in his eyes, but his eyes were unconsciously moist.
At this moment, Mu Yun felt that there were thousands of words in his heart that he wanted to say to Grandpa, but there were only two words left on his lips: "Grandpa …"
"Mu Yun, you can rest assured that no one can hurt you with Grandpa here." Thyme Master said firmly without looking back.
On the other hand, Luo Tian Ba was livid at the moment and said, "Do you want to fight?"
"Are you Laurence family drove" thyme master momentum don’t let.
"Ha, ha, ha" thyme blasting voice fell to listen to Luo Tian bully a laugh wildly and then expression cruel said "I Laurence family drove? Is it wrong for your baili family to kill my Luo family or my Luo family? " Luo Tian bully continued with a snort of cold. "Say more about the life of this little animal. I’m going to settle your thyme family today. Don’t think that Yang Lin killed all thyme family for me." Luo Tian bully shouted without looking back.
Just when they didn’t react, when they saw Yang Lin, the master of the Yang family, waving his hand, the Yang family jumped up and went straight to the stands of the Baili family, and all of them went to the Baili family to prepare for the war.
Yang’s family and Baili’s family moved to the stands, causing a flurry of chicken flying and dogs jumping close to each other. Many people fled the scene for fear that the city gate would catch fire, and when they evacuated to An ‘an, they all stopped to watch. After all, the four families in Qinghai City were in direct conflict. How could these people want to miss it?
Now, one of the four families is still in a state of sitting tight, and everyone is puzzled.
Everyone in Qinghai knows that Bailijia and Fangjia are the only marriages among the four families. It is reasonable to say that the two families should be honored and humiliated, and at ordinary times, the two families are indeed so strong and financially strong, but they have no less support for Bailijia, which is one of the reasons why Luo Tian bully has been thinking about it for a long time before dealing with Bailijia.
Because Luo Tian bully once declared war on thyme home, it is natural to take just into account, but now that both sides are about to start work, just people have no intention to intervene. This is somewhat unexpected for Luo Tian bully, but since just don’t make moves, the plan will be easier to implement. At this time, Luo Tian bully is still a little lucky in his heart.
And another reason is purely accidental, that is, the Buddhist can sit quietly at this time, and it is even more reassuring for Luo Tian bully to deal with Baili’s family regardless of this matter.
At this time, Fang Yunshan, the grandfather of the Fang family on the side of the stand, said something to the people behind him. Then he saw a middle-aged man with a straight face, white face and heavy eyebrows coming out of the crowd. He slowly leaned forward and asked in a low voice, "Father, did you call me?"
This Chinese-faced man may not be familiar with outsiders, but people in Qinghai are ignorant of him. He is Fang Jian, the current owner of Fang’s family, Fang Yunshan, and the heir of Fang’s family.
Fang Jian’s average strength is the medium-term understanding of the foundation, and he is generally not the best in the talented family, but the most attractive thing in Fang Yunshan is that Fang Jian’s overall situation and vision can often get huge benefits at the least cost to the family.
And it is precisely because of this that Fang Yunshan will rest assured that the whole family will be handed over to Fang Jian. Of course, the other party in the family is also more trustworthy
Fang Yunshan asked with a serious expression, "What do you think of the present situation?" That tone is not like a conversation between father and son at all, but like a conversation between two peers.
Fang Jian cast a glance in the direction of the Buddhist school, then smiled at the corner of his mouth and said the words "sit tight"
Fang Yunshan listened carefully and then nodded slightly.
Just at this time, there is a purple shirt girl in the crowd who purses her lips and looks a little complicated. Looking at the field, Mu Yun is the daughter of Aunt Mu Yun, and she is the foundation of Danfang surplus.
Fang Yingsheng’s parents developed a sense of superiority in Fang Fang’s childhood, which made her dismissive of Mu Yun. From the first meeting, Fang Ying never really looked at Mu Yun. In Fang Ying’s eyes, she never had her cousin Fang Ben.
But after the trial, Mu Yun won the game again and again, and everyone completely shocked Fang Ying’s super strength. Even if it was always regarded as an idol by Fang Ying, it was far from it.
Especially when the chaotic gas was released, it felt like swallowing the sky and devouring the ground. The unprecedented sense of oppression and destruction made Fang Ying’s heartbeat almost stop. That said, the enemy purple dragon disappeared completely in the young man’s hand without any resistance, but that Luo Wei was like a buffoon.
At this moment, Fang Ying realized that he knew he was small, and at this time, he looked at Mu Yun with deep admiration, which was also mixed with a little bit of guilt …
"Stop" Seeing that the two families are about to fight, Mu Yun stepped forward and drank a lot. Then he turned his head and stared at Luo Tian’s bullying and said, "Luo Tian bullied you, Luo family killed you, and you can directly find me if you want revenge. How do you want to play with me? Baili Mu Yun will accompany you to the end!"
During the audition, Tan Fei woke up Mu Yun Yu Luo Jia and Yang Jia’s family affairs, and Mu Yun naturally knew that it was impossible to fight against Luo Jia, let alone add Yang’s family. Since he had caused trouble to his family, how could Mu Yun let his family take the blame for himself?
Luo Tian bully a cold hum "joke you killed my Luo family I naturally want to kill you thyme family drain my heart hate leng? Give it to me! "
"slow!" Mu Yun angrily said, "Luo Tian bully, you mean that if I were not a baili family, you wouldn’t be difficult to be a baili family, right?"
"Mu Yun can’t!" Thyme master obviously knew Mu Yun’s idea and quickly blocked the way, but Mu Yun didn’t care.
Luo Tian bully eyes slightly narrowed with interest at Mu Yun for a long time just slowly way "so to speak …"
"Good Luo Tian bully now has so many witnesses that I am not afraid that you will deny me as you wish!" Mu Yun said.
"Mu Yun Don’t" sounds like a heartbreaking sound. It is Baili Mu Xue from the crowd of Baili family.
At this time, Tan Fei, who had not spoken for a long time on the other side of the stand, was slightly changed in face, and his lips mumbled slowly, "falling into the trap."
Chapter ninety-six Cut one’s hair and break one’s feelings
Say Mu Yun turned his head and looked at the white-haired grandpa and his party. Tears can’t help slipping quietly. See Mu Yun’s knees bend and kneel directly in front of the thyme master …
"Mu Yun, don’t you get up …" Thyme master seemed to know what was going to happen, and his eyes were wide open and he angered. Master was just about to help Mu Yun before he left.
See Mu Yun smiled at the master and then shook his head and said calmly, "Grandpa Mu Yun was a basket case since he was a child and was laughed at coldly, but Mu Yun knew that even if Mu Yun gave up on himself, he would never give up on you. Mu Yun Mu Yun was always grateful to you, and Mu Yun had the most wonderful time of his life after that night’s talk …"
Speaking of this, Mu Yun is also a little choked up, a little bit calm, but master thyme is already career, his lips are shaking, but he can’t even say anything.
Mu Yun cast a glance in the direction of thyme home and saw that elder sister Mu Xue, who was already crying like a crybaby, could not bear to turn her head quickly and then said.
"During this period, Mu Yunzhen felt the warmth of home and felt that he was really a member of the thyme family. You, big sister, big brother, uncle, second uncle and third uncle are more than all the family members. You are kind to Mu Yun and Mu Yun. It’s over in this life. Although Mu Yun is young, he knows that he has to bear the consequences of doing things himself …"
Thyme master angrily a grind big drink a way "Mu Yun, you get up today, grandpa, throwing caution to the wind, even if you lose the whole thyme home, it won’t let you have something, you get up quickly …"
"Grandpa Mu Yun knows that you hurt Mu Yun and listen to Mu Yun, okay?" Mu Yun said lightly, "Since all the disasters are caused by Mu Yun, Mu Yun will never let the whole family take the blame. Mu Yun will bear the responsibility for Grandpa. Your overall situation should be much bigger than that of Mu Yun, right? Please don’t force Mu Yun."
Say Mu Yun blunt thyme master heavily upon a head "grandpa Mu Yun let your heart over the years".
Then blunt thyme army ke a head "uncle Mu Yun let you and the whole family down".
"Elder sister, your kindness to Mu Yun is even unclear in this generation. If there is a generation, MuYunDing will be the title newspaper …"
Mu Yun every knock one hundred miles home the heart will follow a quiver, every word they feel heart was severely cut a knife.
I don’t want to talk about this scene, but even the people in the Baili family can’t help but shed tears more than the dean of the Third Hospital of Qinglong Hospital, and his eyes secretly nod and admire.
Tan Jing, on the side of the audience, was already crying. "Why is Dad Bailigong doing this? Is he going to die? Can you help him?" Then Tan Jing suddenly fell to his knees. "Dad, please save Bailigong, okay?"
"You …" Tan Jing couldn’t help but surprise Tan Fei.
Although Tan Jing is a daughter, she has been stronger since childhood than her brother Tan Chen in some aspects. Tan Jing has never asked Tan Fei for one thing, but today it is Muyun who knelt down in public to plead with her father. Even Tan Chen was stunned by her sister’s sudden move.
For a long time, Tan Feifang sighed heavily and said, "Static son dad can’t help him now, but dad promised you that once he had an organic conversation, dad would give him a hand …"
At first, I heard the first half of my father’s sentence, Tan Jing almost fainted, but after hearing the first sentence, I suddenly burst into tears and laughed. "Really?" Don’t lie to Jinger. "
Tan Fei detailed with a nu "when, of course, is the real dad cheated you get up quickly" said hurriedly to help his daughter’s face is a face of nai murmured "idiot".