Chu Yun resisted the impulse to beat this small explosion and said, "You don’t want your money."

"Hehe, don’t you dare say no" Chen Renjie sneered. "You and I are idiots."
"…" Chu Yun don’t talk I just take you as a small white idiot how to recruit?
Chen Mengyao is too lazy to talk to his half-brother. It’s ridiculous.
"Why don’t you two go?" Ren-jie Chen see two people still here some impatient way
"This is my home. Can’t it be here?" Chen Mengyao brimming with anger impulse said.
"Come on, come on, stay as long as you want, but I can warn you two that you are stealing." Ren-jie Chen pointed to Chu Yun with a heavy tone.
“! # $% ….. "Chu Yun don’t talk to steal, you steal your family, except, of course, Mengyao.
"By the way, let me ask you a question" Chen Renjie asked Chen Mengyao.
"What?" Chen Mengyao didn’t good the spirit said
"Are you pursuing your cousin in Longcheng?" At this point, Chen Renjie couldn’t figure out what cousin would like his sister?
"…" Chen Mengyao don’t talk, he felt that his brother didn’t have any common language.
"Elder sister, I guess my cousin gave you up long ago, otherwise, why are you still with this guy?" Chen Renjie sneered that he wanted to be a perfect person like his cousin, and now Chen Mengyao is still poor and small, so don’t you just say that my cousin can’t see this elder sister?
Chapter 31 Marry the same man!
"Do you admire your cousin very much?" ChuYun see Chen Mengyao to angry appearance in the heart not happy and said.
"Who is that natural cousin? The heir to the Qin family in Longcheng is so perfect. I think you also admire him in your heart." Speaking of his cousin Chen Renjie’s nose is tilted.
"Do you like your cousin very much?" Why does Chu Yun think there is something wrong with this child’s sexual orientation?
"Then I said that of course I like my cousin," Chen Renjie said without thinking.
"Do you really want to be with him?" Chu Yun has affirmed that there is something wrong with this small sexual orientation.
"That’s natural," Chen Renjie took it for granted, but he always felt that there was something wrong with the other person’s speech, but he didn’t know what the problem was.
"I have determined that there is something wrong with your sexual orientation." Chu Yun confirmed that when it comes to Qin Tian, his little eyes are hot, giving people a feeling of moths.
"You …" Ren-jie Chen’s cheeks were latosolic red and he realized that he had been played. "Ok, ok, you’ll see."
"Are you threatening me?" Chu Yun has no affection for this suppression of his wife and brother everywhere.
"Threaten you. Hehe, do people like you deserve my threat?" Ren-jie Chen sneer eyes full of contempt and ridicule.
"All right!" Chen Mengyao stop way
Chu Yun gently grasped Meng Yao’s hand and knew that she was angry, but there was no way for her to have such an angry and talkative brother.
Soon there was a movement in the building. Chen Mengyao was happy. Did dad get up?
Soon, a beautiful woman in a thin skirt came out of the building. Although she was wearing a thin skirt, the room was not cold with heating.
This belle was none other than Qin Yunyun. When he saw Qin Yunyun and Chen Renjie, he hurriedly called "Mom".
Qin Yunyun loved to look at his son and then set his sights on Chu Yun Chen Mengyao.
Soon there was another person in the building who was Chen Mengyao’s father, Chen Hongtu.
Chen Hongtu’s face was dignified and composed, which made Chu Yun wonder how such a person could give birth to Chen Renjie’s stupidity. Isn’t it his own?
Qin Yunyun and Chen Hongtu came, and both of them set their eyes on Chu Yun, and then Chen Hongtu said, "Let’s go to breakfast and come together if we want to eat."
"Good" Chu Yun said with confidence.
"I don’t eat with outsiders." Ren-jie Chen’s expression was full of reluctance.
"He’s your brother-in-law," Chen Mengyao corrected. Now that Chu Yun has completed a 500 million bet, he is naturally his husband.
"Brother-in-law ha ha ….." Ren-jie Chen couldn’t help laughing. "Elder sister, I really don’t know how much you want to marry this person. Is this person drunk with ecstasy soup? In my opinion, this freshman is in need of money, no money, no future and no future. He just smiles and has no advantages except relying on women. "
"Shut up," Chen Hongtu scolded and then said, "Go to breakfast."
"Dad, I’m telling the truth?" Chen Renjie retorted.
Chu Yun talked to the child before he was funny. Who is it?
Chen Hongtu took the lead in going out, Chu Yun, Chen Mengyao and Qin Yunyun followed Chen Renjie, although he didn’t want to, but he couldn’t follow.
Breakfast people have prepared a lot. It is estimated that the breakfast price can be worth a month’s salary of ordinary people.
After several people sat down, Chen Mengyao stopped inking and said, "Dad, do you still keep your word?"
Chen Hongtu gently twisted and sat in a cup and said, "Nature counts."
"Thank you, Dad," Chen Mengyao said with joy.
"Ha ha, it’s hard to imagine that he can make such a career." Chen Hongtu gulped down a glass of liquid and laughed.
"Dad, what career are you talking about? Who is this small?" Ren-jie Chen refers to Chu Yun some not white said.
"He is the candlestick" Chen Hongtu lightly say these five words.
"What? Dad, are you crazy? " Chen Renjie looked unbelievable. Although he didn’t pay attention to the candlestick and didn’t see the pictures of the other party, he still heard about his deeds in the game.
When Chen Hongtu’s expression changes, how can he not be angry when he is called an old fool by his own son?
"Don’t apologize to your father." Qin Yunyun pushed her son. Although she didn’t believe her husband’s words, it would be true if her husband said it.
"Well, did I say something?" Chen Renjie questioned him. He thinks he didn’t say anything wrong.
ChuYun language, he thought Chen Hongtu so a person how can have such an idiot?
"Always apologize to your dad" Qin Yunyun saw her husband angry face way
Although Chen Renjie doesn’t know what he said wrong, he still listens to his mother and says "I’m sorry" to his father.
Chen Hongtu no longer cares about this cause, even he feels an idiot.
"This is 100 million." Chu Yun directly took out a card and thought that he had overfulfilled it
Chen Hong took a sip of the drink in the cup and said, "Be good to my daughter."
"Ah, Dad!" Hearing this, Chen Mengyao couldn’t wait to fly over and kiss her father in the face.
"How?" Qin Yunyun was surprised that she always wanted to fix Qin Tianchen Mengyao, but now …
"Since people don’t steal or rob and earn 500 million yuan, what reason can I not let them be together?" Chen Hongtu tone smooth said
"Dad? Are you really senile? "
Former Chu Yun took out a card and said that 10 billion Chen Renjie was a little fool for dad, and dad just said that the other party earned 500 million, which is not an old fool.
Hearing this sentence, Chen Hongtu stared coldly, and if he didn’t cultivate himself, he couldn’t wait to blurt out big names.