This time, the auction was actually made by boss Kang of Hongluan City. Before he decided to make it, he once discussed the idea of making such an auction, but the treasure cabinet layer was still hesitant. In the end, there was no way for boss Kang to decide for himself to make it alone in Hongluan City, which he was responsible for.

Boss Kang’s preparation for this auction was not so full. Only three days ago did he announce it, but it reached the ears of large organizations in major games for the first time, so the leaders of various guilds gathered on the second floor of Hongyixuan in Hongluan City tonight.
Equipment is auctioned one by one. At this time, more than 14 pieces of equipment have been auctioned, but none of them have been auctioned, and the price of each piece of equipment is completely beyond the body value.
At that time, at about 11: 3 pm, Boss Kang walked on the stage again.
"Let’s be quiet. It’s our turn to have a heavy auction. Is it me? The last auction of this auction. Please ask our etiquette lady to bring our first auction."
As soon as Boss Kang finished speaking, he saw four beautiful female players carrying a box.
When the box was carried to the auction table, Boss Kang lifted the box cover directly.
When the box was hit, a colorful light shone from the box.
Boss Kang pointed to the contents of this box and said with a smile, "There are 37 gems in this box. We will sell all these gems to a buyer at one time. The bottom price of this box of gems is now officially bidding in 1 yuan!"
There was no movement until this box of gems was lit up, and the minds of those big organizations were not calm, and this box of gems was just what boss Kang specially prepared for these big people.
"fifteen thousand!" The first bid was Feng Lei, the boss of Changfeng, but Feng Lei shouted out the price, but it was not very high, which reflected his stingy characteristics.
"Ha, ha, ha, ha, who am I talking about? It turned out to be the boss of fenglei, but it’s not surprising!" The white wolf behind fenglei inclined sneered at fenglei.
"You …" fenglei turned his head mercilessly stared at the white wolf.
"I’ll pay 50 thousand!" Sitting next to fenglei, Niu Mowang didn’t pay attention to the quarrel between the two men and directly raised his hand to lift the price.
"A hundred thousand!" Seeing that Niu Mowang was still bickering with fenglei before bidding, the white wolf also bid.
"Three hundred thousand!" Peony, the boss of Baihua, also came here
Niu Mowang glanced at Peony and Peony smiled back at Niu Mowang.
"Three hundred and ten thousand!" 300 thousand is not low, but it has always been stingy, but it still calls for a higher price
Changfeng has been hit hard in the game recently. First, the majesty of the overlord in Beizhou was provoked by a new team; Then all continents and organizations succeeded in taking the main line, but Beizhou missed this opportunity because of the wind and thunder; These are all good to say. What depresses Changfeng most is that some small and medium-sized organizations have come to Beizhou to try to get a piece of the action here.
At the same time, because of Changfeng’s recent events, many players in the organization have taken the initiative to leave Changfeng, so going to Changfeng will automatically dissolve sooner or later.
This time, fenglei wanted to show his brothers in his organization the auction certificate and let them know that his boss is not a stingy person, and there is still a bright future.
"Four hundred thousand!" The white wolf went straight to the price again.
"four hundred and fifty thousand!" Feng Lei is completely crazy to shout such a high price directly.
After fenglei shouted out the sky-high price of 400,000 yuan, everyone stopped quoting. This time, the quotation is just a performance to show the strength of the guild. You know, the actual price of these gems is the highest, which is 100,000 yuan. Now the price has gone crazy. If you really buy it, it will be really uneconomical.
In fact, peony 300 thousand is already a bottom line, but it took a storm to show its guild strength and added 10 thousand
However, it was his line that made the white wolf see the clue that the white wolf would top the price by 400 thousand. At that time, the white wolf had already planned it, but he would give up whatever the price was once.
The end result is that fenglei successfully captured the 37 gems, but was severely pitted by the white wolf.
The second blockbuster auction was a class 3 blue sword.
Fast (blue) attack 266359
Attack speed+2
Additional Attribute 1 Agile+7
2 Strength+5
3 The attacked person has a 5% chance to enter a state of paralysis for 2 seconds.
4 Each attack comes with an additional lightning damage of 1 point.
Equipment Mosaic Hole Quantity 2 (Not Mosaic)
Equipment level 2 to 3
This weapon’s attack power is acceptable, but this sword has an ultra-fast attack speed, which is a very important attribute for the warrior’s second branch swordsman. In addition, this sword also comes with paralysis attribute and thunder extra damage, which are also very important attributes, so this sword is definitely a minimum.
At that time, this sword was shown by the boss of the North Wolf, the White Wolf. A swordsman, the White Wolf, took a fancy to this sword at a glance. Finally, after some fierce competition, this sword was taken by the White Wolf at a high price of 110,000 yuan.
The third thing is a bottle of yellow liquid, which is called "N concentrated preparation"
It is estimated that no one knows its power better than Gao Jean and Grandet. Before that, the bottle dropped in the cave of mourning and Grandet regretted dying, but now another bottle appeared in front of him.
In fact, the seller of this bottle of preparation didn’t know its power, but after seeing the goblin, he felt that this thing must be not simple, so he sold it directly to Kang boss at 2 yuan price.
Boss Kang also doesn’t know the power of this thing, but he still brought this bottle of preparation to the finale auction, which is not enough, but also an attempt to blackmail the suckers.
However, when Boss Kang announced the properties of this bottle of preparation, most people lost their interest in this bottle of preparation. After all, the specific power did not say that it was a disposable thing, and no one would risk buying such a bottle.
Boss Kang’s reserve price for this bottle of preparation is 1 yuan, but I haven’t seen anyone bid in the past five minutes, and it’s about to be auctioned off.
At this time, Grandet crocodile tears said, "What the hell! Take this shit out of cheat people, too. We have to be extremely equipped when it’s not raining. Let’s go out of 11 yuan and shoot this shit and get on with it! "
Everyone followed suit, and no one doubted that Grandet shot the yellow liquid when Grandet was an impatient sucker who didn’t want waves.
In the end, this bottle of N concentrated preparation was sold to Grandet at a loss.
After getting this bottle of preparation, Gao Rang and Grandet were about to shout out their excitement, but they still held back the excitement.
Chapter seventy Auction scheming
After that bottle of N concentrated preparation with some cold spots just now, Boss Kang specially arranged something that could arouse everyone’s interest.