Yeah, it’s time to prepare for the wedding

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Yan Xiaosu is lying in bed exhausted. Oh, my God, it’s so troublesome to hold a wedding.
The water in the bedroom is constantly flowing, and he is still idle. As soon as he comes back, he will take a shower and say that he will have fun with her.
"Wow-"bathroom door was opened, and Mo Ling was still surrounded by a bath towel. He was very seductive just after taking a shower.
"Wife, you can take a shower." Mo Ling went to the bed and looked at Yan Xiaosu with evil spirits, but he didn’t mean to help her.
"Well," Yan Xiaosu was so sleepy that he almost fell asleep.
"Why? Not going? Do you want your husband to help you wash it? " Yan Xiaosu jumped out of bed and rushed into the bathroom as soon as she heard Mo Ling he’s words.
"Wow-"The water rings. bathroom door, because it is glass, what you can see inside is of course the outline.
Mo Ling looked at Yan Xiaosu’s graceful figure and couldn’t help but face a tight face. This dead woman doesn’t know how to put Bula! This is not a pure heart to seduce him! Be sure to teach her a lesson when she comes out!
What took you so long? Ink ling he frown is tight.
Finally, I couldn’t help it. Mo Ling opened the bathroom door handle directly and didn’t react. Yan Xiaosu held it out of the bathroom. Yan Xiaosu was one leng. Mom, this guy won’t be bestial!
Mo Ling pressed a cabinet button to brighten the room, which was a lot darker at the moment, creating an atmosphere.
Mo Ling put Yan Xiaosu on the bed and surrounded himself with a bath towel, but Yan Xiaosu’s bare eyes made people’s blood spurt.
"What are you doing?" Yan xiaosu asked warily, she is not afraid of being seen out. It is always a matter of time, but it is still a little shy.
"It is of course necessary to do something that should be done."
Mo Ling grabbed Yan Xiaosu’s lips with one hand and Yan Xiaosu’s lips stuck together, sucking crazily.
Mo Ling’s passionate kiss landed on every part of Yan Xiaosu’s face, neck, chest and belly.
Mo Ling squinted at Yan Xiaosu, but looked up at Yan Xiaosu shyly.
"but?" Mo Ling rubbed his hand over his face gently.
"I, I, I-I’m afraid of pain" Yan Xiaosu’s expression was very koo.
Mo Ling Yue has an evil smile: "My husband will be gentle."
Say that finish one hand on Yan Xiaosu chest gently knead and body.
"ouch! Mo Ling, you lie! " Body pain made Yan Xiaosu cry out, clutching Mo Ling’s arm tightly.
The two bodies are lingering together and sometimes groan. This night is doomed to be a sleepless night.
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Taoist Entertainment in South Korea
God is a grain of dust.
Chapter 1 Zhang Chengyuan
My head is groggy, and I feel that there are several sounds echoing in my ears, and several images are floating around in my head, which makes Xiao Yuangen clear his mind. But after a while, Xiao Yuan fell asleep, and I don’t know how long it took before he finally woke up. Suddenly, he found that there were many memories in his mind that he had never experienced before, but they were so familiar as if he were born. At that time, he felt at a loss and couldn’t tell who he really was.
Is it Xiao Yuan, the younger brother of Wangwu Mountain, the first cave in China, or Zhang Chengyuan, an ordinary high school student in the old district of Hancheng Special City, Republic of Korea? Wait, what country is the Republic of Korea? What is the status of high school students? These appellations are both familiar and unfamiliar.
Xiao Yuanzheng was thinking about his head and suddenly felt that it was about to burst. It seemed that something poured out from the depths of his mind and told him what kind of country South Korea was and what high school students were like. By the way, even Zhang Chengyuan’s many experiences emerged one by one.
Zhang Chengyuan was born in a small country in the south of the Korean peninsula in April 1983, which is called the Republic of Korea in his memory. At the age of nine, his mother was seriously ill and his father Zhang Donghu dragged him up by himself.
From the memory in my brain, I know that this year was the end of June when Zhang Chengyuan was unconscious in 1998. According to the Korean algorithm, he was born before March and barely counted as eight years. Now he is 17 years old in nominal age, and he is still a freshman in colleges and universities (equivalent to the first year of high school in China)
When Zhang Chengyuan was in primary school, because he didn’t have a mother to care for his father, he was always on a business trip and never even went to a parent-teacher meeting. He was also a parent, and zhèngfǔ helped raise orphans, which made him bully him. Zhang Chengyuan couldn’t resist every meal, and he was often played to cry. He even complained for a long time, and he developed a withdrawn, cowardly and taciturn person. Until he was in a coma, he was often blackmailed to spend money by students in the same school, but he didn’t dare to be miserable.