A warm smile is a cold smile. "Excuse me, are you …"

Meng Qingyao is not annoyed with her attitude. She has a good temper and says, "I am Meng Qingyao."
"Oh, it’s Miss Meng." At this time, pretending that you don’t know her seems ignorant, but she can still "Did we know each other before?"
Don’t people who haven’t even said anything just sit here and don’t know what is annoying?
Meng Qingyao’s face is stiff with a smile. She has never been treated like this again. Even the ladies in the imperial city are very polite and warm when they see her. Cold words, sarcastic words, she recruited her and provoked her?
Meng Guanlou has also been sitting opposite and heard the words. In the past, "Miss Wen is really forgetful. We saw it every day when we watched the game in Beicheng."
Meng Qingyao also buffered at the moment and chimed in with a smile. "Yes, we didn’t know that Miss Wen was a female hero when you were playing with others …"
She was feeling good about herself when she was suddenly interrupted by longing, indifference and impatience. "What are you doing here?"
Meng Qingyao choked and secretly twisted his heart. Why did he do this to himself? Being warm but tender and affectionate seems to melt people. Is she beautiful enough? Is she worse than warm? Her status, status and potential are all high and warm, but he doesn’t have himself in his eyes. Not only does he not have it now, but he doesn’t care about people. This makes her self-esteem and pride bear the gaze of longing and resentment for a while.
Warm and natural, I didn’t miss her eyes. I couldn’t help but frown. Is this to see her man? Dumped Wen Run? A cruel person like Wen Run won’t be willing to be used as a chess player. It’s really …
Meng Guanlou seems to clap Meng Qingyao’s hand at will. Meng Qingyao suddenly wakes up and squeezes out a forced smile. "After all, I have seen it in Beicheng and now I see it naturally. I want to come and say hello …"
Once again, I don’t want to interrupt my face. "We don’t need to be unfamiliar!"
Meng Qingyao bit his lip "God and do you have any misunderstanding for us? Brother and I really come with good intentions, and you will keep people away? "
Section 57
"Because I don’t like the Meng family, I don’t like any of them."
Such direct words made Meng Qingyao finally change her face. Some can’t believe it, but more she became angry from embarrassment. If she didn’t still need to maintain the image of a lady, she would like to scold her for being shameless!
Even if it’s as deep as Meng Guanlou, it’s frowning lightly. Looking at the fascinating sight, it’s complicated and sharp. "It seems that God really misunderstood my Meng family."
Enthusiastic cold hum "it seems that Meng’s mineral destruction is not severe enough to let you have this kind of leisure to find a sense of being in the imperial city."
I heard that Meng Qingyao clipped her beautiful nails and suddenly picked them up, while Meng Guanlou’s eyes shrank and her voice sank with regret. "It seems that we have never met each other."
"Thank you for finally reaching such a consensus." It is self-evident to end up with a cup in front of you.
Meng Guanlou didn’t immediately move for a moment and suddenly laughed. "Thinking about catching up with the two people forgot the business." He looked at the bottom of the warm eyes and flashed a refreshing light. "Someone wants to invite Miss Wen to go to the building for a chat."
This is fascinating. Holding a warm hand, I don’t hesitate to refuse "My warm son didn’t come if the other party wanted to invite him."
Meng Qingyao also don’t know at the moment is dead or how to drip before the folding of the longing that idea smile replied, "you when who are you? Who can be appointed to condescend to see you? Here is the imperial city is the foot of the day, not Huadu. Anyone who carries it out can overwhelm you … "
Glancing at her with longing and contempt, "so what? They regard themselves as characters, but they don’t warm a hair in my eyes. "
"You …" Meng Qingyao is really annoyed or jealous. What is this? He ignored her and stepped into the dust again and again. Even if she moved out of those people now, he was still indifferent and said that he didn’t warm a hair. Hehe, did he want to spoil her more?
Meng Guanlou didn’t let her say the next words. Anger would say a lot. I shouldn’t say that he patted her arm and took over the topic. "God is so affectionate to Miss Wen that it is enviable, but if you go out, you are afraid that it will make people unhappy. If you want to be more complicated, you will help her pull hatred."
The longing eyes narrowed and warmed, and the words passed away and said, "I don’t care."
Meng Guanlou smiled. "Miss Wen doesn’t care, of course, but there is always something that people can’t help but do everything, right?"
Warm eyebrows "Where?"
Meng Guanlou is easy. "I think it’s better for Miss Wen to meet her. After all, it’s better to make one more friend than one more enemy, right? Besides, isn’t Miss Wen curious who invited you? "
"Oh, which noble woman or young master is it?" Warm and casual to ask.
"Miss Wen will know when she goes?"
"How do I know if it’s a trap waiting for me?"
"Ha ha ha ….." Meng Guanlou laughed and asked with some provocation, "Is Miss Wen afraid?"
Warm sneer "I’m not afraid, but I’m not just a little white rabbit cheated by you in a few words. I’m sorry for my brother and holiness."
"oh? How do you say this? " Meng Guanlou curious to ask
Warm Gherardini said, "They are as thoughtful as you. I have a little brain near Zhu Zhechi."
Meng Guanlou Zheng and then the corners of his mouth smoked "Thank you for your praise"
"Ha ha!"
Meng Guanlou touched the nose and finally felt a bit embarrassed at the moment. "That Miss Wen won’t go? It seems that I want to have a negative family … "
Warm suddenly said, "Who said I wouldn’t go?"
"Huh?" Meng Guanlou accidentally raised an eyebrow. "You just said …"
Warm and meaningful smile "Just now, now, now. Besides, I just said I wouldn’t be cheated. Are you cheating me into the dragon’s den?"
Meng Guanlou was attacked by an army. No matter how he responded, he would be caught. If he lied to her, then he was ill-intentioned. If he didn’t lie to those people in Kelou … How dare he assure them that it’s not a deep end?
Besides, he was convinced that there was something wrong with those people calling her to go.
This is forcing him to join the water. This warmth is really …
After half a ring, he evaded the importance and said softly, "So Miss Wen is really going?"
Warm nodded
Meng Guanlou exhaled, "Well, I’m willing to lay down my life to accompany you."
In this way, it will be untenable for outsiders to blame him no matter what happens to her. After all, if he accompanied her, shouldn’t he hide far away?
Warm was about to refuse, but someone was one step ahead of her. "Don’t bother Meng without me to accompany her."
A few people are surprised to smell the past. When will this man come over?
Weeks are not cold and cold. After staring at the Meng Guanlou, the line of sight falls on the warm body. It is difficult to see it. She never finds fault with the first few waves, but this Uber is to look at her and she can’t sit still.
What surprised her was that she didn’t say anything at the moment.
Meng Guanlou’s brother and sister were amazed and soon got up. No one in the Imperial Capital dared not give Zhou a cold face. "It turned out that Zhou Gong had heard a lot about you!"
Meng Guanlou’s mouth was very polite and he held out his hand with some disguised terms.
Zhou Hanhan didn’t seem to see the embarrassment, but everyone around him felt a little overwhelmed. Zhong Hanlin followed him and touched his nose and coughed.
Meng Guanlou is also strong in his heart, and a sharp face flashed in his eyes, but he smiled just right. After taking back his hand, he was supercilious and said, "Is it serious that Duke Zhou just said he would take Miss Wen to the building?"
Zhou Hanhan snorted. "Naturally, I am also very curious about who wants to see her. I have to hide in my room if I don’t come by myself. I hate mystifying and shady things in my life."
If you listen to this simple-minded, you will feel that people are venting their emotions, but for those who are deep or guilty, you will think a lot of information, and it will make people feel scared.
Meng Guanlou laughed stiffly and made his body "so it’s hard for the Duke of Zhou."
Zhou Buleng smiled and said, "Do you need to say that it is hard for me to take her?"