Zuo Tangtang took one look at the "poor old Wang" and insisted on the principle of "if you can let him lie down for a while, you will never let him get up before". Then he dawdled and sat down. Finally, he dawdled and chose to save the other party.

Nine days later, I thought, yes, soy sauce really didn’t care about his death. When I was in a hurry to put out the fire and fight with my friends, when I saw the bad news of my boss on my screen, they continued to do a favor and put it in a corner casually.
When an incoming message appears
They are not so calm.
After once upon a time in america was rescued in Chengdu for nine days!
What is this? !
The soy sauce makers froze.
Generally speaking, there are three kinds of reports in the news of friends or close friends. One is that the line is not very noticeable in the right corner of everyone’s game interface, and the other is that the news of the player’s death is not only shown in the center of the screen for three times, but also flying pigeons will appear on the right side. Of course, if you die once in a team, there will be an announcement. Finally, it is once upon a time in america who wants to be his own friend to talk about where he has done this helpful thing, and he will watch it again on all his friends’ screens.
There was a time when Zuo Tangtang enjoyed this. Every time she saw someone die, she jumped to save others like Hua Hudie, hoping that her "once upon a time in america" could brush her feelings with someone she cared about. Fortunately, she stopped in the infinite setting that she was going to kill and save others.
But after such a long time, she really didn’t expect it today.
The first reaction of soy sauce makers is that their sisters have gone offline again.
But with their 15 eyes, they can swear that they really didn’t see the announcement.
And they are even more strange when they immediately turn to the list of best friends and find that their sister’s name is still gray.
I didn’t think much about soy sauce, so I threw it away neatly. They had been sticking to the bottle before, and they ran to the map nine days later.
I didn’t know that the entanglement was hanging the infusion bag or bottle. Looking at the direction of soy sauce, I took a breath and secretly decided to "catch the thief first".
When the soy sauce makers were aggressive and a group of green spots on the map hit at a visible speed, they couldn’t help but regret seeing all this for nine days.
Because the notice will not appear on the client’s screen in the process of being rescued and rescued, he completely forgot it, and there is Zuo Tangtang at the same time
Originally, I wanted to play this gang friendship war well and prepare for it after practicing my skills. Therefore, I won’t disclose the news of hooves coming back. At this moment, the plan seems to have been soaked in soup for nine days in an unguarded moment. Although he just got hung up by hanging an infusion bag or bottle, I have to say that hanging an infusion bag or bottle today is in good condition. Why haven’t they held on for a while? Will all this be ruined by their own negligence?
Nine days is full of unwillingness.
He felt that he still had to try to struggle a little.
However, when I saw the map, those green dots were still a long way from his current position, but now they are already going to beat in front of him, and he is about to vomit blood.
Are these goods flying?
Why not see such a fast speed at ordinary times! How now …!
[Private chat] Stewed pig’s trotters … What? Is something wrong?
Nine days after seeing him rescued, Zuo Tangtang was suddenly tossed about.
Seeing Zuo Tangtang asking for nine days, he made a motioning with his hand and was ready to greet him and withdraw with him, but it was slow …
-hey! Where is our sister!
Have come to play soy sauce, watching and helping them just saved, the old man of Wang Gai gang couldn’t help wondering and said to be continued.
[411 Chapter four hundred and twelve Welcome home]
Sometimes some excuses, no matter how convincing, can shake the increasingly strong intuition.
When I was surprised to see the soy sauce makers rushing in with questions, I settled down for nine days and didn’t panic. He knew them very well, and his casual words could fool these people who had always been simple in soy sauce.
However, as soon as the inquiry was finished, he didn’t come to explain anything when he saw the soy sauce people suddenly quiet.
Without saying a word, I quietly turned my attention to Zuo Tangtang, the beggar’s costume.
At this time, in this place, in this crowd …
This suddenly came to silence for nine days without saying a word. He seemed to realize that something had broken ground.
Someone shouted softly on the nearby channel like this.
I don’t know what to do in the face of this sudden turning point. Zuo Tangtang has slightly moved her role, which is different from what she expected. Is she still hesitating to continue for nine days without completing that clumsy lie?
It’s like suddenly Qi Zhanzhan is a different person. Everyone is not as noisy as usual, nor as careless as usual, but slowly approaching and moving with visible caution.
I’m still suspicious, but I’m not sure yet, but they have changed their usual habits, as if they were afraid of disturbing the old beggar who was surrounded by them. They used to admire all kinds of minds and like them.
Actually, I should have guessed it a long time ago, shouldn’t I?
Who can even watch and learn from each other? Every day, they fry steamed bread and practice the chef’s hooves.
Who’s martial arts moves can go beyond the skill of moving flowers to the Palace and also involve the martial arts of the Royal Guards?
It seems that I was definitely determined to infect Zuo Tangtang like nine days, and I also gave up my last bit of awkwardness and resistance to stay where I was and look at the familiar figure around me.
Suddenly a sour nose.
She thought about many, many scenes. Since she was relieved of the bound stone in kelp, she thought about playing soy sauce to show the scene when she came back.
One exception among these ideas is that they welcome her off-line in various ways-this is their characteristic, and this is also her familiar way to make her feel warm in the noise.
But now there is nothing. Not long ago, she met them on the streets of Chengdu, and she didn’t let her do this …
So sad
Do they know that the beggar gang is her?
Zuo Tangtang looked around.
Then why don’t you come and shout "hooves and hooves" like you used to?
A voice in my heart asked her quietly. Zuo Tangtang felt that there was a slight panic in her heart that only she could detect. She didn’t like it and was not used to it. She really hoped that soy sauce would come as usual in a second instead of now …
Finally, in front of Zuo Tangtang, the soy sauce makers shouted a series of names representing different people but representing soy sauce, which appeared in the nearby channels.
There is no "is that you?" "Where are the hooves?" "What is this?" Ask the soy sauce makers to stare at the people in front of them. The answer has never wavered since it came out.
Just as at this moment
-You’re back.
It’s usually uncomfortable to see the word Zuo Tangtang’s eyes are sore and her nose seems to be blocked by something-they know so well that she hasn’t met each other since she said goodbye, and there is no common activity, but whenever they treat her with the mentality of "it doesn’t seem that this happened, it seems that she never left", she used to feel uncomfortable, felt guilty and felt uncomfortable, but in the end, she gradually tended to this illusion, which seems that nothing happened.
She doesn’t want to be such a cruel debunker.