No matter whether Ye Qing likes it or not, Shi Lei directly took his mobile phone and then said to it with great enthusiasm, "It’s Jiang Shao, I’m Gu Ye from Shi Lei, my uncle, and now we’re eating at Jinmao Mansion, and you must know it! Did you not have lunch? Come and eat together. I often hear from Gu Ye that you have been wanting to know you for a long time and have never had a chance. This time, you are in the sea. Let’s meet and meet! "

Jiang Yuhan was not interested in Shi Lei at all because he learned that Gu Gu was also in that place and he wanted to see Ye Qing, so he promised, "We will come right away!" With that, he hung up decisively. He didn’t want to talk nonsense with Shi Lei. He took a taxi with four other team members to Jinmao Building.
Shi Lei was very excited when he hung up. He was familiar with Ye Qing at most this time. Where did he expect to see Jiang Yuhan again? In fact, what he wanted most was Jiang Yuhan. If Ye Qing was not a friend of Jiang Yuhan, then he wouldn’t even show Ye Qing a good face.
When the others heard that Jiang Shao’s face lit up, they really wanted to make friends. Ye Qing couldn’t help but sigh that these people’s faces have become really fast. Just now, they were too enthusiastic about him. Now, when they think that Jiang Yuhan is coming, these people are very excited and don’t talk to Ye Qing very much. They are simply eating slowly and refuse to drink wine. They all want to wait for Jiang Yuhan to drink well.
It didn’t take long for Jiang Yuhan to talk all the way. According to Shi Lei’s oral navigation, he found this luxury bag. When they came in, all eyes in the whole room were fixed on them. Everyone was wondering which one was Master Jiang.
Have seen Jiang Yuhan nodded his head straight at Jiang Yuhan. K and Yan Yue shine like bodyguards on both sides of Ye Qing, and Yu Youhe walk behind. Jiang Yuhan still has some impression on Ye Qing. The main reason is that Ye Qing’s muscles are so conspicuous that Jiang Yuhan recognized them at a glance and went straight to his side and said with a smile, "Sure enough, it’s nothing. You’re a professional player. It’s okay to hurt other places. Don’t hurt your hand."
Ye Qing smiled and was about to speak when Dong Laoer interrupted, "They were just going to break my boss’s finger, just trying to destroy his career!"
Yet a Shi Lei and old gu couldn’t help but feel very embarrassed. Jiang Yu’s cold eyes were a clot, and then he looked at the people here again. "Whose idea was this?" The most precious finger injury of our professional players can’t be worse, it’s simply too much! "
Shi Lei saw that Jiang Yuhan seemed to be angry. He deeply knew the energy behind Jiang Yuhan. Although Jiang Yuhan’s father was not born by Jiang’s wife, he was a Jiang family after all, and recently he was more and more loved by Jiang’s Xin Jiang Yuhan.
If Jiang Yuhan wants to deal with Shi Lei, it is estimated that even his relative in the central government can’t protect him. He is deeply afraid. He thought that his idea at that time was not to break a leaf and tilt a finger. He wanted to clean up harder. The broken finger was Gu Ye’s idea, so he kept silent and refused to admit it.
Gu Gu was very embarrassed. The once famous beach Gu Ye seemed a little confused in front of Jiang Yuhan. It took a long time to say, "It was my idea. I didn’t know that he was with you and me …"
Before he finished his words, he suddenly heard Ye Qing rushing to say, "Gu Ye actually helped me. At that time, I would have been made worse. Gu Ye said that breaking one of my fingers was a light punishment, so don’t blame him!"
Jiang Yuhan didn’t expect it to be an old-fashioned idea. Now it’s Chu Yunmeng’s confidant, which is also considered by his elders. He really can’t get angry and sighed, "Old Gu’s broken fingers are a little too hard. It’s still necessary to be reasonable in dealing with this kind of thing. There is no need to make it so serious."
Old Gu nodded hurriedly and said, "Well, I know I really did something wrong this time, Brother Ye. I have to formally apologize to you!"
Ye Qing was suddenly flattered and busy. "Gu Ye, you broke me!"
Shi Lei lost no time in interjecting, "Jiang Shao, sit down first and let’s talk about it, and your friends also sit down."
Jiang Yuhan nodded, and then took a chair to K and Yan Yue, and others were seated one after another. This big table was full.
Ye Qing actually worships K the most because he plays ak47k or ak47. He is very excited when he sees K seated. He first thanked Jiang Yuhan and then went directly to K. He is very respectful. "I also play ak. I propose a toast to you. I hope you can give me some advice!"
K didn’t know Ye Qing, but he thought he was a friend of Jiang Yuhan’s, and Jiang Yuhan paid more attention to coming in person to make sure he was all right. K touched a cup with Ye Qing and said, "This is no problem. Let’s have a chat after dinner!"
He is a person who is not good at expressing himself. Usually, he seems to be cold. It is good to talk to Ye Qing. Jiang Yuhan laughed. "K This is a potential ak machine gunner. You should give more advice. Maybe you will achieve something in the future!"
In fact, Jiang Yuhan didn’t pay much attention to the game of Ye Qing, but later he heard that the story of Lao Yu lost to the I club, so he remembered that Ye Qing was the I club, so he became interested in Ye Qing. After all, a team like them was able to beat the story of Lao Yu, and he also specifically asked one of the professional players about the story of Lao Yu. The professional player had a good personal relationship with him. After all, he had many contacts in a circle.
The player told Jiang Yuhan that the ak machine gunner was very sharp, and they were defeated because the ak machine gunner almost defeated them by himself, which shocked Jiang Yuhan so much that he said this to K.
Chapter 324 Shi Leixue CF
K has no interest in accepting apprentices and instructing others. At the beginning, if Jiang Yuhan strongly urged him, he probably wouldn’t have accepted Zhou Wei as an apprentice. But now that his career has reached the end, he has gradually become interested in talented and modest players. He also intends to give his experience in playing ak to talented players, even if he doesn’t have a mentoring name, others will always remember him.
Jiang Yu’s cold words made K also interested. He quickly said to Ye Qing, "Our captain values you so much that you really have great potential. Well, after dinner, let’s leave a message and go back to Chengdu, we’ll meet again sometime and then communicate together."
K was very modest. He didn’t say pointing to Ye Qing, but said that Yuzryha Qing was very fond of communication. He nodded quickly and said, "Well, let’s eat first!"
Ye Qing walked back to his position. Jiang Yuhan introduced him to Yanyue and Shining, all of whom are famous stars in the F world. Ye Qing, of course, admired and respected them very much, so he offered them a cup in turn. He felt a little drunk when he came here.
Jiang Yuhan, they had to play a game in the afternoon, and they all drank drinks. When they were eating, Jiang Yuhan talked with Ye Qing and others very speculatively, saying that it was all about F. Chen Han and others wanted to make friends with Jiang Yuhan, but they tried hard to get in a word, but they couldn’t get in Jiang Yuhan. They said things, but they didn’t know how to stare and finally poured their own drinks bitterly.
Shi Lei is also very depressed, very not easy to expect Jiang Yuhan, but he doesn’t even have a chance to befriend Jiang Yuhan, and he can’t say what people don’t even care about Gu Ye.
Ye Qing felt that they had been chatting so enthusiastically and ignored Shi Lei. They were a little sorry. He also often turned his head to say a few words to Shi Lei. Generally speaking, the most harmonious atmosphere was that the rest of the people in the F world simply had to eat and drink.
After the meal, Hou Jiang got up and thanked him and was ready to leave. They had a game in the afternoon and naturally had to go back to his roots. No matter who paid for the meal or who treated him, there was an old gu who would handle it and leave if there was anything.
Shi Lei wanted to keep Jiang Yuhan drinking tea with him, but he was refused by Jiang Yuhan in one bite. Shi Lei couldn’t understand how Jiang Yuhan’s family could play games. He was also very obsessed with it. He couldn’t help but develop a research. If you want to befriend Jiang Yuhan, you must have a common topic. Maybe playing F is a shortcut.
Ye Qing followed Jiang Yuhan all the way to prepare to send them to the building. Shi Lei naturally won’t miss such an opportunity to be attentive. He immediately followed Jiang Yuhan enthusiastically. "Jiang Shao, actually, I am very interested in F. Please give me some advice!"
Jiang Yuhan looked at Shi Lei in some surprise, and introduced him through Gu Gu. He knew that this guy was actually a dude, and his face was bruised and looked a little comedy. He didn’t guess, but he knew that the person who was beaten by Ye Qing was this guy.
After eating a meal, he couldn’t treat people with a cold face, so he nodded and said, "Well, if you are really interested, let’s learn from each other another day."
Shi Lei smell speech suddenly excited, "well, call me when you finish the game, and then we’ll learn from each other."
Jiang Yuhan and others arrived at the back of the building. Shi Lei specially arranged a car to send them. Jiang Yuhan didn’t refuse to greet K and Yan Yue. Che Ye Qing and K have left messages for each other to get back to Chengdu and then connect again.
Jiang Yuhan poked his head out of the window and looked at Ye Qing. "After you go back, you will be an excellent ak machine gunner in the future, and with K as your escort, your ak marksmanship will definitely rise quite fast!"
Ye Qing smell speech can’t help but his eyes are red. He is so touched. In fact, he was not familiar with Jiang Yuhan before. Even ordinary friends are not only Jiang Yuhan, but they are so dedicated to helping him and don’t ask for anything in return.
He nodded quickly and was grateful. "Thank you, Brother Han, I will definitely train well!"
Jiang Yuhan smiled and then said to Gu Gu, "Gu, you have to look after my friends when they are at sea. Don’t let them be wronged or I won’t buy you a drink when I go back to Chengdu!"
Old Gu burst out laughing. "Don’t worry, I don’t care if they are missing a hair. No one can move them in this place! If you don’t buy me a drink when you return to Chengdu, I’ll buy you a drink! "
"That’s fine. I’ll go first and get together again!" Jiang Yuhan waved at the crowd and started the car. The crowd watched and slowly left the Jinmao Building and disappeared into the street.
After Jiang Yuhan left, Ye Qing became the object of everyone’s attention. Chen Han and others warmly invited Ye Qing to have afternoon tea together, but Ye Qing refused. He said that he wanted to go back to the hotel to have a rest. Chen Han and others asked if he wanted to change to a better hotel.
Ye Qing rejected Chen Han’s kindness. He really didn’t want to make a pretense to deal with these people. It was too tired. He liked to make friends with people who were simpler, just like Jiang Yuhan. There was no talent and they were sincere to each other.