Is this world illusory?

Is there a magical fruit called polite fruit in this Jianghu? How can it be polite to say hello to each other after eating?
Forgive an anime for messing with the facts in Zuo Tangtang’s head. She is already in a state of chaos at the moment.
[Nearby] A glass of cold white. Well, it’s strange recently
A person’s speech instantly attracted Zuo Tangtang’s attention and hurriedly went to find the figure. Zuo Tangtang’s heart was full of excitement at this time.
Sure enough, I feel strange. Isn’t she alone?
Does anyone hold her opinion in this messy atmosphere?
A few flying Zuo Tangtang found this figure called a cool white man, but Zuo Tangtang stopped and wait for a while watched.
Why is this man also a gang executive? And that sentence didn’t seem to be talking to herself like her, but to others?
[Nearby] What’s wrong with a cup of iced black tea? White?
Zuo Tangtang also watched the figure closely. Although she was paying attention to what this person would say, she still felt a strange familiarity in her heart, as if she had heard that this gang should be called throwing you a cup.
Zuo Tangtang got a little closer.
[Nearby] A glass of cold white. Look, there has been no fight these days. Why are the prices of these workshops at the entrance of Yizhuang, Suzhou still rising?
[Nearby] A glass of fresh milk is not just now. I think the price of ordinary materials in Suzhou has nearly doubled.
[Nearby] Doubling the amount of this silver is what I call it, but I’m just annoyed that the price of these most basic things has gone up.
Zuo Tangtang …
I went to Zuo Tangtang to curse-what did she want these people to say? How do you talk about the price increase of equipment and materials? I was just about to leave grumpily. Suddenly talking alone stopped not only the "throwing you a cup" but also Zuo Tangtang.
[Nearby] Kiss Jelly This is not a cup. How did you come to Suzhou?
This tone is hospitable.
Zuo Tangtang’s eyes widened.
Before, she was always brought into trouble by the soy sauce people, and she had an unprecedented understanding of all the people’s gangs. I can’t say that I know more than the self-proclaimed Jianghu little creature, but at least I know better than any Jianghu person.
This "Kiss" family obviously has a problem with the "One Cup" gang!
She still remembers playing soy sauce and telling her that the pro-family was very gloating. Unexpectedly, it was not very lucky that day, and she got lost and went to the cliff. She was worried about what to change. When Lu An arrived, she was pulled to death by a gang, The Machine serial hand and other control skills, and she died alive. It was hard to grab the page and get a drink cheaper.
At that time, the pro-Qin family swore to the death that they would never forget that day, and they would definitely retaliate severely.
And now …
Recalling here, Zuo Tangtang couldn’t help but look to the people who asked each other.
[Nearby] Kissing Jelly Nodding/Oh really
[Nearby] Kissing Jelly These days, not only Suzhou, Chengdu, Yanjing and Luoyang, but also Qiandeng Town, where there are not many people, prices have also risen.
[Nearby] A glass of cool white shook his head/and said that the recent light washing property! I got a new pile of jade equipment, but I don’t care about the price increase, but my heart is so uncomfortable
[Nearby] A glass of cold white is washed for life. Well, I’ll take a look again in a few days. Anyway, I’m not in a hurry.
As he said, he was ready to say goodbye and kiss Jelly but stopped him.
[Nearby] Kiss Jelly and have a cup of help. Wait, do you need a tailor now?
[Nearby] A cold white tailor?
Cool white is a thief in the same place. Zuo Tangtang is probably checking his own equipment attribute points.
[Nearby] A glass of cold white melancholy/Well, I just saw that leggings and hats need tailor’s light.