"You don’t know something, young man. Don’t look at the number of people in our village. There are 100 people, but they are all deputy combat professionals. They have consumed almost the same amount in several battles against them. Now there are several combat professionals who have lost their roots and they can’t afford it!" The village chief Moth Kalnai explained.

"Oh, that’s right! So you didn’t invite foreign aid? You can also post it. I believe someone will help you! " I don’t understand how these np’s think that they can’t report themselves. It can also be released. Now the player’s level may not be independent, but the group is still very popular. The same player knows that players are crazy, no matter how powerful their opponents are, they will drown their enemies with sea tactics. Of course, you have to pay to make everyone crazy before.
"Ha ha, young man, I would have thought about it. Are you players smart? I have reported it to the authorities many times, but they sent an army to encircle it when they couldn’t reply, but those cunning thieves disappeared long ago when they saw the arrival of the big brigade, and disappeared for a while. When the big brigade left, they became rampant and intensified, which made us indigenous people miserable
Can the government send more people to the ground to deal with it on its own? But how can we, the deputy officers, be the bandits’ opponents? As a result, we suffered heavy losses. If it weren’t for the fate of the village base when we retreated, it would be easy to talk about it! This remote place is inaccessible, where there will be a large number of players coming, even if there is no good appreciation, no one will answer it. Isn’t that equal? "The village chief Moscar’s old face gave me a weak smile, which seemed so nai and helped me think of those who died in the heroic spirit. His heart was more painful than knowing that there was his favorite son Lin Laolai who sent black hair in vain.
"Did you publish it?" Hearing this, bare and infatuated look at each other like a dream. The clever little girl doesn’t know what happened. Her face turned red and she spat out her tongue. She gave this difficult problem to bare for consideration, as if it had nothing to do with her. Why do you ask me?
Seeing that girl is so witty and bare, she gave a wry smile and turned to look at her still grieving. Moskar felt that there was a problem here, which should be an opportunity. It seems that this is also an opportunity. Let’s continue to ask if we can do it conveniently. It seems that it hasn’t been done abroad. Do you know if we can pick it up?
The village chief remembered for a long time before he came to his senses. It’s getting late. I’m afraid I won’t rush if I don’t evacuate quickly. Some people are absent-minded and casually replied, "I released it, but I haven’t seen anyone pick it up yet. Now the player level is too low. You know these thieves are all in the level. It’s not that I despise you players. It’s no different from dying!"
"That’s not necessarily true. There are always people who are not afraid of death who will pick you up. Don’t you think players will pick you up!" Bare, sly smiled and said that he ignored Miskar’s contemptuous attitude and easily expressed his will at will.
The village chief Miskar turned around and looked around strangely, but he didn’t see any players coming. He couldn’t help but be angry and blamed, "I said that when is the time for young people and I am still in the mood to abuse the old man? You should know that it is already on fire, so hurry up and get ready to evacuate!"
It seems that although these np’s IQ is not low, the village chief didn’t turn around for a while, but he still said that there were other players coming to pick them up. Finally, the disappointed expression was self-evident. "Hehe, I dare to cheat Lao Zhang. I said that the player is us. Aren’t we players?" Bare, no matter what the village chief’s expression is, I haven’t done it for a long time. I feel a little itchy and even crazier. It’s even better to practice my hands. What’s worse, there are rewards. Although I don’t know what the rewards are, it’s better than nothing. Bare also wants to inquire about a national border, but np doesn’t seem to be in the mood to help him answer them!
"You? Just the two of you? " The village chief looked at bare in disbelief and wondered if these two people were making fun of themselves, so he wouldn’t be white. Are players really not afraid of death? Even if he is killed, he doesn’t believe that these two people can solve the crisis in Tianmeng Luolin Village.
"Yes, it’s the two of us. We decided to pick this up. I don’t know if it’s acceptable because I’m a foreign player!" Bare said it seriously, but it was casual. The lazy expression didn’t change. But mosca also observed and couldn’t see through the depth of this person. He always felt that the pressure in his heart made him feel breathless and a little unbelievable
I haven’t felt this kind of pressure for a long time. It was only when I met Wang that I felt strange, but how could this momentum appear in him! It shouldn’t be. Is he really different? Maybe it’s worth a try. Moskar got rid of the doubts in his head.
"Are you sure you want to take this? You must know that this is not a joke or you should think it over. If not, don’t force it! " Moskar worried for a while and looked at bare. Although he wanted someone to help him and others through the difficulties, he was kind-hearted and could not help but persuade him.
"Well, we decided to take this, but we don’t know how to finish it?" Moskal’s kindness made bare very moved. I didn’t expect an np to have such a kind heart, unlike those guys who have calculated themselves in China, who have no sympathy at all and hate and despise them in their hearts
Infatuated dream is to keep looking at bare’s laziness. He doesn’t move and attracts her. Even bare didn’t pay much attention to the conversation with the village chief Moskal. Even if she did, she wouldn’t express any opinions. Along the way, she has a heart for the man in front of her, and he will never object to everything.
"alas! Since you insist so much, that’s fine! " The village chief sighed and decided to officially release the sigh. Just after the fall, the tone also came.
"The player’s language is infatuated with the wind like a dream. Please note that Moskar, the head of Tianmeng Luolin Village, released the team’s’ Rescue the crisis in Tianmeng Luolin Village’ to you. Do you accept it?"
Chapter 37 National Border Gate (5) Momentum
"alas! Since you insist so much, that’s fine! " The village chief sighed and decided to officially release the sigh. Just after the fall, the tone also came.
"The player’s language is infatuated with the wind like a dream. Please note that Moskar, the head of Tianmeng Luolin Village, released the team’s’ Rescue the crisis in Tianmeng Luolin Village’ to you. Would you like to pick it up?"
"accept!" After listening and listening, it is said that Xiao Ran readily accepted it. After typing the column, he scanned it and introduced the details without bidding. What is the reward? Although I was a little confused in my heart, I didn’t pay much attention to it with a playful attitude
"alas! Now that you have accepted the entrustment, I can also deliver the fate of the village in your hands. I hope we won’t be disappointed. "If it weren’t for the unified regulations, once the residents are accepted by the players, that is, all the residents of Tianmeng Luolin Village can’t refuse or transfer, then the village chief won’t do it!
To tell the truth, he is very pessimistic about Bare’s infatuation. Neither of them believes that they can shoulder such a difficult task, but there is no way for the Lord God to arrange him as a low-level figure. How can he resist Nai’s eyes and let go and say, "Don’t pack up. Today, outsiders will pick us up and release us. Let’s go home and wait for the enemy to arrive!"
Pause seems to remind me of something, and then shouted, "Adults, women and children should go to the underground shelter for a while to take shelter from the fighting team members for a while. Let’s discuss how to defend against the enemy and see if we can be busy."
Moskal knows that I’m afraid it’s doomed this time, but he has to listen to his destiny. He is also able to face fierce thieves and robbers. He doesn’t see any hope of winning. He can’t hide and run, but he can be silly and wait for death. In fact, in his eyes, this is no different from waiting for death. This is also the reason why he doesn’t want to publish anything, and he is afraid that he doesn’t know the depth and recklessness will harm everyone.
The house leaks every day, even the rainy night is afraid of something, but the more I worry about it, the more it happens. Today, these two guys who don’t know the depth can lay down their lives. I thought of this and sighed. I don’t know how to add up several np’s, and there are less than six people. Plus, the village head looks at it in bare eyes. These np grades are not very high. The highest one is the village head Moskal, and the rest are 77 to 75.
The equipment is not very good, but it is usually blue and green. It’s no wonder that they have been defeated repeatedly. It would be a miracle if they can do those thieves who are equipped together. Don’t say that the village chief really has some command talents to arrange those people in an orderly way. Although he is understaffed, he can arrange them in a watertight way. If he can’t resist it, even if the command is good, it will be destroyed.
Seeing this, Bare can’t help but interrupt and still command and defend the village chief. "I said, don’t be busy with the village chief. I think it’s better that you and the captain of the guard leave the remaining four people to evacuate to the shelter. First, in case of any accident on this side, they can also protect those women and children from breaking through to reduce some losses. When the thieves and robbers come, I will come forward to fight the enemy, and you and my friends will be on the sidelines to prevent them from escaping."
Bare to plan these np department hide here to him to deal with it, but seeing their serious appearance changed their previous idea to leave the village head and the captain of the guard one. It is relatively good for these two people to have the highest level of equipment, and maybe they can really help a little.
The Moscar heard bare say this with disbelief and looked at him in surprise and said, "What did you say? Say it again, am I old and hard of hearing? You want to deal with that couple alone? Can you do it? " Mouth to say so in the mind is secretly blame bare, "hum little guy you those thieves are paper? It’ s a murder, but it’ s not very eye-catching. The devil actually wants to deal with it alone. What else does he say to prevent people from escaping? It’ s simply incomprehensible. "
No matter how you look at this player, it’s not an enemy, but why is he so confident? The tangled village chief can’t figure out where Xiao Ran’s confidence comes from. "Yes, I went to the enemy alone before. If I can’t, you will be fine!" How can the village chief Moskal’s expression department not know that he doesn’t believe in himself when he is bare and income? Sweeping away the lazy image, bare and very serious, I said to Moskar that at the same time, I also exuded majesty and domineering, which was emitted at random, which shocked Moskar.
"Don’t worry, my brother with the wind is very powerful. Just a few thieves are not enough for him to beat you alone. What are you worried about is really not white? Meeting my brother with the wind is a blessing for your village! He alone can top thousands of troops! " Beside silently listening to the bare village head dialogue, Moscar always suspected that the man in his mind could not help but twitch. Joan Kan Kan revealed bare strength, although it was unreasonable to say that it was exaggerated.
"Uh-huh, it’s not that I don’t believe in your strength, which will inevitably lead to the death of the village. I have to make arrangements for the week. Please don’t take it amiss." The village chief was infatuated with a dream, and this girl was stabbed in the heart and worried immediately, but she was still worried in her heart, but things have come to this point and he can do anything.
"Don’t say that like a dream. In fact, the village chief’s concerns are not unreasonable. I think it’s better if you and the captain leave others to hide for a while and the four of us will meet them outside, so that even if we can’t destroy the enemy, we can delay the enemy’s attack and lead everyone to move. See if this arrangement is ok!" Bare interrupted and wanted to continue talking about infatuation, but turned to Moskar and said that although it was a tone of discussion, the momentum made people doubt that they could do what he said.
The village chief Moskar was influenced by the bare momentum, but he couldn’t help but want to refute it, but he couldn’t say it. He was so depressed that he didn’t understand what this person would do, but only when he was in the king’s body could he be domineering, which made people have an intention of being a minister
Chapter 371 National Border Gate (6) Defending the enemy
The village chief Moskar was influenced by the bare momentum, but he couldn’t help but want to refute it, but he couldn’t say it. He was so depressed that he didn’t understand what this person would do, but only when he was in the king’s body could he be domineering, which made people have an intention of being a minister
After everything was arranged, Moskar came to bare with his captain, and said with concern, "Everything depends on you. Village life and death are in your hands. Don’t let everyone down! Village life is in your hands. You must work hard! "
In fact, he is trying to say; I hope you don’t kill our department, but I don’t think it’s appropriate. After all, people are well-intentioned because of the unified regulations and can’t refuse. Now they can pin this unknown situation on bare, and their strength can really protect the village as they say. Even at the cost, Moskar decided to accept it, even at the expense of himself. He is willing to be a kind np to face this irresistible danger, but it is not himself but the villagers’ safety.
"Don’t worry, it’s just a small team that passed quickly! That’s a piece of cake for Brother Wind, just like you! It’s not a monster that is too strong. Do you think they are strong and have more than 12 frost dragons? " Being with bare is like dreaming that the village chief is so unkind and bitter, as if someone at home had died. This is not obvious. I don’t believe in them. I don’t believe that I don’t have anything of my own. It’s still very clear, but I don’t believe that you are in her heart. That enemy is just not good
"Female doll joking ha ha frost dragon is god beast level monster how can those thieves in the same breath! Said that’s right, but it’s visible in the dragon. It’s said that the frost dragon collar can turn over the mountains, not to mention that a small group of thieves is not enough to step on it. "The village chief Moskar was infatuated with a dream, saying that his face was hot and dry, and haha explained that he didn’t understand it. This little girl has never seen the frost dragon. Why did you get that overbearing guy?
Although I haven’t seen it before, Zuke said that dragon dragons are more powerful than others, and their personality is arrogant and greedy, not to mention their bad temper. They have never looked down on human beings. Few humans who provoke them will have a good game. Although there are also dragon knights among human beings, that’s one in ten thousand. Only by chance can the young dragon sign an equality treaty, and Jackie Chan can become an enemy only after running in.
Today, it’s almost impossible to hear someone play the dragon again, and he is the best among the dragons. But that female doll said it so seriously. Has one of them been a dragon knight or seen a dragon? I can’t help but feel happy when I think of this. If there is a dragon to help me, what’s the problem? He is now in a hurry, and it is better to have hope than no hope.
Sweeping away the worries, Moscar looked up at the sky and saw that the dragon was not excited, and immediately disappeared. It turned out that they were their own hearts. Is the dragon so obvious? Not to mention the frost dragon, that one is impossible!
Alas! What is wrong with me? What mind will be influenced by them! Is he really old? Moskal’s disappointed expression was seen by bare people, but bare didn’t intend to explain what to reply to the lazy form. He was still lazy waiting for the arrival of the thieves, but he was infatuated but unwilling to see Miskal’s disappointed expression, so he was so angry that he didn’t fight.
"Yes, I said it’s the frost dragon. It’s a very powerful monster. Even a physical attack is hard to hurt it. It’s tall and powerful. It’s even more terrible that the guy’s physical attack and magic attack are even more terrible, especially its terror spell’ frozen day’ is extremely abnormal. No matter how strong you are, you have to freeze into broken ice!" Wishful thin embellished what he had experience, while scaring that village head.
Moscar looked at the girl in front of her with an idiot expression and said that this girl is not crazy, right? That’s a monster. She can even take it out to deceive people. If it’s like what she said, she still doesn’t know how many times she’s died. How can she deceive people here?
But on second thought, there is some truth. If she hasn’t seen these, how can she know so detailed with a grain of salt? He looked at his face and asked, "Is it true?" Have you really seen the frost dragon? How is this possible? "
"Hum! Of course it’s true. It’s okay. I lied to you with this. Why do you have any sugar to eat? I haven’t talked so much. I have nothing to tease you! " The nifty little girl said at losing that she was still blaming this np who dared to doubt the hero in her eyes.
"Come on, it’s like a dream. Let’s get ready to meet the enemy. It’s nothing to care about. I think the enemy should arrive soon. Can you protect this village and know it soon?" Seeing that the two people have been arguing for each other, they have been silent and stopped, and they will continue to eat that dream. He vaguely felt that danger was approaching. It may be that the village chief said that thieves were coming.
"oh! Got it. Hum! Don’t say don’t say anyway, people look down on it’s not me hum …! " Infatuated like a dream, unwilling to hum lightly, a pair of bare cars are very dissatisfied with the stop. The expression makes bare very eloquent, but he is a little beaten all the way. He is also a bit helpless and can’t scold this girl. It’s really natural that people are very nai. Fortunately, although this girl is witty, she is still very sensible and clever.
The village chief and the captain of the guard were shocked to hear that the enemy was approaching. Although they were all white, it was only a matter of time before they were really faced, they still had to be nervous. The enemy had caused great psychological trouble to them, and the expression of fear could not naturally appear on their faces.
"unpromising hum! Or advanced np? Isn’t that just a few enemies? What are you afraid of if you don’t go all out! " Infatuation is like a dream. This girl is dissatisfied. Looking at two people, she can speak her mind directly. This girl doesn’t know to leave some feelings for others.
Chapter 372 National Gate (7) 2 against the enemy
"unpromising hum! Or advanced np? Isn’t that just a few enemies? What are you afraid of if you don’t go all out! " Infatuation is like a dream. This girl is dissatisfied. Looking at two people, she can speak her mind directly. This girl doesn’t know to leave some feelings for others.
Captain mosca looked at each other and was angry with a trace of anger. Being so belittled is that people have three points of fire, and they have always considered themselves brave. But this is not the time to get angry. Although they are angry, it is not easy to get angry at this time. Cold hum in your heart is no longer infatuated with dreams.
At this time, there was a horseshoe in the distance, mixed with noisy noise. From a distance, it seems that these guys are really arrogant, and they don’t care to let the enemy know and get ready. These bandits have become a habit. In this remote place, it is impossible for any force to compete with them, not to be frightened and flee.
Upon hearing the noise from a distance, the village chief, Captain Moscalwei, couldn’t help but say, "They’re still coming to rob the village! It seems that it is dangerous this time! I hope they can deal with these bandits, otherwise this time it’s really …! Alas! Do your best to listen to your destiny! "
Nervously hold the combat knife in your hand and keep your eyes on the intersection. Just now, you were worried and ready to fight at any time. This is probably the warrior form. Once you enter the combat state, you will temporarily put aside all your concerns and concentrate on fighting, either the enemy or me.
Thieves move quickly, and they can already see the figure after a light tea. From a distance, there are about 345 robbers, one by one armed with half of them riding mounts. It is a kind of monster that is similar to horses, but it runs much faster than ordinary horses. In particular, these monsters have a skill that is very suitable for physical combat, that is, sprint is one of the best mounts for cavalry.
In a blink of an eye, the thieves came to the entrance of the village and saw that the quiet village was this village. People had already heard of it and fled or fled. I never thought that there would be anyone here. Are there really people who are not afraid of death these days? When the bandits saw four people standing in front, it was obvious that there was some accident. The whole team stopped at once.
In their hearts, these guys won’t get up much even if they stay. At most, they are just having some fun for their brothers. But they are not in a hurry to attack one person. Maybe they think it’s easy to take or kill four people in front of them. They stopped at a distance of about ten meters from bare and others