"What? You said that the two-star thunder magic teacher is a young man in his twenties? " This is replaced by the three-star care teacher Ma Kai who shook the two-star care teacher in his twenties. Of course he knows what this means.

When did such a top magic genius emerge again?
"What about people? You just let him go? " Ma Kai couldn’t help asking that he got Leo’s shoulder strap as the medal of the Magic Staff Guild, and he was also a lesbian who was closer to the Magic Staff Guild.
"Lord Ma Kai, he walked too fast and his magic wings flew away directly. How could I stop him?" Ostnai avenue
Ma Kai naturally gave up, but he still told everyone present not to leak it out as a small personal favor!
A figure in high school flashed away
A huge thunder magic wing leaves a series of violent magic elements in it, and then quickly begins to dissipate …
Leo’s control is the thunder magic element, which is also a relatively fast flight. The train can fly hundreds of meters in a blink of an eye. After more than ten minutes, he saw ideal city, which should be the most frontier in the west, ideal city, ruled by the Terran in the holy city.
He swished down to the ground.
Although he is already a wizard, he has only just met the requirements for flying in the middle of the flight. After flying for so long, he also feels that the mana consumption is huge and the front is the border Cayenne City. There is no hurry for revenge, and he has to find out some information. It would be better to simply enter and stay for a few days.
Leo began to walk along the road in front of him, and there were many terran motorcades in various regions. These motorcades included merchants, aristocratic families and some people who drove civilians.
Xiao Chen is walking on the road. Although it seems that the speed is not fast, it is actually his little magic. Others can easily do it faster than the carriage even if they don’t deliberately accelerate. He soon came to Cayenne City.
Although this is the closest city to the western Warcraft plateau in the area ruled by the Terran in the Holy City, it is not grand, but it is very big
Because in the face of bloodthirsty and ferocious Warcraft, whatever is grand and tall is empty, it is better to be casual. Anyway, it doesn’t matter how to go to war, but if it is going to war, it is impossible to hold back those terrible Warcraft by strengthening the city. That’s for sure!
Leo approached the gate, and the gatekeepers were checking.
"live!" Two soldiers stopped Leo.
"Where did the name come from?" A tall bald soldier questioned him. It was obvious that Xiao Chen was young and wanted to be alone.
A bag of things thrown over.
The tall bald man remembered that it was a little heavy. When he opened it, he saw that there were dozens of gold coins in a bag.
"So much?" The two soldiers’ eyes lit up, looked at each other and nodded at Leo’s kindness. "Listen carefully and get in!"
They immediately let Xiao Chen go, but just after Leo entered Cayenne City, the two soldiers laughed and disappeared into a kind of greed and coldness, just like those waterway bugs!
"This is another fat sheep, so young, but really generous, mostly the noble brother of that family." The bald soldier said.
"I’ll inform Bell that they’re idiots. They don’t even know their wealth. Let’s take it out and share it with our brothers. Haha." Another person laughed greedily.
"Don’t dawdle and go. If this is just a passing, we must hurry!" Bald soldiers urged.
The other man nodded and hurried away.
8 Long-eyed guy
Leo strolled around Cayenne in this way, but fortunately, although the holy city mainland has a large area ruled by human beings, the language is still the same, and there is no second official lingua franca, which also saves him the trouble of communication, but there are still gaps in architectural styles on both sides of the road, obviously because of regional differences
Leo strolled around Cayenne City and found a popular hotel. He asked for some local unique food and wine to enjoy. These food tastes very good and the wine is very spicy, but it is still the top wine in the holy city of France. After all, life here is not as comfortable as the holy city, and the atmosphere is very dignified. It is estimated that few people are willing to fiddle with these things.
In this way, he sat in the hotel and slowly enjoyed the food and drank the wine, but he was not drunk. Moreover, sitting for more than an hour made many people look different.
In an inclined alley outside the hotel, there are seven tough people with bald heads and faces and scars. They are holding daggers and knives in their hands, and some people are holding axes in their hands, which is very fierce. Pedestrians are afraid to avoid approaching.
And these people are first of all a dark-skinned middle-aged man with fine leather armor made of Warcraft skin and thin eyes like poisonous snakes.
His eyes are on the restaurant, and from their point of view, it is better to be able to see Leo in the building and observe it all the time.
They can see Xiao Chen sitting by the window in the hotel lobby from this angle.
"Mom, this little girl can really toss and turn and let me wait for more than an hour in vain. He still doesn’t come out?" A fierce baldheaded nu way
"Boss Bell simply went in and caught him out." Another scar face also scolded.
"Yes, Boss Bell, when will this wait? If he is full of food and drink, why don’t we just sit in the hotel?"
"Boss Bell, let’s fill it in. Anyway, the backstage of this store is a small aristocrat. I guess he dare not say anything. The small one is an outsider. There is definitely no backer in Cayenne City. Can anyone dare to tell us that the black snake will cheep?"
Those guys are yelling and cursing.
"Shut up and argue?"
The lean man suddenly drank coldly and said, "Wait a minute!"
Obviously, he has a strong deterrent in the hearts of everyone. Everyone else shut up and stopped talking. Then at this time, the scar face suddenly pointed to the door of the hotel and said excitedly, "Wait, Boss Bell, look at that little one!"
It seems that Leo is finally full of food and drink, and his face is ruddy. Although it is already dark at the moment, he seems to have no idea of resting in that hotel, but his face seems to be aware of something when he enters the street with a strange smile.
He started to walk through the wall. At first, it was some wide roads, but then he picked some remote paths and walked again. Just after it was completely dark, several swaying figures came over in a very dark alley ahead, pretending to be drunkards, but there was no alcohol at all. The acting was terrible.
"David tang! David tang … "
Just as they were about to pass the Leo plug-in, suddenly the light of quarrelling flashed from their bodies, and the strong ShaQi flashed and surged, and the quarrelling came to the chat and the hidden sword finally appeared, and it made a dull sound when it was cut in the chat.
"All right! Ha ha ha! "
Those people disguised as pubs laughed excitedly, and at the same time several people came from the rear.
It was seven or seven people in the front alley who surrounded the first lean, dark middle-aged man from the rear and said coldly, "Hurry up and find out everything valuable about him."