"Dong’s adult, we are unwilling to offend people. We hope you can save us from the city!"

Cao’s tone became more respectful because he vaguely felt that Dong Yu might really have a way, but Cao’s nerves were also on high alert because he felt that Dong Yu was more or less strange in front of him, and he still had some worries.
After listening to Dong Yu’s mirth for two times, he looked at Cao Xing and others and said, "In fact, it should be considered very simple for you to get out of the city. Although Luoyang’s gates are almost closed, there are still several gates under which special troops travel, transport food and so on. You might as well run to those places and mix out of the city with them!"
"Of course, you may. I’m trapping you. After all, if you sneak into the army, you can’t escape. But I’m also responsible for telling you that Marotta is calculating where you can go in the house every day, but he never expected that you would run into the army because that’s different to ordinary people!"
Cao Xing and Shi A’s eyes lit up and the nettle frowned for a moment and finally said, "The most dangerous place is often the safest place!" "
Cao Xing and others looked at each other and nodded their heads. Cao Xing felt sobering in his heart, and his search became more and more rigorous, which made him highly nervous. Why didn’t he think of it before?
"I don’t know if Dong’s adult is going to do it!" Cao Xing continued to ask, now Dong Yu has come up with the strategy conveniently, but tactical help is needed to finish the implementation.
Dong Yu, on the other hand, smiled carelessly and continued, "Didn’t I tell you before? I’m Marotta’s half-confidant. Marotta will send an order to let the army train outside the city to reach the order. It’s either me or you pretending to be soldiers. Wouldn’t it be beautiful to follow me and take the opportunity to blend in with the army?"
This Dong Yu said that it was indeed a way, and Cao Xing and others nodded their heads, but Cao Xing and others were not completely relieved. This Dong Yu said that Cao Xing and others still made their ideas clear to Dong Yu, and Dong Yu smiled and said nothing after hearing it.
The next day, Dong Yu continued to work in the middle class of Li Rufu according to the usual situation, but this time Dong Yu did bring two guards with him on the road, and Dong Yu also met many of his aides, but most people didn’t care too much about Dong Yu’s move. After all, it seemed normal for many officials to bring his own guards to work. Secondly, Dong Yu’s official position was too low to attract these people’s attention.
So Dong Yu walked smoothly into Li Rufu with Cao Zi and Shi Ah. At the moment, Cao Zi and Shi Ah were nervous. Cao Zi hung his head and didn’t let others see his face, while Shi Ah hid his hand in his cuff and clenched a short blade in his cuff. If this Dong Yu dared to play any tricks, he would definitely be the first to kill this Dong Yu.
On the verge of reaching Marotta’s office hall, Dong Yu turned to Cao Xing and Shi A and said, "At ordinary times, Marotta’s official documents are piled up outside for officials to guard, and I just send them to every army. Do you want to wait for me here!"
Cao Xing took a glance at Marotta Hall, and really found that there was a writing beadle sitting outside on duty, and there were many cases piled up in front of him, which was Marotta’s official document.
O history, obviously, he was a little uneasy about this Dong Yu and just wanted to speak. However, Cao Xing nodded to Dong Yu and let Dong Yu finally smile and turn around. However, after he took a few steps, he still couldn’t help looking back. He finally found that Cao Xing had an extra crossbow in his hand, and he had already aimed at him.
The position of the writing beadle at the door is only fifty paces away from this place. If Dong Yu dares to play any tricks, Cao Zi will definitely shoot him with a sword.
Cao also can see that this Dong Yu is definitely a guy who is afraid of death. He will not dare to play any tricks on this Dong Yu. When he saw this, Dong Yu smiled naively and then went to the front of the famous writing beadle and said something to him. As usual, the writing beadle took a roll of cases directly from the table and put them in Dong Yu’s hand.
Dong Yu checked the case again, then smiled at the writing beadle and turned to Cao Xing and came along in this direction.
"Ha ha, let’s go. I’ll send you to the army and I’ll find all kinds of reasons to go out of town with the army all the way until you stop doing this!"
This Dong Yu looks very cooperative with Cao Xing and Shi A, and there is nothing to say.
Chapter one hundred and nineteen Poison man
Dong Yu took Marotta’s orders and then walked out of Marotta’s mansion with Cao Xing and Shi A and drove in that direction to the barracks. Dong Yu’s performance was very cooperative.
Even Shi Adou couldn’t help but praise Dong Yu, saying that he knew when he was young, and Dong Yu turned around and smiled and said that he just wanted to save his life.
Even Cao was a little wary and soon came to a military camp. You can see that there is a fork in the road here.
Cao Xing asked Dong Yu which army they were going to sneak into. Dong Yu pointed to the road on the right and said to Cao Xing, now the army going out of the city is on the right.
Cao Xing looked at the scene on the right and found that there was indeed a flag flying and it was really necessary to leave the city.
There seems to be nothing wrong with all this. However, just as Dong Yu and others were about to take a step out, suddenly a pair of fast horses came from the left. When a general saw Dong Yu, he shouted, "When will Wen and our grain and grass team start!"
This Dong Yu obviously frequents these places, and all the generals are still familiar with him.
Dong Yu looked back and immediately said to the centaur, "It turned out that it was General Hu Zhen. This time, your grain delivery team ordered that it should not be issued by me. If I guess right, Marotta’s adult should send someone to inform you later!"
The general named Hu Zhen nodded when he heard this, but soon his eyes fell behind Jia Xu. Now Cao Xing and Shi Ah are both dressed as soldiers, and Cao Xing keeps lowering his head. When Hu Zhen saw this, he couldn’t help narrowing his eyes and asked Dong Yu
"If Wen and I remember correctly, you usually don’t have an entourage. It means that you are carrying these two people behind you today!"
"Oh, General Hu Zhen, these two men were deployed when they were about to be incorporated into the team. This time, by the way, I will bring them out of the city training center with the army!"
Hu Zhen didn’t seem to think much of this when he heard this. It is also common that something happens. It is normal for two soldiers to be brought here by a small literary official. Even Hu Zhen doesn’t seem to find that Cao is wrong. He nodded indifferently and saw that there was nothing suspicious. Hu Zhen left here with his men.
Looking at Hu Zhen gradually taking people away, Dong Yu took a deep breath. He was really afraid that if Cao was recognized at that time, things would be bad. He turned back and smiled at Cao and Shi. "It’s okay this time. You two should be out of town soon. After you join the army, you should hide a little. When the army has arrived outside the city, you will play it by ear and get ready to slip!"
Shi Awen was relieved when he heard this, and gradually relaxed the dagger that fell in the cuff. Dong Yu also smiled and was just about to continue walking. However, at this moment, the rear suddenly came to Cao Cao’s voice, "Wenhe!"
"Uh …" Dong Yu’s consciousness in front turned back and there were some things he didn’t look at. Cao Cao was really calling him just now, but Wen and this is just his epigram.
"Listening to your accent should be from Wuwei, Liangzhou!"
Dong Yu didn’t understand what Cao Xing meant, but others could tell from his accent that he was from Xiliang, and Dong Yu didn’t deny that he nodded his head.
Seeing this, there was an imperceptible smile on Cao Cao’s mouth. "In fact, from the moment you woke up, I thought you were very strange. You looked like a fool but still behaved so indifferently. I’m afraid ordinary people can’t do it!"
Dong Yu smiled wryly and replied, "The worm still lives in me. Dong Yu just wants to live, so he will naturally cooperate with you!"
Cao Xing nodded and continued to ask, "Now that I have reached the point where everyone is shouting and beating in Luoyang, those aristocratic families will definitely exaggerate my fault and say that I am a murderous maniac. I don’t understand that you are so confident. I will definitely let you go when we get out!"
On hearing this, Dong Yu’s expression froze and his eyes flashed a different color, but soon he smiled and waved his hand and said, "To tell you the truth, although my official position is low, I have met many people in my life. I believe that Cao Xing’s personality should not do that kind of thing!"
"Ha ha, you’re right. I didn’t mean to be difficult for you if I could get out, but now I don’t think you think so!"
Dong Yu’s face became more stiff when he heard this, while Shi Aze looked at Cao Xing and Dong Yu next to him, and they didn’t seem to know what Cao Xing wanted to express in the fog.
Cao Xing looked at the road on the right. At the moment, a large number of troops are still stationed there. It seems that Cao Xing and Shi A will go to the army and find a corner casually. They can drill into the vast army and eventually disappear in Luoyang.
Dong Yu’s plan seems good, and he can’t find any loopholes. It seems that he is sincerely trying to help Cao Xing tide over the difficulties.
But in the end, Cao Xing looked at Dong Yu and said his final point. "As you said, I can see that you are very afraid of the dead and want to save your life at all times. There is nothing wrong with you to help us make positive decisions, but I finally believe that if I change places with you, the safest way for me is not to take you out, but to leave you here directly! Isn’t it, Jia Xu? You’re a drug addict. You almost didn’t kill you! "
Dong Yu’s face muscles seemed to want to laugh when he heard this. However, in this crackle, Cao Cao immediately took steps and put his hands on Dong Yu’s neck. When Shi saw it, he didn’t want to follow Cao Cao’s pace and covered Dong Yu’s mouth instantly, so Dong Yu could keep struggling, but he didn’t disturb the army next to him.
After almost an hour, Hu Zhen slowly walked to the gate of Luoyang with the grain team. Hu Zhen showed Marotta’s seal to the defenders of the gate, and those defenders repeatedly confirmed that they would let Hu Zhen troops out of the city.
However, the troops guarding the door still seem to be very vigilant. Hu Zhen saw someone holding a portrait while watching it, and at the same time, his eyes swept from everyone in his army. When he saw this, Hu Zhen was somewhat unhappy.