"Now I won’t beat you if I don’t shoot the four protectors of the White House!"

"XuanYing, warehouse temple, long, the9 four dharma! Give me this person alive! "
"yes! Young master! "
Four dharma protectors should be alert and fly to Moxiu.
And Moxiu’s eyes also narrowed slightly.
These four people are not weaker than the Purple Devil, but the spiritual powers are a little weaker than the Purple Devil. It is estimated that the strength that each person can urge is about 160 times heavier than the Purple Devil.
However, the power played by the four people together is 640 times heavier than that of the white mark. It is no wonder that the white mark let them capture themselves alive.
However, this four-person department came from the White House, which surprised Mo Xiu.
You know, these four people can achieve the helmsman level after joining Zilian session, and adding him as a new helmsman in Zilian Club is only six helmsmen.
And just this time, the White House sent four helmsman-level monks. Well, the strength of the White House is exactly the same as that of the Purple Lotus Society and the Righteousness Society.
Moreover, this kind of family training is different for monks and brothers in Bailong College. Everyone is loyal to his family. The white mark order is that the imperial edict must be obeyed and he is not worried about leaking secrets.
Comparatively speaking, even though all the brothers of Bailong College have joined the guild, they all have their own positions in the guild, but even if they are in the same guild, their minds are not consistent. Even if the position of Bailong College is higher than others, it may not be able to drive them to keep it secret, which is even more difficult.
This is also why Bai Mark will choose the monks in the family to take part in the operation.
In the Zhengdao League, the power of Bailong College is intertwined, and it is difficult to tell, but sometimes it is divided.
These thoughts flashed through my mind, but Mo Xiu made up his mind to let the White House suffer a big loss by these four fighters.
I believe there won’t be many such protectors in the White House.
Moxiu’s figure flew away.
The four guardians of the White House have long been alert to see Mo Xiufei and immediately make moves.
"Skynet is long! Sparse and not leak! " A name such as goshawk old man’s five fingers suddenly appeared in a button, and a huge black Se net came to cover Moxiu.
This man named Xuanying is a prefecture-level avatar. Skynet can condense the atmosphere of heaven and earth into the extreme, and even a mountain peak can be snared.
At this time, Skynet has split the gas like a sword, which makes people hide.
"Taiping Mountain Seal!" An ascetic monk dressed up as a big monk condensed a hill-like print of Pang Daqing Se just by slapping his palm.
At that time, heaven and earth were frozen by this seal of Taiping Mountain. Why can you feel that everything around you is as heavy as a mountain and he can’t breathe?
Even it takes a lot of effort to mobilize Zhenyuan.
Once the Taiping Mountain seals the Taiping Mountain, the kinetic energy will make the heaven and the earth still, dissolve the war and resolve the danger, which implies that Buddhism has great compassion and compassion. In ancient times, Buddhism was once a famous magical power, but with the decline of Buddhism, this magical power has gradually lost.
Today, the power is different
And that ascetic monk dressed up as a strong monk is also the famous Buddhist monk Cang Temple in the White House.
Xuanying and Cangsi have cooperated with each other for many times, and the power is unparalleled. A Skynet and a Taiping Mountain seal are matched with the sewing of the sky, which almost makes Mo Xiulu escape.
And followed by two people known as the long and the9 Godsworn has also been fuelling out of the avatar ready to shoot.
However, Moxiu has already advanced out of the sword array faster than them.
"Heaven Sword Array!"
Sixteen red awns set sail from Moxiu’s body, and the incense set sail, and the incense shot and set sail, and the incense circled around Moxiu like sixteen stars guarding Moxiu.
Each red awn is a secondary flying sword.
Mo Xiuzhen, hun, has prompted Kendo to disperse into sixteen secondary flying swords.
As soon as Zhen Hun was integrated into the sixteen flying swords, Mo Xiu immediately felt a feeling of water melting rising in his heart.
There was a slight leap in the meaning of heaven and earth, as if welcoming him.
Don’t be afraid to feel that part of this fiery sword can be controlled by him!
Ten percent!
This part of kendo accounts for ten percent of the kendo!
This represents that he has been able to integrate ten percent of kendo into Zhenyuan!
Kendo has finally gone from being able to comprehend to being able to merge.
In the past, although he practiced kendo to Dacheng, he never instigated the heavenly sword array because of his scruples about the presence of Lingque, and he didn’t know that this heavenly sword array could make his kendo high!
"Heaven sword array kendo course heaven! The higher the kendo is, the stronger the heaven is! Now let you see the power of Dao Jian array! "
Mo Xiu shouted in his heart and drank "Brilliant Tianwei!"
A pang Pei-Wei force appeared in the 16 stars-like secondary life flying sword
This is a force for the town to set sail and suppress the majesty of heaven and earth. All forces have to bow down in front of it, and with the emergence of Tianwei, a black Se curtain has condensed out.
Several stars are shining in the curtain, emitting mysterious smells, among which sixteen stars are the brightest and most powerful, and this curtain covers these smells, which seems to take everything, set sail and overwhelm everything.
Sickle! Boom!
Tianwei swept Skynet and the Taiping Mountain Seal disappeared. Some Tianwei continued to cover Xuanying and Cangsi.
Another silver-haired old man has just prompted a silver Se blade to attack Moxiu with a genial smile that he will immediately break the remaining Tianwei but also lose the opportunity to attack Moxiu.
Mo Hugh solved the attack of three monks with one blow!
This blow has a power of 350!
"Huh?" Watching the white mark in the distance frowned slightly. He wasn’t sure whether Moxiu could only make a blow occasionally or at a normal level. If it was at a normal level, he would make a move.
Mo Xiu’s figure dodged the Jiucheng’s course, and the nine dragons appeared more than a hundred feet away.
"Now is a good time to merge kendo! You can’t fight with them temporarily when the waves are on! "
Mo Xiu thought about the true hun in his mind, but once again he realized that the sword of heaven and earth trembled slightly.
A fiery sword finally melted into Moxiu Zhenyuan!
Zhen Yuan Yan Se dyed a light golden color!
This is the vitality brought by the fusion of kendo, and this vitality will immediately rise to a higher level in Zhenyuan Power!
At this time, in Moxiuli’s urging to start, Zhenyuan dyed golden Se in an instant.
Hey! Hey! Hey!