Chapter 21 She is popular.

It’s just a song. Everyone is still immersed in that beautiful sad music. Please search and see the latest and fastest.
Finally, someone suddenly asked, "Did she wait until she was waiting for that person?"
Liu Sunseeker’s evening dress forced her eyes slightly to drop judo. "I don’t know, but the woman left a message saying that she loved, resented and hated in her life. But in the end, she thanked God for giving her such a lovely and hateful person." With that, Liu Sunseeker sighed faintly in the evening, but her heart had been provoked by her sticky Qiong Yao body.
But all the people, especially those who love to watch this kind of romantic words in boudoir, suddenly feel that Liu Sunseeker has appreciate each other late and they are not speaking ill of her.
But yes, it’s amazing where she puts this level.
Especially when I don’t like her Oriental Jade, my eyes are wide open.
"You, you really came back from the side." Oriental Jade wondered if everyone had been cheated by her. Liu Sunseeker’s fine piano skill was a bit strange, and that beautiful song didn’t look like a tough folk custom at all.
Liu Xixi smiled softly at night. "It was an aunt who taught me to sing. She said that she had been waiting for her lover in the capital to pick her up. It was that person who lost her connection. Maybe it was gone."
Everyone couldn’t help but sigh that Miss Mo’s second wife is a warm-hearted person and couldn’t help but tunnel, "I don’t know the surname and name of that aunt and others, and we can also help to find them."
You are too enthusiastic to sniffle at the corners of Liu Xi’s mouth at night, aren’t you? Yes, you must be idle because you can’t get out of the boudoir.
Hum, that’s what impressed you, girl. I’ve seen the story of Genji, and I’ll tell it to you when I make it up, so I won’t fascinate you to death
Inadvertently swept to the "Uber" Liu Xixi sitting in a high position, and he was even happier at night. Isn’t there a ready-made model here?
Just change Guangyuan’s name to Emperor Phoenix Night.
On the night of Emperor Phoenix, her eyes were relatively uncomfortable, but she smiled and felt that Fox seemed to set him up, but she was not angry at all.
And just now her song was so sad that his heart hurt.
At this moment, the noble and handsome emperor swore in his heart with a straight face, "I will never leave you and make you sad. Don’t worry, Princess Ai."
Liu Sunseeker didn’t know at all that Emperor Phoenix Night swore to her again, pretending to be very calm and modestly exchanging pleasantries with those noble women, and then smiling at Ye Ze, if I can still support myself, is it okay to get married?
Yeze looked at Liu Xixi’s little face at night and wondered how she felt that she had never grown a little face and was beautiful since listening to this girl sing.
Looking at Liu Sunseeker at night, Yeze’s eyes lit up slightly, and he didn’t want to let go. What should I do?
At this time, Emperor Zhenyun, who was sitting in office, said, "Liu Sunseeker’s piano skills are good, but her posture is too strange. It seems that she still needs to be taught by some unified methods. From today, I personally taught you piano skills every ten days, and then I met with foreign envoys to prepare for it. In recent years, we have lost to Ryukyu people than piano skills."
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Chapter 22 Where is this ugly?
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You know, the first emperor personally taught you that it is just around the corner to get married in front of the holy emperor every day. The second hint is that from then on, Liuxi Night will replace Dayong Dynasty to compete with foreign Ryukyu. Although Emperor Zhenyun did not comment on Liuxi Night’s piano skills, he gave the highest affirmation in disguise.
Everyone envies and hates Liu Xixi’s night, but they secretly complain. Really, they practice and compete every day. I don’t like playing the piano at all. You might as well let me sing. I like karaoke.
But there is no way for the emperor to refuse to order him to give thanks.
Emperor Zhenyun was so happy that Long Yan was overjoyed to "reward two hundred gold".
Liu Xi’s eyebrows were bent with laughter at once at night. "Thank you, Emperor. My daughter likes heptachord best. Don’t worry, my daughter must have won the glory of Ryukyu."
Difeng night mouth twitching.
Xuanyuan winds this Liuxi night how personality think so? My little fox must be Liufu Feng Shui is not good.
Ye Zete, is this to directly pull the rank gap with me as a businessman? I will leave it at that.
Ladies, bah, you just pretended to be modest. Now the fox’s tail is showing. Hum, I love it.
Liu Caiyuan lies in the trough. I want to humiliate this bitch. How can I make her face grow?
Damn it, I hope she will lose face in the next competition. I don’t believe that she can do anything. This time, it’s just a blind cat that has met with death.
Mo Ruan Ruan, damn it, hate me. All right, I’ll come out and hold her down with what?
Liu Sunseeker also cocked his head and watched Mo Ruan late. I don’t know what’s the matter with this talented woman, but look at the performance of Emperor Zhenyun just now. Is it amazing for his piano skills? That is to say, Mo Ruan didn’t fall well.
Liu Sunseeker sat quietly at night to see how Mo Ruan made a fool of herself.
At this time, a maid-in-waiting came to change the tea that had cooled off her desk.
Liu Sunseeker glanced at the little maid-in-waiting in the evening. It was strange that the waiters would not change halfway, but she had never seen this little maid-in-waiting before.
So she left an extra eye.
They are watching Mo Ruan Ruan, waiting for her to fight back.
However, Mo Ruan seems to be in no hurry at all, but cheerfully walks up to Liu Xiyue. "You play so well that I feel ashamed."
Liu Caiyuan was in a hurry. "This can’t be done. Aunt Xiao Biao, you haven’t played yet. How can a talented person lose Miss Liu’s song? But your pink plum song is a fairy-like skill. We are all waiting to hear it."
Mo Ruan Ruan still looks modest. "I’m fascinated by Miss Liu’s novel and interesting music, so I won’t embarrass myself."
"No, no, no, she took advantage of novelty, but when it comes to real skills, Miss Mo is slightly better. We have heard of nature before, and there is a judgment in our hearts." Another woman in yellow clothes is busy following up.
Liu Xixi silently glanced at the girl in yellow dress at night. "No wonder you are so unpleasant to listen to. It turned out to be an ugly monster. People say it’s a matter of heart."
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23 Chapter 23 Burned by tea
At this time, Mo Ruan approached Liu Xiyu with a smile, and Liu Xiyu felt uncomfortable all over. She endured a slap and slapped her impulsively with a narrow smile. Oh, you are waiting for me here: efefd.