"It’s not so hard, is it?" Sun Sheng gloated and wanted to see if there was anything falling from the gravel monster, but before Sun Sheng took two steps, the gravel monster was scattered, but it slowly condensed together. As the gravel moved, the gravel monster finally got up from his own body. Sun Sheng realized that he had not gained experience just now. The gravel monster root was not dead!

"How is that possible?" It is no wonder that Sun Shengyou asked who was dumbfounded when he met this situation.
Although surprised, this guy still has to fight and bang, and the gravel monster once again falls to the ground, but in the blink of an eye, this guy is up again!
"I depend on this also let people play? !” Sun Sheng feels that this is ridiculous. How could this happen? Isn’t this a BUG?
One person, three pets, it’s a matter of spending N times with this gravel monster, but it can always be added up at the nth time.
After hitting him for more than a dozen times, Sun Sheng finally couldn’t help swearing. Before hitting the gravel monster to the ground again, he trampled and kicked his body, that is, the pile of gravel, and said, "I don’t think you will die, you will die, you will die, you will die!"
This is where the accident happened. Sun Sheng suddenly felt that his foot stepped on a hard stone, and at the same time, Sun Sheng’s experience increased by more than 100 points. This invincible Xiaoqiang finally died!
Sun Sheng looked puzzled at the gravel pile at his feet, then squatted down and slowly fiddled with this pile of gravel with his hands.
"Haha, it’s you!" Sun Shengshou is holding a diamond-shaped stone with a very regular surface. The color of the stone is very similar to the color of the nearby ground, but it has a name-gravel heart. Sun Sheng looked at this gravel heart and didn’t see its properties, but Sun Sheng’s intuition told him that it was not simple.
"Cheapskate doesn’t even explode anything, but this stone is pretty. Give you a break." Sun Sheng packed the gravel heart and continued to head for the crater.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-five Gravel heart
Along the way, Sun Sheng met more than 20 gravel mobs, and each one has the same characteristic, that is, it will never kill Xiaoqiang unless it takes away its gravel heart. Moreover, every gravel monster will not drop anything after his death. A gravel heart is the property of other departments. Sun Sheng doesn’t recognize himself. He can’t identify what the attribute of this gravel heart is because his eye-catching level is not enough. This thing should not be too expensive. The only possibility is that this thing is special, like the dark green bamboo slips that Sun Sheng found in the bamboo forest. Now Sun Sheng is very sensitive to the plot. I can’t help but be a little excited at the thought that this thing may be big in the future. Anyway, it is fake!
By the foot of the crater, Sun Sheng had collected 25 pieces of gravel heart, and as soon as he entered the crater, Sun Sheng never encountered a gravel monster again. Instead, a lava monster, like a gravel monster, didn’t explode anything. There was a lava heart with a name, and this Sun Sheng didn’t let go of it all.
Sun Sheng wondered why this crater is supposed to be the domain of the lava baron, and why there are only these 30-level monsters? According to the truth, the lava baron has to have a strength of 60 or 70, so it’s a bit unreasonable to have such little monsters around him. Generally speaking, there must be several guards with lower strength in front of the big BOSS.
Although I can’t figure it out, Sun Sheng is obviously satisfied with this situation. Are they all easy to handle? Can you do it yourself?
On the edge of the crater, Sun Sheng took out a telescope and looked at the crater.
There is scarlet lava flowing in the crater, sandwiched between black rubble. The monster Sun Sheng looks very dark. Naturally, he can’t see those guys. Although they are all rock-like things after molding, they look hard, but they are usually hidden on the ground like running water.
The crater looks very flat, and there is nothing special about the lava baron. The lava baron knows that he is a BOSS by this name. Supposedly, he should be very big, even if he is not bigger than the elders of Zizhulin, but he should stand out from the crowd among ordinary mobs. That image is in line with his name.
Sun Sheng looked at it for a while and got nothing. Just know that this crater is not small.
"Let’s go step by step." Sun Sheng put away Xiaoyu in front of the telescope and gray headed for the crater.
There are more and more lava monsters, but they are not dense for the relatively vast ground. At most, two people beat Sun Sheng and three of them, which is nothing for Sun Sheng, who is a semi-expert.
Xiaopi doesn’t give much experience, and it’s not a good place to train, so Sun Sheng killed for a while and wanted to finish it early and then go back to Laozhu to get the reward.
After all, the environment here is still very suitable for it. When Sun Sheng came to them near the center of the crater, Xiao Yan suddenly became nervous, and kept singing around Sun Sheng, making Sun Sheng a little nervous. Do monsters have feelings? It’s not certain that Sun Sheng’s intuition told him that all this performance of Xiaoyan was because it sensed the presence of Baron Lava.
Sure enough, the ground trembled after killing two more lava monsters.
With the ground shaking, a lava bag slowly swelled more than 30 meters away from Sun Sheng, which seems to be a precursor to the imminent fire. With the swelling of the lava bag, the black rocks slowly fell off to the ground, and those fiery magma continued to flow, slowly piling up a face on the ground, followed by the trunk, arms and legs.
When the lava baron can lift his feet off the ground, he first roared to the sky and made a bellows-like "whirring" sound, and then strode over to Sun Sheng.
Sun Sheng can’t help feeling a little regretful when he looks at this guy in front of him. Why did I think of bothering him? This is now. Can I handle it?
Sun Sheng, this guy can be four meters tall in front of him, which is a little short of the elders of Zizhulin, but compared with Sun Sheng, he is already a giant, and he is a giant with red body and flowing lava flames.
Lava Baron (Grade 7)? ? ? ; Life? ? ? ; Vitality? ? ? ; Endurance? ? ?
Like Elder Zizhulin, he is a very powerful guy …
"Why do you want to kill my children?" Before Sun Sheng opened his mouth, the lava baron continued, "Accept my angry verdict!"
Said the lava baron right blunt Sun Sheng smashed in the past.
Sun Sheng suddenly found himself stupid. Is it true that a few pets and a few pieces of equipment can fill the gap? It’s really a death wish to find trouble with Baron Lava! However, it is best not to die. Therefore, when the lava baron smashed his fist, Sun Sheng ran backwards and asked Xiaoyu to fly to meet himself at any time.
Sun Sheng’s idea can’t be said to be bad. It’s just a fantasy. Baron Lava’s blow missed, but the rocks where the ground was smashed splashed with a little magma like small shells. They Sun Sheng was hit by three or four pieces of stone chips, and their life values dropped by a hundred points. It can be seen how powerful these stone chips are. Baron Lava jumped out of Xiaoyu and was blocked by these stone chips and failed to fly at the first time.
Baron Lava immediately shifted his target to Xiaoyu because Xiaoyu was so conspicuous in such an environment. Baron Lava was angry when he saw Xiaoyu’s green body, and seemed to see something he hated very much.
"Go to hell, meteor bomb!"
Baron Lava locked his hands with his fingers together and roared at Xiaoyu. His arm was shaken violently by the recoil, and a meteor-like shell flew towards Xiaoyu from the front of his fists. Xiaoyu was more than 20 meters away from Baron Lava, but this meteor bomb was too fast to escape.
A meteor bomb about the size of Xiaoyu’s head hit the ground without stopping when Xiaoyu wore it, and it boomed with a loud noise, but it was not stone chips but magma balls! Even the stone chips can melt, which shows how high the temperature of that meteor bomb was just now. If you don’t say that at this power, the meteor bomb Xiaoyu will definitely not turn out well.
When Sun Sheng put his arms around his head and hands and looked at Xiaoyu again, he didn’t find Xiaoyu’s figure. Sun Sheng immediately hit his pet and saw that Xiaoyu had gone back …
"Go back and I won’t call you out or I have to hang up!" Sun Sheng is now holding the idea of death, and he doesn’t intend to let Xiaoyu pick himself up and fly away. Look at the estimate of Baron Lava just now. Even in the day, it can find a way to hit him.
Sun Sheng didn’t hang up like it, but he lost five percent of his experience and loyalty. Sun Sheng couldn’t help it. Since the Baron Lava came out, Xiao Yan seems to have a crazy trend, grabbing Sun Sheng’s hair and singing at the Baron Lava.
After playing Xiaoyu, the lava baron turned his eyes and found no more obvious target before focusing on Sun Shengshen.
"Go to hell, little thing!"
Baron Lava seems to underestimate Sun Sheng’s strength. Is it a finger or a middle finger …
Lava baron’s middle finger lit Sun Sheng in vain. It seems that he intends to end Sun Sheng with this finger.
Chapter one hundred and fifty-six Egg transformation
Sun Sheng resigned himself and stared at Baron Lava, knowing how he died even if his fingers were dead, right? It can be said that Baron Lava is very creative. Is it a fireball that is pointed out by a middle finger or a fireball? But this fireball is much smaller, but it is almost as big as Sun Sheng’s head. It will never be light if it hits the body with white samples.
The fireball is like a heady kid coming to Sun Sheng faintly, but Sun Sheng suddenly found that the original small flame in his head flew up and blocked his front. At this moment, Sun Sheng was almost moved to cry. This little guy is so affectionate. Even if he dies, he will block his front. Look at the deadly fireball and sigh. If the small flame removes his curse, he should also have a powerful move.
I don’t know how to see the fiery figure of a fiery fireball shrouded in a small flame. Sun Sheng suddenly felt an excited feeling as if something important was about to happen …
The fluttering fireball slowed down in the middle and then slowed down, and finally stopped in front of Xiaoyan. Xiaoyan was excited and called out. At this time, the lava baron finally found Xiaoyan looking at this little thing whose face was not as thick as his fingers, and finally mixed with other things.
Baron Lava’s fingers continued to light in vain, while the small flame fluttered its wings and stood in front of the fireball, which became the battlefield for their struggle.
Don’t look at the small flame, which is not dominant in the body, but it is no joke that the small flame has natural skills to control fire. Even in front of a big man like Baron Lava, it can resist for a while. Baron Lava didn’t deliberately release water. Although its level is much higher than Baron Yan, the small flame order is higher than Baron Yan’s. It is not too amazing that the small flame can be deadlocked with Baron Lava for a while even if it suffers a loss in terms of flame skills.
However, the level gap is so great that even if Xiaoyan has lifted the curse, it has become a 19-order beast. It is impossible to get a good position in front of the lava baron, a monster with seven orders but a level higher than seventy.
The small flame is still loud, but at the virtual point of the lava baron, the fireball moved faintly again, gradually wrapping the small flame.
Sun Sheng tried desperately to take back Xiao Yan’s pet, but it didn’t work. Although the former Sun Sheng knew Xiao Yan could enter and leave the pet freely, he never cared as much as he does now. Sun Sheng entered the game to get his first pet, and he was quite spiritual. Sun Sheng’s feelings for it were naturally much stronger than those of the other two, so it was acceptable to let Sun Sheng watch Xiao Yan die in front of his eyes.
But now Sun Sheng can’t take Xiao Yan and accept the lava baron more forcefully. What can he do? Still want to watch?
The white fiery fireball finally wrapped up the whole body of the small flame. Sun Sheng turned away and didn’t look at it again. It is impossible to be alive in this situation.