Miss has been hungry for three days and nights. Why do you still look very energetic?

Apart from being a little embarrassed, people are still very energetic
"Not hungry. Do you think I haven’t eaten for days and nights? Ok, go and get some bath water. "
Light snow stared at Jiang Xue Bud and then the lip angle cracked with a faint smile.
Miss, it’s not like being hungry for days and nights.
If I haven’t eaten for three days and nights, I’m afraid I’m either being helped or being carried back
Seeing that my young lady is fine, Xiaoxue is finally relieved. She has been frowning and finally let go.
"Good young lady, you wait for the handmaiden to go."
After the light snow left, Jiang Xueya quickly took out the silver ticket in his clothes.
The silver ticket has been wet by water, but it can still be taken out and dried.
The sun is shining today, and it is estimated that the silver ticket will be dried in a short time.
Jiang Xue Bud came into the room and prepared to spread the silver tickets on the windowsill one by one.
When she spread out the silver tickets one by one, she saw that the silver ticket given to her by the lonely moon was actually 521.
She counted … There were twenty of them.
That is to say ….. Ji Yue Liu Yan gave her a whole twelve thousand silver tickets! [
Jiang Xue Bud was shocked by this number.
She wanted 1,200 … an extra 9,200.
12,000 taels of silver … It’s really enough for her to eat and drink for a lifetime. Section 131: Inspect the market!
She wanted 1,200 … an extra 9,200.
Twelve thousand pieces of silver … It really makes her eat and drink for a generation.
Jiang Xue Bud felt that she had instantly become a rich woman, and her mood was good as soon as she got up.
I didn’t expect the guy with the dead moon to be so rich.
Twelve thousand silver tickets were given to her without blinking an eye [
It seems that … having an affair with him for a while still has great benefits.
Those twenty silver tickets … are shining like sunshine … dazzling and dazzling.
Jiang Xue Bud smiled and her eyes narrowed into a crack, feeling that a bright future was waiting for her not far away.
It seems that … Leaving Phoenix Glass Day is just around the corner.
Xiaoxue spent some money to get some hot water.
It’s not much, but it’s enough to clean her up.
After the bath, Jiang Xue Bud came out from behind the screen refreshed.
Light snow hurriedly brought a towel to wipe her hair.
"Xiaoxue, I’ll go out later. If that dead man comes to me, tell him I’m back at home."
Now that money is no longer needed, Jiang Xue Bud is ready to go out and have a look and decide what store to open.
Although 12 thousand silver is enough for her to eat for a generation, it is impossible for her not to pay back the traces of the dead moon with such a large sum of money
This money is not her Jiang Xue bud money.
"Miss, what do you do? Let the handmaiden follow you. "
"No, you stay here. I’ll be right back."
She doesn’t want Xiaoxue to know that she wants to leave the prince’s house.
Whether this girl is good or not is that sometimes she is a little stubborn.
It’s like knowing that she and Fengli are disgusted with each other now.
However, I still hope that she can please Fengli to get Fengli’s favor.
In her eyes, since she is married to Fengli, then life is Fengli, and death is Fengli ghost [
No matter what Fengliru does to her, she should not have the idea of leaving.
In fact, it’s not just Xiaoxue … Women in this world think so.
Phoenix leaves the city today. It’s official time. People come and go on the street. It’s very hot. Section 13: Phoenix leaves the city as the first brothel.
No matter what Fengliru does to her, she should not have the idea of leaving.
In fact, it’s not just Xiaoxue … Women in this world think so.
Phoenix left the city today, and people came and went in a hurry. It was very lively.
A handsome and fair man in a pink robe shook a jade fan and looked on both sides of the street.
When his eyes fell on the place called "Qingfeng Building" in front, his beautiful lips gently evoked a smirk [
Rocking the jade fan, she came to the front of Qingfeng Building and stopped.
At the door, I heard a burst of melodious piano inside.
Also accompanied by a burst of laughter into Jiang Xue ears.
She raised her eyebrows slightly and shook the jade fan in her hand.
The agility and elegance, coupled with her beautiful and extraordinary face, immediately attracted a series of admiring eyes.
The daughter pretends that she is fresh and refined, which makes people forget the customs.
Dressed as a man, she is handsome, elegant and charming.
Looking up, she looked at the plaque hanging on the head, and her beautiful face with curved corners of her eyes brought a smile.
Is this the Qingfeng Building, the first brothel in Xiaoxuekou?
Xiaoxue said that all the young men in this room are handsome and beautiful, and they are even more beautiful than their daughter’s house.
Especially in this Qingfeng building, based on beauty is even more breathtaking.
If she slept with this based woman once, she will never want to marry another man again in this life.
It’s this based sex that’s particularly weird.
He must choose the woman who wants to be with him in spring night for a while.
Not only that, but he also chose a girl born on a cloudy day in a cloudy year.
I smell that women who were once with him in spring night are now his concubines.
Willing to stay by his side and wait on him
Whether the smell is true … or exaggerated, she Jiang Xue Bud will soon find out.