The pig charm!

Chu Yun wants to see how amazing this skill is! ?
When the talisman hit the other side, the spirit of Yan was still floating in the air and immediately fell off.
"Hum, hum, hum …"
Yan Ling immediately turned into a little white pig, and what’s even more amazing is that this little white pig will bark.
"Too strong" Chu Yun directly ran and kicked out, directly kicked the pig over and kicked out a small injury
"Amitabha" Chu Yun felt that it was cruel to do so!
"Hem hem hem hem …"
After being kicked to the ground, the pig barked as if he had a great grievance to express.
Five seconds later, the little white pig recovered its appearance and it directly sprayed a fire.
Chu Yun is too lazy to hide and see the power of the other side.
Two injuries, the first one was very small, and the second flame explosion directly cut off nearly 10,000 injuries. I don’t think this must be the first skill of Yan Ling!
Wang Ling!
Chu Yun is very satisfied with the pig charm. He wants to try the Wang Ling charm now.
When Wang Ling Fu hit Yan Lingqian, he fell from it.
When he fell to the ground, he became a little king.
This king has the size of a hand. Chu Yun’s eyes are staring straight. "It’s great."
Chu Yun went to the king’s side and picked it up directly. "This skill goes against the sky."
—242 (Critical Strike)
Chu Yun severely smashed Wang to the ground, and there was a big injury.
Step step step step …
-14 (crit)-14 (crit)-14 (crit)-14 (crit) …
Chu Yun put his foot on Xiao Wang’s face. How refreshing it would be if Xiao Wang were Qin Tian!
"Ha ha ….." Chu Yun couldn’t help laughing. What if one day he touched Qin Tian and turned him into Wang in full view of the public, and then trampled on him?
Xiao Wang soon became the spirit of Yan. Because of these two skills, Chu Yun is very happy now!
Tie the dragon sound!
After Yan spirit is controlled, Chu Yun’s attack will end when it hits the first place.
Also broke two pieces of xuan and one of them immediately attracted the attention of Chu Yun.
[Wind-fire boots] (cloth armor) Class Shoe-level underground equipment requires 5 levels of attribute magic defense +6 physical defense +6 moving speed +3. It can fly in the air, but the moving speed should be reduced by half. Wind-fire boots can fulfill the dream of human flying in the blue sky.
It’s definitely a good thing to be able to fly even though the moving speed has to be reduced by half.
"I will be happy to give it to Mengyao Mengyao." Chu Yunxin will be able to shine in the magic martial arts competition with these shoes.
Chapter 24 Flame Dragon!
After meeting two Yan spirits, Chu Yun did not meet again, but moved forward step by step carefully.
This time around latosolic red Chu Yun believe that if it weren’t for inflammation dragon ball protector estimates that they will become warped braid.
"Hey, what is this?" In front of Chu Yun is a hill-like rock slope, but it’s not like a rock slope.
Chu Yun may feel nothing when he touches it because it is a dragon ball.
"How is this like a snake scale?" This rock slope is really like snake scales.
Chu Yun flew directly, but when he flew to the middle, he was completely stupid.
This is not a hillside. It’s a dragon!
Yes, dragons! Just like those winged dragons in the western world
Dragon head, dragon wings, dragon tail and big dragon body!
Chu Yun commanding he is absolutely not wrong not cold sweat straight drop.
Grandma, my God, are you kidding me?
This dragon is red, and it is obviously an phlogistic dragon. I don’t know why there is such a huge phlogistic dragon in this place.
Yan Wang lung level 5 life level 52 Shen Xuan introduced that it was an out-and-out local dragon that swallowed a strange pearl three years ago and thus mutated into Yan Wang lung. Not only was the magic attack powerful, but even the physical attack was equally outstanding.
Dragon Claw gives the enemy some physical damage and local magic damage at the same time.
The explosive bomb spewed out a fireball that exploded, and the magical attack power was shocking.
The fire curtain forms a flame shield to resist 5% damage.
Longzhen can stun the biological department in range 1 for 5 seconds.
Flame star rain; This is a super-wide attack, but the relative attack power is a little small.
The dragon king’s flame wave single attack gives the enemy powerful fire magic damage.
The pure physical attack of the dragon’s claw and dance attacks the enemy, causing terrible physical damage.
The group attack of the sacred flame can make Fiona Fang barren for a mile, and the magic attack power is amazing
After reading the skills, Chu Yun was shocked and speechless. Why don’t you die?