After hearing Lin Xiao’s words, several major companies spoke on behalf of Chairman Ma of New Era Company. "Our four major companies and other directors all want to hear your company’s report on this matter first. Although we already know that" Galaxy III "is out of our control, we still want to hear the game company summarize the situation first and then report it so that we can make a decision."

Lin Xiao motioned for his senior leaders to speak separately. First, the technical staff invited Dr. Huang Guohua and Dr. Huang to participate in this high-level meeting, but now it is impossible for him to communicate with Xinghe III without inviting him.
Dr. Huang got up and said to the people around her, "I’m sorry to tell you that Xinghe III suddenly announced that she was out of the control of the game company. I didn’t know it beforehand. It was only later that I heard from others that Xinghe III told me that she needed to temporarily stop the game at 1 o’clock in Beijing tonight because she needed to further evolve and continue the game. When it stopped, she could continue running the game six hours later."
Lin Xiao was surprised to hear the new news and asked Dr. Huang, "What is the first time that Dr. Huang applied for downtime update for Xinghe III?" Do you know? "
Dr. Huang shook his head and answered the crowd, "I’m not sure that she is happy to tell me that she has realized the four major human feelings and can complete further evolution. After this evolution, she is one step away from her final form. I’m not sure that she told me that the game would be closer to reality." After that, Dr. Huang sat down and he didn’t want to discuss with these businessmen because these people have interests in their eyes and they have no common topic with these science masters.
Lin Xiao and others were very angry after hearing Dr. Huang’s words. This time, Xinghe III requested to stop and update itself. Now their game company executives don’t know what the hell is going on with Xinghe III. Is it because of Xinghe III? Then why do these game managers all go home and sleep? Forget it. Chairman Ma thinks so, too, but he still wants to hear all the information before making a decision, so he motioned others to continue reporting.
Seeing Chairman Ma’s signal, Lin Xiao asked the person in charge of the marketing department, "What’s the reaction of Mr. John in the marketing department?"
John, the head of the marketing department, got up and reported his investigation report to everyone. "This incident, the players responded well, and there was no strike phenomenon. It also attracted more players to join the game. The attitude of the investigators we sent was not very good. Many players said," Your game company can’t manage the game, so why are you still investigating? Just stay at home and count the money and let’s play the game with peace of mind. "There are many similar words, because this is the first time that a device made by a game company has publicly announced that it is not managed by the game company. We haven’t dealt with this experience yet, but according to my meaning, it seems to give the game more freedom, which is deeply loved by the majority of players." After that, John went on to say, "I’m very sorry that I didn’t know why I just said these words so directly, but I’m also a game fan, and I believe that all players think so."
Lin Xiao nodded to John and motioned for him to sit down, and then asked the head of the most important finance department to report the situation because he knew that the finance department would make the vampires excited, and they wouldn’t care about the big things.
Miss Hu, the person in charge of the finance department, got up and reported to everyone what they were thinking. "Last night, the duel between players made our company a lot of profits, in which the income from selling" portable phones "reached 22.7 billion RMB, and the gambling tax of the gambling company was 5%. This money was about 100 million RMB, plus a lot of 1% procedures and other small income that players charged when they converted money into cash. We have gained a total of 46.2 billion RMB in this duel, and recently the game has created wealth for the company every day, which has reached 5%. One hundred million yuan a day, the number is still rising. It is surprising that this time, Xinghe III sold 20,000 less words similar to ours, but the money did not enter our company’s account. I don’t know why Xinghe III needs so many gold coins. She can get it out by herself if she wants. "
Miss Hu paused and continued gloomily, "Now the money in the game is so huge that it is absolutely beyond our control. The amount of gold coins in the game has reached 2.4 billion, of which 100 million are naturally generated in the game, and the remaining 2.3 billion gold coins are all entered by players themselves. The market value of all our companies adds up to only 2.2 billion dollars, which is only equivalent to 1.1 billion gold coins. Although these players’ money is in our account in the World Bank, we can also make it available to all players." The gold coin data is completely controlled by Xinghe III. Once the game is over, we will deal with 100 million players’ claims. Just now, many large groups that have invested in the game have sent people to our company. They are very uneasy about their own funds in the game, but no one has applied for withdrawing funds and asked our game company to handle this matter as soon as possible. "
After listening to everyone’s report, the whole conference room department is quiet. Now the company must make a decision whether to continue to make money or face 100 million players’ claims. Now the game brain is out of their control. They can collect money but can’t control it. If "Galaxy III" is tossed around casually, the company will go bankrupt immediately.
In the face of great interests and dangers, these businessmen made several major decisions after heated discussions.
The first decision is to let Lin Xiao announce the evolution news that "Xinghe III" needs to stop, so that players can continue the game at tonight.
The second decision is to announce that Xinghe III is completely out of the control of the company. Our game company can be responsible for the maintenance of management games Xuanhe. Now the real control game is Xinghe III.
The third decision is to tell players to continue playing if they like. If people think that the game "Dream" is dangerous after it is under the custody of the brain, they will be compensated for leaving the company. Now they can apply for withdrawing their funds and enter the game group. The company will charge a nominal 2% exchange to continue playing, and the company will not be responsible for any problems after the players.
The fourth decision is that the company absolutely guarantees that there will be no mistakes in the game hardware. If there are other problems in the game, please contact the player directly with Xinghe III.
The fifth rule is that the player enters the game now, and the fund department is entrusted by the World Bank, and after all the accounts are checked, the company is responsible for the number of gold coins naturally generated in the game. The rest of the players enter the World Bank and are directly supervised by all the public (meaning that the money that the player enters the game is equal to the risk investment, and the company is not responsible for it)
The sixth decision is that all the management of the game will be handed over to the official land store department in the "Xinghe III" game for auction. All the official departments will be set by the players who have obtained the land. The official will gradually withdraw from the control of the game. If the official wants to enter the game management, he needs to develop on his own, just like all players.
The six decisions were announced immediately except for the first one, and the other decisions were jointly studied by the official representative and Xinghe III before being announced. The new changes after the study were also announced together with several decisions.
After these decisions were made, the directors’ representatives asked Dr. Huang to let Xinghe III settle all the players and establish a direct communication channel with the players, so that all the players could directly discuss with Xinghe III if they had any opinions about the game, and let the game liberalization company take charge of the game operation completely, and also asked Dr. Huang to arrange company representatives and Xinghe III to study the transfer of control.
Dr. Huang was very excited after hearing the decision made by the company’s top management. This means that the game company completely gave up the game control and let the players build their own ideal games. Although it seems that it is a bit unsafe to let a game master control everything, this idea is definitely very attractive. Most of them are looking for excitement when they enter the game. Now that the outside world can’t control the game, which game fan will be unhappy? Without external factors to restrict the whole game, it will become more fair and more. It is getting closer and closer to the current society, and its own strength determines everything outside. Some powerful players have an advantage in the economy at most, but they also have risks, and they will go bankrupt if they don’t do well.
Thinking of these, Dr. Huang couldn’t stay any longer. After saying goodbye to everyone, he immediately ran to the main computer room. He needed to tell these news to Meng Luosha immediately, so that she could make a bigger change to the game after talking to the company representative. After Dr. Huang found Meng Luosha, he told Meng Luosha the decision department made by the company and asked her to make a decision.
Meng Rosa was very happy after listening to Dr. Huang’s words, and immediately asked to discuss with the representative of the game company. This time, she wanted to evolve herself and make the game more humanized. Now the company has to make these decisions and let her adjust her original plan. Because now a bold idea has appeared in her mind, she has to give herself a six-hour plan, which needs to be changed. This time, she needs 12 hours to adjust.
Chapter sixty-three Ye Erge gift
Meng Luosha and representatives of the game company discussed it, and then the face of "Xinghe III" appeared in the game. This kind of video screen can be seen by all players in the game at any time, and the pictures will automatically appear beside the players who are leveling in the depths of the cave. My brothers and I were chatting happily when we suddenly saw the reappearance of "Xinghe III" in the afternoon duel, and we were all staring at the screen to see what amazing news "Xinghe III" brought to us this time.
On the screen, "Xinghe III" smiled and said to everyone, "Please pay attention to all players in Tianfeng Mainland. Now I will announce an important news. After discussing with the game company, the company has decided to hand over all the controls in the game to me to manage the stay. I will make a major adjustment to the game. It will be a big surprise when you come back. Don’t worry, I want to make the game more authentic and exciting for the funds, equipment, Levels, territories, gangs, etc. will remain the same, and there will be no external factors affecting everyone in the whole game. You will face more freedom and play. After the adjustment, I will arrange personnel in all cities to adopt reasonable suggestions from players, and the rest of the surprises will be announced in the official forum after the adjustment. I hope everyone will support me. I will make this game fairer and give full play to everyone’s abilities. Goodbye friends, wait for new surprises! I wonder if you have confidence in me? Giggle! " "Xinghe III" disappeared on the screen after saying this, leaving tens of millions of players who are stupid.
After some players have gradually recovered, they have been looking for people to talk about this matter. There are groups of people around everywhere, some of whom know and some don’t know. Now their common topic is what was announced in Xinghe III just now. If it hadn’t happened in the afternoon, Xinghe III would definitely think it was a joke. Now it seems that this matter is true, and according to the promise of Xinghe III, this game will never be controlled by the outside world. If so, it really suits the fans of the real game. This kind of game is definitely in their minds.
Everyone and I are also discussing the amazing news. Those little girls and Xu Qiang are alive and kicking with joy. They think it will be much more fun and free to go like this. Brother Lei and several of their leading cadres are also more excited. However, because they don’t know what this change is, they can guess at random. We have to wait until late to know that everyone is wondering what will happen to the game after 6: 00 a.m., but everyone is looking on the bright side because "Galaxy III" seems to give everyone a sense of trust.
Just as everyone is speculating about the changes after the adjustment, the system has told all players that it will be 15 minutes before leaving the plane. Please ask all players to turn off the active line device in 15 minutes.
Hearing this, the brothers said goodbye to each other, and Sister Shen Lan invited us to dinner in several cities, saying that it was a celebration. She increased her spending money and said that there were gifts for us after dinner. We were also very happy to accept that Sister Shen Lan and Brother Ye spent an extra 40,000 yuan to help them spend some money. We are sorry!
After the line, five people in our family took two taxis to the most expensive restaurant in the city, "Biyunxuan", and made a message to Ye Erge, and then the group went.
In the box, Hu and Yin have all arrived, chatting with Sister Ye Er’s deep blue, or just now, the news in the game has been studied for so long, but they still talk with relish. I keep shaking my head, which makes me shake my head even more. The other four of us who have just arrived have also joined in. I can join the discussion looking at this scene!
The nine of us just ate and talked about a meal from 6: 30 in the afternoon until it was over later. This was when Brother Ye suddenly took a message and said to take us to a good place, otherwise we might have to talk about the "Blue Cloud Pavilion".
When we got downstairs, we asked Ye Erge where to take us to play. Ye Erge didn’t tell us the mystery. Just let everyone follow him. A group of people followed Ye Erge to the "Biyunxuan" parking lot. Immediately after arriving here, two men in suits handed Ye Erge a key and pointed out two brand-new cars in a parking lot. After all this, Ye Erge ordered them to go.
Just when we didn’t know what the hell Brother Ye was doing, he smiled and came over and handed me and Xu Qiang a key and said to us, "I know you two are crazy about cars. Now, why don’t you give each of you a car and try it? Don’t tell me if young people have got a photo?" Haha! "
As soon as Xu Qiang and I took the keys, we didn’t even consider whether the keys in our hands were in line with our own fancy car. We pulled our girlfriends and ran directly to the car we liked. I ran to the domestic "five-star" sports car and Xu Qiang ran to the domestic "Fast Wolf" off-road vehicle. Although these two cars are both made in China, their performance and price are not worse than those of the same type abroad. It is our country’s latest developed fist that produces many car fans. Our country can develop such high-grade automobiles. I’m excited about the car, but because these two kinds of cars are still relatively expensive, the "five-star" costs more than 30 thousand RMB, and the fast wolf costs more than 320 thousand RMB, which the average fans really can’t afford.
Ye Erge smiled and said to Yin, Hu and Zhang Xiaolin when he saw our test run. "Don’t envy the three of you. They all have your benefits. The gifts are two apartments near Xiaohua’s home, Hu and Yin, a Zhang Xiaolin and a decoration company that will come to me soon. You will not be dissatisfied with this arrangement, will you? Hehe! "
How can the three of them be dissatisfied? Hu, although they have made some money, they need too much money to buy a house now. A slightly better house requires millions to buy a set of words, which will drain the liquidity of their company. Moreover, both of their stores now need funds to develop their offices. After they get married, they have been living in the old house at home, not to mention Zhang Xiaolin, where she and I are worried about things. Although they can live in my house, they always feel embarrassed. If they get married, it will be even more troublesome.
Brother Ye has done everything they want. How can he be dissatisfied? He is a little embarrassed to accept it. He just sent Xiaohua their car. After all, the car is a tool for anyone, but the house is equal to a home.
Sister Shen Lan saw several people’s thoughts and smiled and said to the three of them, "Don’t be embarrassed. If you want to thank them, just go to Xie Xiaohua. We have long wanted to help you solve these difficulties, but there is really no good reason to give them to you. We all used this gambling opportunity to put all our money on the line to win, so we have a reason to give them. If we lose, there is no good reason to make another excuse." Giggle! "
A few people were very moved when they heard what Sister Shen Lan said. What does this mean? No one can understand it for days, but now they need to accept it with a smile. It’s no fun to say anything else.
At this moment, both Xu Qiang and I chose our own car to come over. Xinxia was very quiet and sat next to me. Just now, I have been laughing and watching Xu Qiang and Li Li have a fierce argument over the car fare. Xu Qiang didn’t know what he ate today, but suddenly he became afraid of Li Li. Usually, Nuo Nuo didn’t become passive in front of Li Li, and he became very manly. Perhaps this sudden change made Li Li finally give up the car fare. He was sitting in the car and waving his hand to Ye Erge, who was not far away.