"Ha ha!" Ye Lingfeng said with some sadness, "You say this because you have got your own love and met someone who is willing to be like this! Qianyu, why did you choose me? It’s just that my achievements against the sky are hard to limit. Don’t Qianyu want to be the peak of this world? Wrong, he thinks he misses you more than anyone else. He retaliates against Caiyi Valley for revenge. No, he needs less power to counter the power of the Holy King! "

"impossible!" Cheng Yi flatly denied!
"How is it impossible? You know this better than I do! You should have seen a thousand feather hearts! "
At that time, the atmosphere between the two people was dignified! A moment later, Ye Lingfeng slowly said, "In fact, what men want to be stronger and gain more power is just to protect people around them. Maybe many people have lost their way and become power puppets, but their original intentions are probably the same!" As you said, the world is too cold, and the cold makes people feel cold. We monks, especially whether it is a small sect struggle or a big sect check and balance! All this is accompanied by the killing and the demise of life. If you want to be born in this world, you need strength. If you want to make people around you happy, you need more strength to force an innocent child to become crazy. There are two love realities! Love makes people realize the beautiful reality but crush it! If I don’t grow stronger, don’t say that my relatives and beloved women may be irretrievably hurt. I’m not a Buddha who can’t give up heaven and man without one person. Then I must give up something to gain strength and strength. Enemies and opponents will not give up attacking you and those you value because of your kindness and cowardice. Although this is extreme, I don’t want to wait until I lose it! "
"This is a contrary view. Since you don’t want your relatives to get hurt, you may be the biggest harm to them, aren’t you?"
"The world is contrary, isn’t it?" Ye Lingfeng got up and smiled. "What’s the saying? Like father, like demon children, they have a natural chance to kill people. You can’t have arrogance in the bones of strong children! "
"You are crazy!"
"You are not much better after talking to a crazy person for so long!"
"Maybe knowing your madness is my greatest luck and misfortune!"
Ye Lingfeng and Cheng Yi smiled at each other and burst out laughing. The tacit understanding came into being quietly at this moment!
"Elder sister, we should go out! This place is very chatty! "
Cheng Yi asked with a smile, "How do you know I have a way out!"
Ye Lingfeng said, "I don’t believe that if the leader of the orange fairy was killed by someone who was carried away by anger, you should be unable to leave just now because that talent and skill consumed too much strength!" Besides, you want to know more from me before you chat with me. Now that you know everything, your strength has almost recovered. It’s time to go! And you seem to have secretly taken away a lot of honey brewed by tarantula bees over there. Uh-huh! "
Cheng yiyu has to say that Ye Lingfeng’s quick reaction, careful observation and the most important thing is that her analytical ability is debunked by Ye Lingfeng. She has nothing to be embarrassed about. She waved her orange brilliance. Shandong Xiaguang waved directly from Cheng Yi and jumped into Xiaguang with Ye Lingfeng in a flash. Both of them appeared in the original colorful snake cave. Everything seemed like a dream!
"No!" Cheng Yi took out a stone engraved with spells from the ground and explained, "This is a small array. When you crossed the sky, I left it as a one-way array. It’s very simple. I knew it was difficult for a tarantula to get out of its hive, so I had to leave it in advance. However, this array requires a lot of spiritual power. Just solved, the tarantula bee usually can’t do it!"
"Good magic teach me! This thing is very convenient! "
"Want to learn! Ask the two sisters to hear more. I’ll call you if I’m in a good mood! "
"Elder sister hungry? I’m thirsty, my sister’s shoulders are sour! "
"Tell you a secret! This array is made of thousands of feathers. I just take it off the shelf. In fact, I won’t do it either! "
"Grandpa, you are kidding me!"
"That’s right, just playing you!"
"Ha ha ha!"
Chapter three hundred and sixty-three, the cold valley
"Elder sister, are you sure this practice is effective!"
Cheng Yi and Ye Lingfeng walk side by side in the sunny tree-lined path. It’s not accurate to say that Cheng Yi is floating with his feet off the ground, while Ye Lingfeng is miserable. There are six ice hockey balls around him, and they keep dodging around according to certain rules. Cheng Yi keeps spinning!
"Of course there is nonsense!"
Cheng Yi stretched himself comfortably, enjoying the afternoon sunshine and the coolness brought by ice hockey.
All this stems from Ye Lingfeng’s idea of fighting together with ten monster beast souls by condensing his ten magic ways of ice. I hope I can find out where to find the monster beast! At this point, Cheng Yi followed a lot of reference opinions, but also the most important question was that the monster beast injected with the power of ghosts and gods in the underworld would lose its spiritual wisdom. How to control it is a problem. The original Ye Lingfeng was thinking of keeping part of the souls of these monsters, but this was denied by Cheng Yi. Because they can withstand the power of ghosts and gods, the monster beast must have excellent talents and keep part of the souls. If the monster beast is likely to break through the bondage, it will bite Ye Lingfeng! If you want to practice Ye Lingfeng’s ten-square ice magic road, you must perfectly control and control the fighting ability of ten monster beasts at the same time!
So Cheng Yi let Ye Lingfeng condense the ice hockey to practice, so there was a scene just now! It’s been more than half a month since the wolf spider came out of the queen’s nest. In Cheng Yi, two people were asked to give up their flight and head for the cold wind valley where a monk gathered in the monster beast forest! One is to supply some things, and the other is to compare the news there, and you may find a trail suitable for Ye Lingfeng to sacrifice the monster beast. If you touch a few terrans with short eyes, Cheng Yi doesn’t mind starting work! Wu Zong, of course!
According to Cheng Yi, Cold Wind Valley was founded by a Wu Zun. Every generation of valley owners’ successors must be a Wu Sheng and need to make an oath to stay in Cold Wind Valley forever. There are three rules in Cold Wind Valley. First, no one is allowed to start work. Second, no forced buying and selling. Third, if Cold Wind Valley encounters something, try your best to help it! There are a lot of criticisms on the third point, but generally speaking, few people don’t look for trouble in the cold wind valley. After all, this is a pure land in the monster beast forest, and there is no dispute that can make people have a good rest. Every cold wind valley owner seems to be nice again and again, and most people are responsive to going to the cold wind valley. To some extent, all the major sects in China have some friendship with the cold wind valley owner
"So you know the owner of the cold wind valley!"
"Is that necessary? Are we still good friends?"
"Just kidding! A good friend of Wu Sheng and Wu Zong is cheating ghosts! "
"Well, just lying to you?"
After some good nutrition bickering, Ye Lingfeng and Cheng Yi came to the entrance of the cold wind valley, saying that the valley is actually a town that is not too big. The noise of stepping over the enchantment is endless! It is very prosperous!
Looking at a face of excitement, Ye Lingfeng Cheng Yi was very uneasy and said, "Let’s go to the restaurant to inquire about the news and eat something by the way. Be careful not to hook up with the little girl and don’t offend others!"
"Well, isn’t it that we can’t do it here anyway?" Ye Lingfeng asked innocently!
I knew it! Cheng Yi has a very bad feeling!
However, it seems that this time Cheng Yi’s premonition is not very accurate. Ye Lingfeng honestly purchased a lot of pills to prepare for a long-term trip. He also selected a good weapon and then ate quietly. Although Cheng Yi deeply despised Ye Lingfeng’s extremely shameful shopping technology, Cheng Yi still felt very good and powerful when he looked at the things he bought back by saving five layers of expenses!
"Elder sister, you see there is snow Wolf meat! It’s a monster beast of Wu Zong level! Very rare! "
Hear Ye Lingfeng problem Cheng Yi suddenly feel a black line don’t know don’t blather? Look like I don’t know this guy! Sure enough, after Ye Lingfeng’s words came out, a loud sound started!
"Ha ha ha! Doesn’t this idiot know that the specialty of Cold Wind Valley is Snow Wolf? I really don’t know how to go home and drink milk! "
Although it is not allowed to start work in the cold wind valley, the strong still follow the principle of respecting. Of course, your generation can stay in the cold wind valley! But being targeted is indispensable!
Ye Lingfeng twist a head to see the speaker is a strong man with a dark face Ye Lingfeng took a look at Cheng Yi himself. The elder sister is obviously not ready to help. Ye Lingfeng doesn’t mind saying lightly, "You are not the first to say that I am an idiot. My sister often says so. She also said that there are usually two kinds of winners who compete with an idiot." It is better than an idiot to lose two idiots! "
"Ha ha ha ha!"
Ye Lingfeng’s voice fell soon and there was a burst of laughter in the restaurant. Ye Lingfeng smiled to have an effect!
"Little doll, who are you? Send a name!"
Because of the cold wind valley rules, the big man can’t start work, but it’s unreasonable to be laughed at so much and not get back some games! When you come from your desk and thud into Ye Lingfeng and a pair of big brothers in Cheng Yi! They have a look at the drama. They have already prepared to stay away from a few tables. Let’s wait and see the situation quietly. After all, it’s lively. This big fellow is Peng Tian, a monster beast forest. Although he has the strength of Wu Zong, he is born in a corpse and has a very high ghost-fighting thing, and there are still several strange companions who can’t repair low spirits. He is a big monster beast forest! Look down on it over there. I think it’s a new kid! Can you get out of the monster forest or two words if you mess with Peng Tianhou? But that woman looks familiar, as if she had seen it before! People who often hang out in the monster beast forest have paid attention to Cheng Yi. After all, the seven main valleys of the colorful coat valley are also the cold wind valley, but Cheng Yi is still famous!
But I haven’t been here for a long time. At the moment, no one has associated her with the orange fairy. After all, the orange fairy won’t associate with the Terran!
Peng Tianyi, the big fellow over there, sat down and showed his strength. He wanted to bow Ye Lingfeng’s head. Who expected Ye Lingfeng to laugh and drink and eat food and laugh with Cheng Yi? He didn’t take him seriously. The first time Ye Lingfeng came to China, he met Wu Sheng all the way. Which time he started work was not one or two levels higher than himself? Of course, Lu Yue and her brother didn’t count! If you can’t even carry a momentum of Wu Zong, Ye Lingfeng will simply wash and sleep, and make a trip to the monster forest! Ye Lingfeng doesn’t mind here, but it doesn’t mean that Cheng Yi is easy to talk about who we meet when we go to Orange Dress Fairy. It’s not diffuseness, colorful clothes, fairy illusion and busy arrival, even if Wu Huang meets, we should weigh it. Dare to be so arrogant in front of your face. There are really few when Cheng Yi doesn’t talk. Wu Zong actually meets Peng Tian’s counterattack and directly pushes Peng Tiansheng three feet. Although it is the same as Wu Zong, it is also hierarchical. If you throw the martial arts and practice the Millennium Cheng Yi by special means, it is suspected that it is a super-class master in Wu Zong, whether it is the purity of spiritual power or the control of power and the fight against Cheng Yi. The tarantula queen is a first-class master! And in the sight of this Peng Tian, although he is also a martial arts student, his strength is mostly in the body. Simply fighting strength can also be regarded as a second-rate master to a first-class master! It is also necessary to be pushed by Cheng Yi!
Experts will know if there is any Cheng Yi who can see the doorway naturally in the eyes of all people. It’s a lot to see! Who would have thought that Ye Lingfeng, the king of Wu, was accompanied by a Wu Zong? Maybe this is a small school, but it doesn’t look like it!
At this time, Ling Ye Feng actually reached out and pulled up Peng Tian and said, "What happened to you, big brother? Were you too tired to rest last night?"
"Ha ha ha!"
There was another burst of laughter around, and all the men present could listen to the meaning of Bai Lingfeng’s words. Several women also knew what Ye Lingfeng meant when she said she was too tired after a little thinking. She spat out a shame and turned her head away from the reality, but she was interested in this engaging teenager!
"Who are you?"
Peng Tianyi dumped Ye Lingfeng and took his hand, which was awkward. If you want to get this theory back, how can you get along in the cold wind valley? I’m waiting to find out who you are!
"Me?" Ye Lingfeng smiled and stretched out his hand and waved the ring engraved with the symbol of shushan in front of his eyes!
"It turned out that Shaoxia of Shushan Sword Sect was disrespectful!"