Red bean cake answered firmly, boring and soy sauce. We breathed a sigh of relief and continued to cheer happily. We didn’t care what red bean cake told them just now, like re-installing the No.5 pool.

Looking at the red bean cake with tearful eyes, I choked for a long time and jumped with the greatest enthusiasm.
Seeing all kinds of climbing on their bodies and playing soy sauce, they felt uncomfortable. Red bean cakes tried to adjust the role of the game, and Nai smiled when they found themselves merging and getting rid of it.
[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar That … What friends are running away now?
There is no such thing as soy sauce. The people are very satisfied and cheering. They have always been sensitive and eager to learn. They asked fudge eagerly before mung bean cake and asked a surprise.
[Nearby] Mung bean cake Er … This …
The fact that mung bean cake is hesitant has not changed his mind yet. Why did his brother just tell the truth? Is this a temporary rupture? Just to cover your eyes? Confuse people? Give others the illusion?
But what doesn’t he know? Mung bean cake racked his brains and wondered if it was practical that his brother was going to be an executive.
No way. If his brother goes to be an executive, it is estimated that he will tell anyone about any major event in their gang. It’s too risky. It’s impossible for mung bean cake to shake his head.
[Nearby] Soft Soft Sugar Scratches Face/
Looking at fudge with koo’s curious expression and looking at him, mung bean cake is very guilty. Strange to say, this group of people’s reflex nerves seem to have always hindered their performance, but the soy sauce makers have never been white until now, and they can’t avoid it.
I guess I feel too good about myself.
The … At this time, I would be so puzzled to ask him. Mung bean cake looked at the fudge in front of me and thought of some black lines.
While the mung bean cake is still struggling to tell the truth, the red bean cake is very happy.
[Nearby] Red bean cake laughs/no ~ They had something to do before ~
[Nearby] Red bean cake Why don’t I take you with me ~
As soon as this was said, no matter how cheerful the soy sauce makers were, mung beans almost stared at their brother in an instant.
Did he just read it wrong?
This is the fucking waiting trough!
Is his brother his own brother?
He tried his best to attract this group of lai’s attention and let the organizations go first with a heart of heroic death for the people and enduring grief.
And now?
What did his brother say?
Take them? !
Is this water? Is it water or water?
At this time, Mung Bean Cake said that he couldn’t understand his brother’s fantasy idea. Unfortunately, they were always separated by a brain. Mung Bean Cake could almost stare people’s eyes and could not penetrate the screen and network cable to make Red Bean Cake feel it.
Mung bean can watch his brother cross the horse and leave with a group of soy sauce players who are refreshed again before they can protest.
It was not until the mung bean cake was about to disappear from sight that I remembered something and quickly reported it to the team and rode away.
Probably they have reached the hanging bottle by now.
At the thought of mung bean cake with a depressed face and a pair of expressions of "I have done great things to save my compatriots’ broken sad hearts for us", a group of people behind the red bean cake were extremely hospitable when they saw their little friends, and Zuo Tangtang couldn’t imagine how sad it would be for them to hang bottles that were not easy to slip away.
That’s all.
It’s enough that everyone has nothing to worry about
Looking at his character Zuo Tangtang behind Shishi, he smiled faintly.
Although soy sauce makers don’t have any bad feelings in their hearts, they don’t have any special reaction to everything told by red bean cakes, such as talking so much, but just casually.
No one responded at the place.
Or, to be more precise, they all know.
What she doesn’t know
Pulling the list of friends next to it, looking at Zuo Tangtang, who hasn’t taken the initiative for a long time, is somewhat hesitant to slide the mouse line of sight and unconsciously look at the list. Gray means that the name of kelp is still so conspicuous when it is far away from the players.
After watching Zuo Tangtang for a moment, I still hit the chat box.
[Private chat] Pig’s trotters stewed in the north finch?