When he spent two days on the island of criminal punishment, the number of bound xuanshi has exceeded 40,000. If he goes at this rate for five days at most, he can reach the realm of imperial heaven and law, and it is not a problem for Zhang Ye to raise his total combat effectiveness to 25 after entering the imperial heaven and law.

However, Ye Zhang can’t wait for five days now, because the second competition on the side of the famous god has ended. Unfortunately, although their skills are good and their skills are very thorough, they still can’t survive for 2 minutes in the hands of the blood wolf and the old ghost.
The third tournament will be the last day of the preliminary round in three days. On that day, people like Remnant Blood and Angry Inflammation can’t back down and have to play. In the eyes of soul-eating, Blood Wolf and old ghost, Remnant Blood, punk and Angry Inflammation, which are famous in glitz, are the biggest goals for them to participate in the tournament.
Ye Zhang finally continued to stick to the last day on the island of punishment and won 140,000 binding Xuanshi, so he could not stay any longer. He and Zhiruo rushed back to the bloody carnival hill while the whole famous Shenfeng Army was in a dull place.
Two wars and two defeats, and one person can enter the semi-finals. This result is likely to make everyone feel depressed. For these players, it is just to improve their strength and play with equipment. Isn’t it better to get ahead in the arena? Most players are thinking like this.
After all, players like toothbrush superman are few, and some players who can get the best in life skills are even more pitiful. Therefore, the disappointment of remnant blood and others among the famous gods is getting louder and louder. In the past two days, more and more players have retired from the bloody carnival.
The popularity accumulated by the remnant blood in the Honggao decisive battle is almost exhausted by the recent downturn. If the hero can’t do what the hero should do, then what qualifications do the players have to bow down at your staff?
Players’ sense of honor in online games is very weak, and most of them are based on their own interests, and the residual blood is not Feng Zhi’s experience of operating online games for more than ten years without Somali night. Nowadays, the number of players who quit the bloody carnival accounts for 4% of the original guild players.
This suspicion is a desperate proportion, but the verdict has been won before the war started. It is a great shame for a commander like Residual Blood.
"Ye Zhang, you must play in the ring in one day!"
It was a whirlwind of tears that established his position in the game and reality. Residual Blood sent the first command to Ye Zhang, and Zhang Ye nodded immediately after listening to it. He knew that this time was like a competitive game in which someone needed to come out to drive the rhythm.
"I will play, but my opponent can’t be a blood wolf, a soul eater, an old ghost, and a fierce god."
Ye Zhang added to anger inflammation and teddy boy one leng but residual blood and Feng Zhi nodded after glances.
"I’ll arrange the details. I think the blood wolves should also agree that this competition will be much more interesting without you."
The words of residual blood made Angyan and others come for nothing. When it was determined that the scene was boring after the big whirlwind, it was swept away. When Ye Zhang asked about the progress of Ghost Yin and Angyan, they both shook their heads.
Grade 9 Cologne City brings all kinds of deputy and abode of fairies and immortals. Although the rewards are high, they are still at the level of Cang Huang Dao after all, and it is impossible for them to directly challenge the binding xuanshi where the deputy of the imperial heaven realm is located. It is already very good to consolidate 30 thousand xuanshi the day before.
The famous Shenfeng is composed of several teams. Whether it is a core member or a guild or a legion player, everyone’s interests are the same, and the blood wolf can rise to the imperial heaven in 12 days. Obviously, it is beneficial for the team to quit the team immediately after opening the abode of fairies and immortals, so that the blood wolf can enjoy all the benefits exclusively.
"It will take me half a month to get away from the imperial edict!"
Ghost Yin’s words made Ye Zhang’s heart sink. Ghost Yin, because of their own management restrictions, had too many waves. At the beginning, they realized that 20% of players could reach the realm of emperor’s desire for heaven and law. Perhaps it was not really that small, but the whole progress of weeping will be driven by these 20% players.
However, due to the time and technical gap, other players may not even be able to eat bones when they reach the Imperial Heaven Law.
Cang Huang Dao can bind Xuanshi to raise the attribute value. At this point, all shortcuts are blocked. It is not cruel to cry. But now it is more beneficial for Ye Zhang. They can wait patiently until the last preliminary match a day later.
When this day came, when all the contestants arrived at the ring competition, they immediately found a long-awaited whirlwind!
On this day, in addition to Ye Zhang, remnant blood, angry inflammation and others also have to play. Although there is a gap in strength, it is important to participate. Moreover, the number of players in the realm of emperor’s desire for heaven and law is not enough. They also have the possibility of promotion.
"Big whirlwind, are you ready to die?"
The blood wolf went to Zhang Ye’s side to press the bass mouth, and how did Ye Zhang feel that this sentence was so familiar? He looked at the blood wolf in front of him with disdain, and the large group of supporters behind him shook their heads and left.
In the face of this attitude, many die-hard fans behind the blood wolf clamored for the blood wolf to show the blood wolf a good look, and invited the other side out in the preliminary round. However, when the blood wolf raised his hand, the scene suddenly became silent. If there is a player who cries today and has such a powerful charm, it must be the blood wolf.
"What about Brother Cyclone?"
Ang Yan asked this question when Ye Zhang saw from the other person’s face that he had never been nervous. Ang Yan was a militant from the first day when he joined the small whirlwind camp. Today, this atmosphere makes Ang Yan feel that he has a kind of self-confidence in his own strength for the first time in his best field.
"Don’t worry that the final victory must be us!"
Angry inflammation encouraged angry inflammation, and angry inflammation also smiled. At this time, there was not much time left before the race. Residual Blood and Teddy Boy were all preparing. Today, due to the appearance of several important figures, Residual Blood deliberately chose a competition mode instead of competing in the same stage.
"The remnant blood of the first battle chased the moon for Caiyun!"
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-three War!
After the number of players in the last game of the original competition was confirmed, this sound caused a lot of noise. One was the super commander who was popular in glitz, and the other was the rising star who became famous in tears. Although this game was not the most important thing for players, it also attracted the attention of more than one million players.
This is also the result of the organizer’s backstage operation, which can also be regarded as some shady things, and the residual blood is an acceptable situation for both sides to chase the moon with colorful clouds.
The residual blood on the stage has caused many players to cheer, throw their positions and contradictions. If it is not closely related to the great whirlwind, he is definitely the most popular player in glitz, but it is a pity that he is in the wrong position in the eyes of players.
And the colorful clouds chasing the moon also ushered in great cheers when they went on stage. In the Dragonfinch War, the Tiandi Legion was defeated, but there were colorful clouds chasing the moon. A few people propped up the situation and won glory for the Tiandi Legion players. Although the vertical and horizontal days were difficult to develop much due to the restrictions of the 7-level Otmar main city, the players still remembered him.
"Brother Blood doesn’t mind calling you that, does it?"
Caiyun chasing the moon smiled and looked at the residual blood in his heart’s glitz, and several of his most admired and self-sighing top players, one of whom was residual blood, but the great whirlwind was not one of them.
Residual blood nodded his head is still a face of very cool expression at this time two people no longer wordy at the same time.
Dzogchen’s best performance opportunity is the colorful clouds chasing the moon. When he understood the rules of the connection of flashy skills, he found the advantage of an assassin player in the middle of crying, just like Ghost Yin and Famous War.
Although the flashy skills of assassins are too great in the same way, compared with other professions, they have a lot of control skills, and their displacement skills are one of the best flashy. It is precisely for this reason that they can better control their skills to achieve the effect of "lightness skill"
At this time, the colorful clouds chasing the moon are flying and the skills are perfect. In the animation, the Chinese method is locked by the opponent. When the colorful clouds chasing the moon appear, they appear behind the residual blood. However, when the residual blood catching the wind and catching the shadow skills hit the opponent, they captured a residual image because the colorful clouds chasing the moon have shifted.
When Caiyun chased the moon and calculated her skill cooling, after completing a very ethereal displacement, the first attack hit the residual blood body, but the damage value made several players stunned because it was really pitiful.
There are five transformations of jade skill in the practice of residual blood. One of the effects is that the damage is very low and almost damaged. Although there is no fixed probability of this damage, it is conceivable that the word "damage" can be used to say that the effect is that ordinary magical attack can hit high damage.
Moreover, the mysterious overlord effect will not affect the residual blood, such as flying and repelling. It is almost a person who fights when he is attacked and hit. This time, although the residual blood lost the first hand, it is already very dominant from the perspective of damage exchange between the two sides.
"Brother Blood, what is your magic?"
Caiyun chasing the moon was very surprised at this time, because the result was so unexpected that the residual blood was a smile and the residual blood moved at this time.
Like Feng Zhi, the remnant blood is also a double-edged weapon used by orcs, and his magical power is also a kind of knife cutting, and his strength is very overwhelming. When the remnant blood attacks toward Caiyun chasing the moon, Caiyun suddenly feels a great pressure, just like a hurricane, which makes him want to resist it.
This is the second magical skill cultivated by Canxue Institute. As the name suggests, it is strong and powerful. When the force value is higher than the opponent’s, it will give momentum suppression effect, and there is a certain chance that it will directly cause skill damage depending on the opponent’s defense means.
Canyun chasing the moon can avoid the attack of residual blood, but it didn’t stop it. This attack turned out to be a feint. What he needed was actually a suppression effect before this move, but what he really wanted was some very overbearing interruption skills of an orc warrior career.
When the control effect came into effect, the blood wolf, soul-eater and others in the field also showed dignified expression at this time. Compared with the variants and psychological calculation in the battle, they still have a big gap with the real super masters such as residual blood and Feng Zhi.
However, the blood wolf has reached the imperial heaven, and his force value is very high, and the success rate of these interruption skills is also very low. However, what they see in the eyes of these experts in the same line is not each other’s strength in tears, but a player’s experience in PK field, which is also a valuable asset that Ye Zhang is trying to learn.
"Brother Blood, I lost!"
The remnant blood didn’t kill them all, but left the colorful clouds chasing the moon with about 3% of the life value. These real masters are really graceful in the arena. It’s just like when the remnant blood fought with Feng Zhi outside the Flanders mine, and finally the remnant blood told Ye Zhang that it was a samurai honor. You don’t understand.
At this time, there is no need to kill them all, and there is no limit to reverse the reversal. The result of the battle between the two men, the remnant blood and the colorful clouds chasing the moon, ushered in a deafening applause from several players.
"Ghost Yin vs. Old Ghost in World War II!"
When this sound came out, the scene suddenly calmed down, and all players knew that it would not only be a decisive battle in the ring, but also a feud between the old ghost and the ghost Yin.
When Ghost Yin and Ye Zhang smiled at each other and walked into the ring, there was a flash of hatred in the eyes of the old ghost opposite them, but then they showed the winner’s posture. This was a strong confidence in their own strength and a belief in settling historical grievances together.
On the other hand, Ghost Yin seems to be very calm and indifferent. He has nothing to do with his expression. Although it seems that there is not much suspense in Ghost Yin’s failure at present, the suspected Ghost Yin, like Residual Blood, has a master posture and demeanor, while the old ghost’s mind is obviously relatively narrow, which makes him look very dark and obscene.
However, there are not many other factors in the arena, and the players see it as a fierce collision duel, not something else. The greater the hatred between two people, the better it will be to fight.
Angry inflammation at this time, his heart was tight and his fists were clenched to death. He couldn’t bear to watch the duel. In any way, Ghost Yin had no reason to win.
"Don’t worry, I believe Ghost Yin knows exactly what he is going to do at the moment!"
Ye Zhang walked beside Angyan and smiled at him. He put his hand on his shoulder and looked at a duel not far away.
Chapter seven hundred and twenty-four Give up the game
"It seems that we haven’t been in the arena for a long time."