People like this, even if they are just mortals, Haikui will not be soft-hearted, fair and comfortable with people’s hearts, and they kill people more than they deserve.

"You asked where the things went," Haikui sneered.
"Fuck, he dared to laugh at us," the sand bandit who drove the motorcycle angered.
"Either tell me where things are, or die," the sand bandit in the back seat shot into the air.
Chapter 356 A shot to the head
No one can hear a shot fired in the middle of nowhere. It’s a good place to kill people and steal goods.
Haikui jumped off the truck. "This truck is valuable now, but I can’t give it to you."
"You want to die," the sand bandit in the back seat got off the car and pointed a gun at Haikui. "Do you know what this is?"
Haikui nodded. "Yes, guns."
"Then you fucking dare to talk to me like this, believe it or not, I shot you," said the sand bandit with a gun to Haikui’s head.
Haikui smiled and said, "How dare you take out your toy gun?"
The sand bandit said angrily, "I’ll blow your head off with this gun, believe it or not."
"Don’t believe it," Haikui put his hand on his gun.
Another sand bandit who hasn’t been talking is also angry. "Shoot him."
Without hesitation, the sand bandits pulled the trigger directly.
Boom, it’s still loud. The sand bandits have no doubt that they can crack Haikui’s head, but the next second, his eyes will fall off.
Haikui is still standing, not falling,
"You, you, you …" The sand bandits were surprised and didn’t know what to say.
Haikui handfuls of his gun away. "It’s a pity that you have it in your hand. I’ll take it and keep it for the useful civil air defense bad guys."
Can sand bandits say no? He can’t.
After a few seconds, I realized that my body was already dripping with cold sweat. "Are you a person or a ghost?"
Haikui smiled calmly. "What do you say?"
The sand bandit’s smile was not calm and bitter. "What are you, the devil, that you are not afraid of guns?"
Haikui sneered, "Yes, it’s the devil."
Haikui said that he moved his body and reached out to the sand bandit. The sand bandit shook his body from side to side to hide, but he was still caught by Haikui.
Hai Kui said in a cold voice, "You’ve gone rogue, done so many bad things, brought disasters to so many people, and destroyed so many beautiful families. I won’t kill you, but I’ll imprison your soul, punish you as a spirit sword puppet for a hundred years, and set you free after a hundred years."
Sand bandits shouted, "devil, you really are the devil."
Haikui in his shout, gently press, sand bandits eyes suddenly opened, the whole people don’t move,
When another sand bandit saw this situation, he immediately understood that it was impossible to defeat the man in front of him by his own strength. He also affirmed that it was the devil, and he just threw the motorcycle away before it could turn.
A ghostly figure appeared in front of the sand bandit who was trying to escape, reaching out a little on his forehead, and the whole person bounced back and was bounced back by Haikui’s finger. The sand bandit’s eyes were dark and he lost consciousness.
Haikui sent the two of them into the five-spirit illusion bead, and charged other monsters not to touch them with a magical seal.
Looking up into the distance again, there are four sand bandits waiting for their accomplices to go back in the hiding place.
On the outskirts of the wilderness, gunshots can spread far away, but they never thought that their companions would be dried up. First, the other party is a person, and second, they have guns in their hands.
The four of them are discussing how to finish this ticket, go to Yaosui town in disguise and find some good girls to be happy. When it comes to excitement, they can’t help dancing.