Hei Ember has a righteous face.

"I can’t beat you."
While Lin Ze had already ran back to the call studio, Lin Lang Lin Tianji was still there.
"Yi Aze, why are you back?" Lin Tianji looked at panting Lin Ze and asked.
"Father, father, you can’t finish your contract. My ghosts just told me that you can’t live to be fifty years old like this!"
Lin Ze told Lin Tian Qi Lin Lang about Hei Ember and his speech.
The two men looked at each other with a face of disbelief
"Father, don’t believe me. You can ask to see if your contract is complete!" Lin Ze well expressed the "seriousness" mentioned by the ghost Hei.
Looking at Lin Ze so sure that Lin Lang will track down the spirit of Plymouth together.
Ten seconds Lin Lang tree-lined eyes open to Lin Tianji nodded.
"The contract is incomplete! But he didn’t tell me what the consequences would be. "
"How should Azeri solve this problem?" Lin Lang gazed at Lin Ze in the hope of finding a solution to the problem.
Chapter 52 "lolicon?"
"This ….." Lin Ze don’t know what to say.
"Come on, we can bear it!" Looking at Lin Ze’s tangled expression, Lin Tianji will pay a huge price.
See adoptive father encourage eyes Lin Ze finally determined.
"The only way for father and adoptive father to solve this problem is for you ghosts and gods to cancel the contract!"
"Shout …"
When they heard Lin Ze’s words, they both breathed a sigh of relief, which seemed a lot easier.
Lin Ze looked at two people and asked, "Father, what is this expression? You must find another person to terminate the contract! " He didn’t know that Lin Lang and Lin Tianqi were ready to erode ghosts and gods and lift the contract so that he could sign the contract.
All of us are relieved to hear this solution now.
"Azeri, your adoptive father and I were prepared to let you inherit this ghost house, which has no loss for us."
"Ah …" Lin Ze and Kaijia gloated and the black embers froze.
"Feelings say that I have done it for nothing now?" Hei Ember is in a bad mood.
"You are really idle!"
"KaiJia you …"
"Father, why do you want this?" Lin Ze also don’t understand why they want to do this.
Lin Lang and Lin Tianji looked at Lin Ze kindly and said, "Azeri and your adoptive father are both old, even if they inherit ghosts and gods, there is nothing! And you are still young. Tianqi and I were worried that you would have a conflict with ghosts and gods, but now we find that you are the heir to ghosts and gods. I believe that eroding ghosts and gods must be even greater for you. "
"Father!" Lin Ze’s eyes were wet. He got memories from the memory of Allard and Lin Ze. His father’s cold expression always kept him away. I didn’t expect his father to have prepared such a precious gift himself at this time …
"Since you are willing to inherit Plymouth, get ready. We’ll finish all this later. Go back and rest. Your father and I have to make some preparations."
"Remember to come to us later."
Say that finish Lin Tianji Lin Ze out of the call room again.
No one expected this, and it turned out that there was no need for Lin Ze to plunder talent, so it was decided?
Lin Ze just walked back …
"No, Qingshuang is still in the house!" Lin Ze finally remembered sleeping in bed, and Qing Shuang secretly stepped up.
In a coma, Zhongqingshuang woke up early and found that Lin Ze, who had hugged herself, had disappeared. She was just dreaming, but that dream was so real!
It’s nice to embrace the young master. It’s warm and green. I really miss the young master …
Tears came out again.
And Lin Ze ran back to the room as quickly as possible and saw the girl sobbing silently with her knees down.
See Lin Ze a burst of love gently walked beside the girl.
"Qing Shuang, why are you crying again!"
Hear Lin Zeyin green double suddenly raised his head and threw himself into his arms.
"Master, this is not a dream. You are really back!"
Lin Ze is in distress situation. Qing Shuang, this Ni is still dreaming. Gentle and soothing Qing Shuang’s emotional warmth is full of this original cold and cheerless room.
"Gentleman, actually, I still can’t believe it’s true. I’m so afraid it’s a dream. When I wake up, you’re gone again."
Qing Shuang trembled slightly in Linze’s arms and clung to his chest to grab his warmth.
"Good boy, I won’t disappear! Don’t be afraid to come and tell me how you have been here for the past two years. Did anyone bully you? "
Hearing Lin Ze’s question, Qing Shuang blushed.
She hung her head and her little hands kept pulling at her skirts.
"Master, I have not been bullied by anyone in the past two years! After you disappeared, I said I was already yours, so others didn’t dare to do anything to me! "
"ah!" Lin Ze was thundered by Qing Shuang’s answer. When did he become my man …
"Young master, I’m sorry!" Green double see Lin Ze reaction so scared immediately from his arms kept bending over to apologize.
"I was afraid to borrow the master’s name! The handmaiden defiled the young master’s name without authorization and asked the young master to punish him. "
As he spoke, Jin Doudou seemed to fall again.
At this moment, Lin Ze’s mind suddenly burst into laughter.
"The little girl consciousness well since people have said so, how dare you refuse? Ha ha ….. "Black Ember is becoming more and more ashamed now.