After Guardiola left, the first-team coach was less in charge of the youth training.

You always have to find someone else.
The candidate is always winning, and he already knows it.
This man is Andrea Stramaccioni, who was later praised as the best Italian youth training coach by Inter Milan coach.
Stramaccioni was a player in Rome, but he didn’t succeed in Rome. Later, he retired early because of a serious knee injury in Bologna and became a coach at the age of 24.
He has coached many amateur youth teams.
At the age of 25, he led a youth team in Rome, AZ _ SPO, to win the provincial championship, and then worked in Romulea for 25 years. In this period, he led the youth team to win the Italian 17-year-old amateur league championship.
At the age of 23, he obtained the certificate of youth coach.
He became the coach of the Roma youth team in 25 years and led the team to win the Italian 17-year-old professional league championship in 27 years.
If Chang Sheng doesn’t look for him but continues to develop, he should win the Italian ten-year-old professional league championship in 21 years and the ten-year-old Beppe_Viola Cup in the same year.
Then in 211, Inter Milan was poached. In 212, Inter Milan led the 19-year-old youth team to win the first 19-year-old Champions League in Europe.
The head coach of youth training is very capable of leading the team.
However, he didn’t realize his long-cherished wish in Rome, that is, he was the director of Chengqing training camp.
Because the director of the youth training in Rome is Alberto Derossi, the head coach of the 19-year-old youth team, that is, Derossi’s father
Old Derossi is firmly established in Rome.
Later, Enrique became the head coach of Rome, which brought him to Stramaccioni, Spain, and was finally pursued. He successfully poached for Inter Milan for two months.
When Ranieri was dismissed from Inter Milan, Stramaccioni became the first-team coach, and Moratti’s decision surprised many people. No one thought that a giant like Inter Milan would choose a young man who had never worked in the first team before. At that time, Stramaccioni was only 36 years old! And he has become the youngest team coach in Serie A history-of course, it is impossible now. Now Changsheng has set a record that is almost impossible to be broken at the age of 32.
As a result, Stramaccioni, despite people’s doubts, has a fairly good performance, and his coaching ability has also made Inter Milan willing to renew his contract for two years
In fact, his experience is somewhat similar to that of Chang Sheng, who started from the youth training camp and then left the original club for some reason. He proved that he was working in the first team in other clubs. The situation suddenly pushed him to the position of head coach of the first team, but he was not as successful as Chang Sheng. After all, it doesn’t make sense that people always win through and plug-ins are unsuccessful …
However, he and Chang Sheng still have a lot in common, and Chang Sheng said that the first thing that comes to mind when looking for the director of youth training is him.
Although I lack a first-team coach now, it is more important to win the youth training.
Lazio wants to develop continuously and maintain a high level of youth training.
It’s not far to always rely on buying people and selling people. When it’s 213, his foresight should be ignored …
Although Stramaccioni is the coach of the Roma club, Changsheng thinks this is not a problem.
We are all adults, and we should have a plan for our career prospects. How to do it for ourselves is best to believe that Stramaccioni should be clear in his heart …
Moreover, Chang Sheng knows the things behind Stramaccioni, and Chang Sheng recognizes that Stramaccioni is not the kind of stupid and loyal figure. He also has his own ideals and principles.
The root of hatred between Rome and Lazio can’t be an obstacle to his coming to Lazio!
Chapter 20 Losing the East Corner and Receiving Sang Yu
Andrea Stramaccioni, a worker in Rome, was killed. I never thought that a word from Lazio would call him.
As a member of the club of Rome, he thinks Lazio and them should be completely different worlds.
Especially in recent years, Lazio has performed strongly and achieved outstanding results, and the Romans have to cultivate the Dafa to the top.
To achieve Lazio, even if they win the championship under your nose, you should treat them as angry, otherwise they will really stimulate them to vomit blood for three liters.
Stramaccioni won’t do this, but he will also think Lazio is not concentrating on his own business.
In the past two years, his team may be the only pride of the Roman club.
In Lazio, the youth training in Rome has flourished in the adult team, but it was only last year that he led the 17-year-old youth team to win the national 17-year-old professional league championship.
Therefore, he was drafted to the ten-year-old youth team to be the head coach.
I never thought Lazio would find him …
But also that coach of Lazio’s adult team, the China who has a connection with Rome.
Ever-victorious team has joined the coach of Rome’s 10-year-old youth team André Stramaccioni.