And all players who participate in the siege war hope to add 1 national war meritorious service, each with 2 bonus gold coins, each with 1 leader gold coin bonus, 1 leader meritorious service bonus and 2 other important members bonus …! ! ! !

Ding! ! World Notice World Notice Congratulates the gang’ Xuanyuan League’ in China District for successfully occupying Sakura City in Japan, becoming the first guild to start the national war. Guild level 1: The world war officially opened the national border and the national war started …
This world announcement shocked players all over the world and made them even crazier. No player in country M didn’t want to go around other countries and earn some meritorious military service by the way. When they heard this announcement, players in country M couldn’t help but scold players in China for being insidious, because they were preempted before they seemed to act in a hurry. This is what they must not allow. They are actively preparing to occupy several towns in China. It is unclear whether they can achieve this goal.
Players in country H are afraid, because they are closest to China, and China can occupy Japanese cities, so they can occupy their towns. The timid players in country H hoard a large number of players near the national border gate and actively guard against the sneak attack of players in China.
Players in China are even crazier. Xuanyuan League is the largest gang. Yes, but they never dreamed that Xuanyuan Dream would successfully occupy a city in Japan before the national war started. How did this happen? Especially bare a few enemies is shocked.
Arrogance is one of them, thinking about how to pull Xuanyuan League hind legs, but I didn’t expect that bare Xuanyuan League has been at the forefront of the world. If you pull Xuanyuan League hind legs at this time, let alone what Xuanyuan League will be like. China players can drown their sea sharks by spitting.
Said that he had to give up and had been preparing to deal with Xuanyuan League. Now that the national war has started, why not go abroad for a piece of the action is better than the nest! As arrogant as the sea sharks, there are no fewer ideas.
There are also some gangs who have this idea that although the national border gate has been opened, you must successfully destroy the monster guarding the festival gate once, otherwise you will still be able to enter other countries smoothly through the national border gate.
How did the Xuanyuan League enter the Japanese zone before the national border was opened? It has become the most controversial topic for players from all over the world. Once we know the secret, there are individual players and Xuanyuan League members in the Japanese zone. The most shocking thing to say is that the Japanese zone players’ homes have been invaded. For those who love to shout, they are suspected to have given them a slap in the face. Those Japanese days are actively preparing to clamor for taking back the cherry blossom city.
In the shape, the bare Xuanyuan League has become the most eye-catching gang in the world, and there are also expectations for Xuanyuan League’s action. However, China players have been looking for Xuanyuan League. Of course, they are not looking for trouble with Xuanyuan League, but want to know how to directly enter other countries’ shortcuts, which makes them feel overwhelmed at Xuanyuan headquarters.
A brief introduction to the meritorious service is a kind of merit points, but it can be exchanged for a certain amount of equipment. According to the amount of meritorious service, it is decided that you need enough meritorious service points. Then you may exchange for artifacts, or of course, if you exchange for artifacts, it will require meritorious service, which will be astronomical. Otherwise, artifacts will be flying all over the sky
Chapter 561 Prewar meeting
The situation in China is bleak, but I don’t know that he is still busy with things in Sakura City. Sakura City decided that all taxes were 100% high, and a large number of shops were looted during the attack, which made Sakura City players miserable. Unfortunately, it is stipulated that all players in Sakura City can spend their time in Sakura City, even if you spend time in other towns, they will be levied at the Sakura City tax rate, which is also a way to ensure the income of occupiers.
Otherwise, the players will all run away. Isn’t the occupier busy in vain? No one will do such a stupid thing. It is also because of this that it is so stipulated to send troops to Sakura City. I can’t help but feel a sigh of emotion. Who would have thought that at the beginning, I was worried about three meals a day, but now I am in Xiaori Town and controlling everything! !
Now we not only have our own city, but also lead our brothers. The final goal of occupying Sakura City is not bare, but bare and ambitious. He wants to occupy the whole Japanese area first and then expand outward.
After the occupation of Cherry Blossom City, the array has been connected with Xuanyuan City. Of course, that is limited to members of Xuanyuan League, but others have to go through bare consent if they want to talk, because Cherry Blossom City is a subsidiary city of Xuanyuan League.
After seeing off, bare, and returning to Xuanyuan League, he brought a message because of his smile. After he occupied Sakura City, a large number of China players gathered in Xuanyuan City and wanted to take part in this trip. It was not unexpected that bare got this news as early as expected.
For those players who also want to enter the ranks of the national war through Xuanyuan League, bare has other plans. After returning to Xuanyuan City, bare did not directly meet with you, but directly returned to the castellan’s mansion to find a smile to understand the situation in China District and then plan.
Xuanyuan city, bare, sitting in the hall of the duke dragon chair to smile and asked, "what’s the situation now? No one intends to take the opportunity to plot evil? "
"Don’t worry, these players have a little conscience. When our army just moved, some people suspected each other and reacted positively. Maybe they suspected that we would start work on them. But in the end, instead of what they expected, they came to the news that Sakura City was captured, which made them have to give up their original plan and want to take part in this trip instead …" Yan ran briefly introduced the general situation of China District after leaving bare.
"Well, that’s good. In fact, a gang in the whole Japanese area can’t eat it, but it’s not small. It’s good to share with you how to share it, but let’s say forget it. Since they want to participate, they must talk about it in advance, and the interests must be sub-balanced …!" After listening to the introduction of Yan ran, I hesitated, bare, and I also spoke my mind.
"It’s also what are you going to do? Those gang bosses have been looking for me for several times, and I have shirked your absence. I can’t do the main reason for temporarily blocking this. This is not a long-term solution! If it takes too long, I’m afraid it will have a negative impact on us …! " Yan ran worried, watching bare want this man to come back. Even if there is a big event, she feels that someone is holding her back and bare has never let her down. She always solves the problem.
"Ha ha! It’s simple. You count the list of people who have come and send them a message. Just say that in three days, a national war conference will be called in Xuanyuan City to discuss the occupation of the Japanese zone. Those who don’t arrive at that time will lose their qualifications and be limited to high-level personnel. The venue is on the first floor of Xuanyuan City. "Bare smiled and said what he planned.
It’s good for bare that players in China are so active. There’s absolutely no harm. Even if no one comes to well-documented, he plans to find someone to lobby. It’s all right-it’s easy. They are so patriotic and want to beat up the kids. Then he will give them the opportunity to firmly grasp the initiative in their hands. Well, it’s not up to them.
For Xiao Ran, just one day zone is just an excess. His greatest ambition is to fight in the world and become the king of the world. Xiao Ran thinks that it is not the ability to show off in his own home. If you want to be fierce, you should be fierce in front of outsiders. Since you can’t realize your dreams in reality, you should indulge yourself in the game.
Think of me, billions of players in China are still afraid that no one will take part in this great action. I don’t think anyone will be tempted before counting wealth! Riqu is just a big dish, and it’s yet to come!
I don’t know how ambitious Shiran is. If he decides that she will support Shiran, she has obviously become Shiran’s right-hand man. If Shiran is not in Xuanyuan City, it will be her biggest and biggest. This is also the letter to her on the west.
Infatuated dreams are now assisting her. The trip was bare, but they were not allowed to participate directly. Everything was in Yan Ran. They stayed in China District and controlled it. Seeing that bare had fallen into the middle of the future township, she did not bother again, but withdrew from the meeting hall to arrange bare confession.
Three days later, the leaders of various gangs gathered in the lobby on the first floor of Xiaoyao, even bare and bitter rivals, the sea shark gang, were among them. This time, it was considered that he abandoned his old enmity and joined forces, and it was also considered that family matters were big and family matters.
Foreign countries also unanimously hate the sea shark gang. In fact, the arrogance of the waves caused bare, and the sea shark gang did not think about its demise. This time, a large number of people wanted to completely attack the Japanese area. Without a large number of people’s support, that root just wouldn’t work. This is also the first reason.
"Ha ha, I’m very glad that everyone is gathered on the first floor of Xiaoyao this time for the leader. The main reason for calling you here this time is that I heard from the leader that everyone wants to go to the Japanese area. The national war has been officially announced. Everyone knows that the second Xuanyuan League has successfully occupied a city in the Japanese area, and the system also admits that it is an affiliated city of the League. I don’t know what you think about this matter …?" Bare, see the people have to see the special mountain and said
"Speaking with the wind champions, we all know that it’s a little presumptuous to come here recently, but the Japanese area is, after all, a piece of fat, and all the kids are rampant here. Now Xuanyuan League, the leader of the wind champions, has succeeded in getting through the passage of the past area and firmly grasped the brothers’ incompetence. Brothers are also willing to speak with the wind champions and do their best to make China players’ efforts, so that kids can know that aggression is not limited to them, and our China players are not vegetarians." Speaking is that the effectiveness of the sea sharks is actually just an excuse.
Who doesn’t know that even compatriots can’t help without certain interests? This is something that everyone knows, not to mention that other gang leaders naturally won’t lag behind, and they all want to earn a seat in front of bare.
"Arrogant Wang’s right. Brother Blood Hand Pavilion naturally won’t lag behind in killing imps. We are also unambiguous. Many former brothers have offended the leader with the wind. Please don’t hold grudges …" Dark owl in Blood Hand Pavilion echoed the arrogant waves and said.
"Ha ha, where the past is the past, my words are gone with the wind, and I don’t hold grudges. I don’t want to stumble behind everything in the future. There are still many places waiting for us to make a fortune. I just want to see your opinions and make a fortune. I won’t break everyone’s common interests. Since you believe that I want to follow me to make a fortune, I will accept unified command. I don’t want to see a group of stragglers and deserters. If you have immediate interests, you will be treacherous. Don’t blame me for my own words. You’re welcome. "Bare didn’t discuss it at all. It’s more beautiful to export to the leader. Since you want to get cheap here, you have to pay a certain price."
All the people are talking about it in succession, and the tone is a bit blunt, but people’s power is there. Besides, it’s hard to get into the Japanese area without Xuanyuan Union’s door, so I have to reach my head before the interests.
To be honest, everyone here is not a big boss, but also a group leader. Now he is being pressed by this cold guy, and he will feel a little uncomfortable in his heart, but he can also temporarily bend, so he nodded and agreed.
"I, the Rose Corps, the leader of Xuanyuan, have long heard of the prestige of Xuanyuan’s eldest brother. Now my little sister is willing to return to the cabinet to jointly dispatch the kids in the same boat. Although there are not many little sisters, they are not weak, and they will not be vague about the meaning of Xuanyuan’s leader." Rose corps Wang purple rose out of the crowd and said
"Purple Rose Wang’s welcome. Your Rose Corps is no small help. Although we have nothing to hand in, we have heard about it. We must be willing and willing to work. We will never be worse than Xuanyuan League members. Please rest assured." Bare has long known this beautiful female Wang, but there are a lot of girls in the gang who lead to peripheral escorts. That’s not a small force.
"Then it’s a deal that my Rose Corps is willing to be the most loyal ally of Xuanyuan League!" Purple rose is capable of doing things, and she has a feminine spirit. She knows that only by doing so can she achieve greater benefits.
Chapter 562 In the meeting