One of the key points is this song … Lin’s body memory is all over, so he can’t even hear clearly, and he can’t hear clearly from the beginning to the end, so it’s very likely that human society has never appeared since the data was recorded.

Lin Jie said, Li Yue finished unexpected words.
Lin said, "Can you teach me?"
Li month froze … Her master’s piano skill is very high, but Lin Qimeng is a piano piece with a small family level, and now it’s only less than a year later that she, the master, has to teach him to play this song herself.
Lin went on to say, "Just think that after you and the breeze have returned my kindness for ten years, you won’t owe me anything!" "
A song about ten years of nurturing grace … Yes, it was Lin who raised them, educated them!
Li Yue will come to Lin personally, not only because he knows from the angel mouth that there are 26 angels guarding Lin, but also because Li Yue wants to hear Lin say these things himself.
After all, in ten years, we can erase our feelings!
Now she never thought that Lin was going to exchange a song for kindness in the past ten years … She still hesitated to treat this master who killed her brother, but now she doesn’t hesitate.
Li month eyes with a hint of decisively heavy nod!
Teach and learn!
If you are watching and listening to Lin, it is really a law society, but Li Yue and Lin are more intimate than when Lin taught Li Yue to play the piano, which is to teach by hand, and now it is the other way around.
Of course, this poem "Feng Yue" is still very difficult to learn. Even Lin, an alternative super learner, spent half a day mastering this poem "Feng Yue"
In the period of studying "Wind and Moon" in Lin, players have been brought by robot angels.
If an angel catches a player, it’s doubtful that it will take time to kill the player’s physical strength, as it did when Tianyin caught Lin … Although other players have no physical memory ability, they can save their physical strength and recover their physical strength to the greatest extent, but it’s no problem to persist for a day or two.
However, it is very good that two angels can catch a player for an hour.
When the moon is breezy!
Fifty-nine players who were stunned and tied up arrived, and none of them escaped.
Lin is playing the piano and the song "The Wind and Moon".
The first note oscillated in the middle, and fifty-nine players who were stunned suddenly opened their eyes at the same time when they heard this note. After this note was silent, these players actually fell into a coma again.
This is not control but destruction control.
This sound can affect whether people are in a coma or in a coma, but their nerves are disturbed and their eyes are opened, and when the interference factors disappear, they will return to their original state.
Knock! Deng …
Second and third … these players keep opening their eyes, and their expressions change or become confused, surprised or sad.
But when the whole song ended, these players continued their coma, and none of them woke up.
Lin was shocked!
"What amazing music!"
"I can skip the influence on the brain and directly affect the nerves … no wonder I can’t see clearly and listen to the moon."
"Fortunately, the player himself is not affected … but it seems that the moon is not affected and the robot is not affected."
"It’s … what made me play this song? Why didn’t the music light appear?"
The last point puzzled Lin.
He doesn’t know that a great musician can copy others and technology at this level and perfectly express what he wants to express … It’s not that way to reach the need, but to create and innovate!
The goal of this planet for producing music is obvious and simple. Only musicians who can create profits can become great musicians.
There will be a reward if you pay!
The musicians and musicians in front of them are all tinkering around the edges, and what songs they create will not be world classics, and they will not be sold on other planets for a few dollars, so I can give you some protection and a little special.
Lin is now a very potential investment object for this planetary system.
But Li Yue has created value.
Li Yue wants angels to catch Lin Nalin. Angels will protect Lin Ruguolin. If he wants his angels to catch Li Yue, he will be rejected by angels. If Lin wants to kill Li Yue, all angels will turn to protect Li Yue against Lin.
I didn’t think too much. Li Yue has awakened the rest of the players. I want to ask them to see if they know any resurrection secrets.
Players were awakened by angels and opened their eyes. Experienced people saw more than 40 people in front of them and immediately distinguished that two were np and the others were angels.
"Li month! Veteran way … "
A very clever player who belongs to the Dragon Emperor’s side of Zhantian met Li Yue and the veteran player, and then saw more than 50 people tied up like him around him, some of whom he still knew, and immediately guessed that these people around him who had the same treatment as him should all be players.
Since all the arrested players are players, one or both of these two np’s should be players. Otherwise, what are np’s doing to arrest their players?
And Li Yue’s age obviously does not conform to the player’s age, while the elder Dao’s age does not conform to the player’s age.
I was a little confused at the moment.
Not only this player, but also other players are not stupid. There are also some brilliant people who are in a state of confusion … ……np, what are you doing with them?
At this time, Li Yuekou asked, "Which one of you knows the secret of resurrecting the dead?"
Lin shook his head for questioning. Is there such a question? If it was Li Qingfeng, I would never ask it, but I didn’t teach her these tricks of intrigue myself. If I had really taught her this knowledge, Li Qingfeng would have been the first to refuse.
Li Yue will grow up. Now this sample can be said to be Li Qingfeng’s expectation that Li Qingfeng will borrow Lin’s hand to unite Li Yue to live in a paradise. If Li Yue is not smarter than Li Qingfeng, I am afraid that Li Yue’s psychological age will not exceed ten years old now.
Players are all good at fooling np.
These players make eye contact from left to right … The general meaning is white at a glance.