Three people face a change back? That is to say, falling in love with micro will and leaving this world and leaving them? No, no, they can’t see her life after they accept it

Irvine fans looked up and spoke first. "Then take me away!"
Then there is Culolo. "I think there must be many new things in the love world that I am very interested in."
Momo didn’t pause and said, "there are many strange fruits with the same ability as Xiao Lian Wei." ? Looking forward to yo …? "
Why are all these people so difficult? "The world is tied to you, isn’t it?"
"It doesn’t matter if I’m not an heir!" Although my father and they should not agree, this is the choice I want to make the most and the only choice I want to make.
"I think they will like going to the new world very much." They have no nostalgia for this world, and that world is the same to them.
"Is there a big apple? It’s the same everywhere ~ ~? " Anyway, don’t leave Xiaolianwei.
Although I know I should be moved, why can’t I resist the black line? What are they doing? Traveling? Culolo still misses married with children? "I can take you away before all this."
"Love micro means that you can be targeted when crossing?" Culolo Ma Bai came over and asked urgently
At present, the three people are dissatisfied with their own explanations and simply say, "My spiritual strength is very unstable, and I will be able to cross these things at any time when I want to return to support the virtual strength. It is beyond my control, so I can’t take people to wear them."
"So I don’t know when I will leave?" As soon as Culolo’s words are spoken, fans and momo are also a little nervous to look at Love Micro. Does this mean that Love Micro may leave in a moment?
"I don’t know" in fact, it shouldn’t be long, and my spiritual power has been completely restored.
"Can Lian Wei come back?"
Love looked at them quietly, then sighed, and the blue light in my hand gradually condensed into three small ice crystals, in which the blue spiritual force flowed continuously and gave them the three ice crystals. "With this, I can come back. If I leave once and meet you again, I will take you away."
The three people hold the ice crystals in their hands tightly, and the ice crystals are cool, just like love brings them comfort and peace.
Love micro just walked out of the room and saw Xiaojie and Qiya, who were a little anxious and walked around. After seeing her, they were worried about coming to her.
"Is Sister Lian Wei okay?" I heard that Culolo was seriously injured. He is also a friend of Sister Lian Wei. Sister Lian Wei must be very worried.
"Do I look all right to you?"
Lian Wei still smiled faintly when he said this, even his tone of voice didn’t change at all, so he didn’t like to worry about his friends. But the more he did, the more worried he became that they heard that Culolo was injured to save Lian Wei’s sister. It must be because of too much remorse that he couldn’t see anything strange. I have to say that Lian Wei is too good to oppress them like this, but by this time, Xiaojie still believes that Lian Wei is a good person.
"Love micro sister Culolo will be fine."
Strange to look at it, it seems that she is more worried about Xiaojie. Didn’t she say that she is all right? What? He looked even more uneasy. "I know he is awake."
"Really? Great! " Xiaojie is very happy. "I don’t have to worry about loving Sister Wei like this."
Love helps the forehead. This child belongs to an ox! Why else would she talk to him like casting pearls before swine? I already said it’s okay! And although she was a little out of control when she saw Culolo fall down, she never worried that he would die. After all, the wound caused by Yi and Momo was more serious than this time. He lay alive for a day. These people are stronger than Xiaoqiang in terms of physical fitness and are not easy to die. Of course, Lian Wei never admits that he belongs to this range, and what’s more, he is one of the best.
"How does Xiaojie feel about fighting ants this time?" Look, talk, love, and micro decided to change the subject.
Sure enough, the single-celled hero excitedly turned his mind as soon as he heard the micro-love problem. "Those ants are so strong!" Sister Lian Wei, you must be stronger when you meet! "
Love thought about it for a moment. Those three ants should each be at the level of the old man Nitero. This should be regarded as a strong one in this world! Thinking of this, Lian Wei nodded. "Well, it’s quite strong!"
Fortunately, Xiaojie doesn’t know how to love micro-thoughts, otherwise he will be full of black lines and indignation. What do you mean, it’s quite strong? That’s a monster level. Good cutting! Sister Lian Wei, has everyone in your world gone beyond the monster level like you and moved towards extreme change? We are ordinary people and can’t understand your judgment standard. You should express your opinions at the level of normal people. ! !
Fortunately, Xiaojie doesn’t know what he knows, so there is no grief and indignation. Now Xiaojie is full of eagerness to see her opponent who is strong in love. "I really want to meet her and say that she is strong!"
"Don’t worry, it should be visible every time." This time, the king ant escaped, and it shouldn’t be dormant for too long. It won’t be long before the ants will run all over the ground, and then there will be no so-called periphery.
"Really?" Xiaojie’s eyes are bright and full of expectation.
"True" love nodded slightly
I just parted from Xiaojie, who had been worried all along, and fell in love with her. She is waiting for him. She, Nitero and Kim are really wave after wave. Can’t you give her a break?
"What’s up?" Love micro came straight to the point after entering the room and asked her that she really didn’t want to spend energy to deal with the old fox now.
Nitero saw that love was unbearable and didn’t talk nonsense. He directly said that he was still worried about his love for micro-strength. He didn’t want to be disintegrated by her unhappiness. "Oh, live alive ~ ~ How about Culolo?"
"Fortunately, I’m awake." What does the old fox want? She doesn’t think he will worry about the life of an S-class wanted man.
"Oh, alive ~ ~ May I ask what a love micro and he are?" It’s unheard of that a cold-blooded bandit leader would sacrifice himself to save people!
Love micro directly refused to give a face "no!"
"Don’t say that. You should just be an old man’s curiosity!" He’s really curious. Colonel Phantom Troupe pays so much attention to Love Micro, and those members seem to respect Love Micro. I really want to know!
Love micro-hands around the chest and squinted at Nitrow and snorted, "Who are you? Why should I satisfy your curiosity!"
"Uh …" Nietro was swallowed by love and finally bit his teeth "100 million"
Love squints at him. The old man really treats her like Yi. Everything is the same as money, but don’t give money to the door for nothing. Don’t look at Netro with a dreary face. It’s also very comfortable to "pay first"
"Good" Nietro transferred the money to Love Micro Card and looked forward to the answer from Love Micro.
"Me and Culolo …" Love slightly stretched her voice and saw Nitero stretching her ears, expecting even Jin’s eyes to shine when she finished. Then she smiled and said, "Of course she knows someone!"
⊙⊙? Do Nitero and Kim know each other? Isn’t this nonsense? Who doesn’t know this! Wait for a while said, "No, it’s not … Love me. What are you two? For example, it is a friend! "
Love was surprised and said, "Oh, isn’t the president very clear? Why do you ask me?" Then he walked away with a cool face and talked to himself, but let them hear the volume and muttered, "This president will ask if he is sick! It won’t be Alzheimer’s disease! Oh, that’s sad. Then forgive him for asking! What should Kim do if he knows that the president is sick and doesn’t watch him run around and scare people? Even if it doesn’t scare people and scare the surrounding flowers and plants, it’s not good. Now it’s a green society … "
Behind them, Nitero and Kim have already turned into two plaster statues, where they have been stiff for a long time. "Sixty-nine" ended unexpectedly.
As time flies, half a month later, the scourge of ant monsters is becoming wider and wider. Finally, Nietro got the exact news that the king ant has occupied the stronghold of the East Gordeau Republic and the front line has also moved there.
w w w 8
When I came to the border of the Republic of East Gordeau, I saw a small group of ants guarding the entrance, and there were many ants patrolling around to keep the entrance tight.
"If you want to get in, you must find another way," said Hunter A.
"Yes, I didn’t expect that the ant monster blocked all the accessible places. The garrison was so strict that we could sneak in," hunter B echoed A.