"Do you think it’s because you pull a group of garbage behind you?" Chu Yun disdain way

"garbage?" Song Xiaoxiao sneered at each other’s words and said, "Did you hit a few porters? I’m telling you that behind me, these are Song Jiawu divisions, and each of them can fight ten."
"Everyone can fight ten. That’s awesome. Can you stop the robbery?"
Chu Yun hand suddenly appeared a small pistol gun is risking white smoke obviously just a shot.
Song Xiaoxiao got a fright. "How dare you hold a gun! ?”
"I have a gun. What’s the matter? Maybe you have a gun, too?" Chu Yun laughs at.
"You you this is a crime, I want to report you" Song Xiaoxiao was shaking, pointing to Chu Yun. If the other party shot himself forward, it would be …
"I’m telling you that I have a gun license, and the country has given me this gun to fight bad guys."
Chu Yun smilingly said that this gun was brought to him by Long Reqing. Besides this gun, there is also a gun license.
"You …" Song Xiaoxiao, who is said to be a bad guy, is flushed, but can people fight pistols with guns in their hands?
"Be good and don’t force me to shoot." Chu Yun slammed another shot at the sky. Although he has a strong body, it seems that it is quite good to scare people with a gun.
Chapter 54 Stability!
"You don’t dare to shoot."
Song Xiaoxiao pointed to Chu Yun and trembled.
Chu Yun shot a gun toward the sky again. Song Xiaoxiao stumbled and nearly fell down.
"Let …" Chu Yun pointed a gun at the person in front of him and these people got cold feet.
They are not dead men. How can they not be afraid of death when the enemy has guns? !
Don’t say that even Song Xiaoxiao, a group of big warriors, was scared because she didn’t dare to make fun of her own life.
"Let’s go." Chu Yun gently took Song Ning frost jade hand light smiles to say.
Song Ning Frost’s amorous feelings smile like a hundred flowers bloom. Seeing this smile, Song Xiaoxiao can’t help but be jealous. What makes her smile so beautiful? !
Because Chu Yun had a gun in his hand, no one dared to walk past like this with two women.
In a room in the Song family.
"Dad, isn’t that just a filming? What’s the big deal? Besides, Song Ningshuang was expelled. Why must I apologize?" Song deficiency suppressed full anger aggrieved way
Song Tiancheng hate iron not to produce nu way "I English I how gave birth to you idiot? !”
"You are an idiot?" Song Tiancheng denounced in his heart but dared not say it face to face.
"I ask you who is the man around Song Ningshuang? Don’t tell me you don’t even know this." Song Tiancheng glared at Song Que angrily.
"Is it not a filming, playing games? What are you afraid of? " Song want to also don’t want to directly say
Song Tiancheng took a direct shot at Song Que’s head and said, "What a slap in the face!"
Song Quewu wear the head very grievance "where did I say wrong?"
"Don’t you know that he won the Sun God?" Song Tiancheng cold way he didn’t expect his son to be such an idiot.
"Didn’t you win a small day? What’s there to be proud of?" Song Que said of course.
Song Tiancheng gasped, "Do you know that the horse is going to the world series?"
"I know," said Song Que, but he was not stupid and soon thought of the reason. "He is going to participate in the world series."
"That’s right. I’m going to the world series. If something happens to him or his injury affects the game, do you think the chief will let you go?" Song Tiancheng hates iron and does not produce steel. "By then, you will be a sinner. Can you afford it?"
Country sinner!
After hearing what dad said, Song lacked cold sweat, which seems very serious. Even if the Song family is big, it is impossible to compete with a country, right?
"You guys are all stupid except Song Ning Frost. If I guess right, Song Xiaoxiao must have a conflict with each other."
Song Tiancheng hit Song Qing’s head again. "Even if you want to come, you have to come to Yin. You are so aboveboard and you are making yourself uncomfortable."
"I …" Song Quewu wear the head speechless in his eyes before the other party is a small role, I didn’t expect it to be so serious.