"I don’t know … but I must go back to Oulali, where there are people who are worried about me and people I care about."

Ye Yu said that since she got into bed, she seems to be going to leave here directly.
"With all due respect, young man, you are a magician, right?"
Listen to Hayd’s words, Ye Yu’s footsteps stopped. He turned and looked at the old man, waiting for him to finish.
"An old man is also a magician. According to my knowledge, it is almost impossible to perform the magic of crossing two worlds."
Ha de said and laughed.
"Of course, it is not impossible to say that the second magic can achieve this step, but just like the characteristics of the second magic, it is almost impossible for its master to find him all the time in the parallel world."
"What do you want to say? !”
"I want to say … although I don’t know how you came into this world, I don’t think that’s what you mean, right? Otherwise, you wouldn’t be found unconscious in the ice and snow by my granddaughter. "
Ha DE said Ye Yu fell silent.
Although I don’t know the situation of this world very well, it seems that this world is also a world with all kinds of strong people, similar to Euler’s.
It’s rare that Euler Li Ye Yu hasn’t heard of anyone who can master the magic of crossing the world freely.
Let those who are high above God not be counted among them.
"Although we can find a second magic to help you return to your own world, there is another thing that can help you."
"Oh … what’s that?"
Ye Yu is slightly interested. Now it is urgent to find a way to return to Euler Li. With the help of the strong in this world, it is naturally much easier than groping for it yourself.
"That thing … is called the Holy Grail!"
Looking at Ye Yu’s expression of interest, Hayd grinned slightly, revealing an ugly smile.
"Ah …"
Looking at his grandfather, Alice Phil showed some puzzled expression as she said this.
Didn’t grandpa say that the participant in the holy grail war of Einz Belem has already chosen, and that person will become her husband?
Although she was instilled with a lot of knowledge after her birth, Alice Phil still has a hard time understanding what a wife is, even though her mind is as old as a child.
Although she knows the meaning of a wife clearly, she should do her best for her wife, and those righteous girls are more vacant than shy
Chapter 88 Alice Phil
After Hayd explained to Ye Yu what the Holy Grail was, Ye Yu was really moved. As far as the current situation is concerned, it seems that it should be the best way to make the universal kettle of the Holy Grail wish to return to Oulali.
Besides, Ye Yu really can’t figure out what else can make him go back to the second magic that Hayd said, so that he can’t find him first, even if he finds someone to help you for no reason? That way, you can travel freely between the two worlds, and the strong will certainly not be so accommodating.
And even if others agree to help themselves, whether they can return to their own world is still a question mark.
After all, no one knows how far the world is from Euler Li.
Ye Yu’s only worry is … whether this holy grail is as magical as Hayde said and can really realize his wishes.
But now there is no choice. We have to fight for the Holy Grail.
"When did the Holy Grail War begin … what do I need to do? And … since the Holy Grail is a universal kettle that can realize all wishes, why don’t you take it yourself and give this opportunity to an outsider like me? "
Ye Yu looked at her in front of him with a puzzled face, and Ha Yide shook his head gently and gave the answer.
"The old man has been living for too long. Although the magic weapon is still strong, the decadent soul can’t attract the help of the powerful Servan. Perhaps it is because he is unwilling? Not reconciled to the imperial three families, the Holy Grail War was held at the beginning, and Einz Belem failed for so many years. "
"It’s been nearly two hundred years, and the family of Ainz Belem has never won once. Is this pathetic? What that old man want is just a victory belonging to the family of Einz Belem, and he want to witness the arrival of the holy grail before this remnant dies! "
Ha in accordance with the derby excited said the old man don’t know where to generate out of a force again, after all, Ye Yu side has turbid eyes flashing light and heat.
This kind of light is no stranger to Ye Yu, who has won the glory of the family as soon as possible in Euler Li, and the flashing in the eyes of adventurers is such a light.
Did you win the honor of the family … It is true that it has been a powerful family for thousands of years, but even such a long-cherished wish has been fulfilled by law.
"I don’t understand. I will help you win the holy grail. In the name of the family of Einz Belem."
Ye Yu said that Ha Yide gently shook his head.
"No, it’s not that you won the Holy Grail in the name of the family of Eintz Belem. The other magicians won’t admit that you love the family of Eintz Belem, so you are old and I hope you can marry my granddaughter Alice Phil and adopt by adoption. We love the family of Eintz Belem."
Hayd said that Alice Phil was a little shy and bowed her head, while Ye Yu’s face showed a difficult look.
He doesn’t quite understand what adoption is, but it is acceptable for him to marry another woman. After all, the woman Ye Yu loves is Riveria.
"But … I already have someone I like in another world."
"Hey, it’s not normal for a gentleman to have three wives and four concubines. How can you have a woman in your strength?"
Look at Ye Yu hesitate sample ha DE said not care.
"Then it’s settled. I will let you and Alice Phil get married some other day soon. All right, Alice Phil, let’s go first and don’t disturb your future husband’s rest."
"White Grandpa"
Bow your head and let out an inaudible sigh. Before leaving, Alice Phil turned around and leaned slightly at Ye Yu with a beautiful smile.
"That … grandpa and I went out first. If Mr. Ye Yu has any needs, just call the maid directly."
"Are you … forced?"
When Alice Phil was about to leave, Ye Yu suddenly made the girl tremble with a word.
"How … how can it be? I just followed grandpa’s request."
"So … will you marry me?"
Ye Yu asked again, Alice Phil didn’t look back, because once she looked back, the bitter expression on her face would be discovered by Ye Yu.
"Of course, Mr. Ye Yu is such a young and powerful magician that he is very popular with girls. I am very satisfied with grandpa’s arrangement."
"Ah … I see. You go first, Miss Alice Phil."
Alice Phil barely finished listening to Ye Yu’s words, but he didn’t ask any more questions and remained silent.
"See you later then. Please have a good rest, Mr. Ye Yu."
So polite, Alice Phil left the room in a hurry, leaving Ye Yu sitting in bed staring blankly.
"The Holy Grail War …"
So Nai sighed. According to Hayd, even if the Holy Grail War started, it would be ten years later. That is to say, he should take at least ten years in this world and be married to other women for ten years.
It’s not that I hate Alice Phil. On the contrary, Ye Yu saw something similar to Rivera in Alice Phil’s body, which attracted him like a poppy.
Ye Yu doesn’t know what this strange feeling is, but he just can’t control the impulse in his heart to get it.
"It’s really a little sorry Riveria …"
There was a weak smile at the corner of her mouth. Although she said that she had a wife in front of Hayd at first, Ye Yu hesitated and said it in front of her. She almost agreed to win Alice Phil’s request in that blink of an eye.
"But there’s nothing I can do about it … Riveria will … forgive me when she knows?"
Ye Yu’s words are a little reluctant. Although he still has some guilt in his heart, he is already planning to marry Alice Phil.
But … there is still a problem before us, and that is Alice Phil’s attitude …
Ye Yu didn’t have any doubts about Hayd, but … Just now, the question and answer with Alice Phil was that Yuzryha Yu found many NiDuan.