"Little yellow duck and big white goose!" Then he urged, "Give me the microphone and two little yellow ducks and big white geese!"

The scene is boiling.
“666! And this shit! Four yellow eggs! "
"Is this the first case of four yellow eggs in film history?"
"It’s really the first case."
"The Golden Horse Award is so fun! I also saw four people winning prizes for the first time. "
"But the performance is really good. How many younger sisters did Gong Huang baiwan have? Yingbao’s performance is obvious to all. Little yellow duck and big white goose don’t seem to be bad either. At that time, many people cried. "
"I see. The judges of the Golden Horse Awards are definitely constellations."
"The constellation is back again."
Even Gong Li is in distress situation.
After this queen-level actress who has been in the arts for many years took the stage, she laughed and joked, "This is definitely the most interesting film winner I have ever won."
Yu Yingbao, Little Yellow Duck and Great White Goose have long been too excited to speak.
However, it is Yingbao’s reaction to make the fans smile at the scene.
After the stage, there were not enough temporary microphones in the four-person stage, and the workers brought two new microphones
The four microphones are still very uniform step by step, but Yingbao consciously stays with Gong Li as if she had found a backbone.
I accidentally like this pair of lily CPCP fans because of the drama Carol. They are completely high C.
This is reality. Carol reappears!
After this, a Fang Siyi expression pack actually flowed on the Internet.
It’s a photo of Fang Siyi clapping and editing with Tai Yingbao and Gong Li. It happened that Fang Siyi’s head was spoofed and made into a mass of green color.
Face to face essay
"Forgive her, of course!"
Directly caused a few passers-by to laugh and spray.
Later, Fang Siyi had to make an interesting move in response to this spoof picture.
Chapter 6 The Golden Horse Storm (3)
Of course, that’s another story
At the moment, Yingbao on the podium is flustered, and the little yellow duck is careless but speechless.
And the great white goose shed tears with excitement.
Finally, Gong Li took the lead in speaking.
"First of all, I would like to thank the organizing committee for awarding this award to us. This award was really unexpected. At the same time, I would like to thank the entire cast of Carol, Fang Dao, and my partner Yingbao. To tell the truth, I still had some concerns when I was on the scene. Everyone knows that Yingbao will be very difficult to get along with, but I didn’t expect Yingbao to really bring me a big surprise." Said Yingbao, stretching his arms to one side.
Yingbao was moved, and her eyes were red. She hurriedly leaned her arms and hugged Gong Li.
After choking for nearly a minute, Yingbao finally talked about his acceptance speech.
"Thanks to the jury for awarding this award to us, and also thanks to my boyfriend Fang Siyi, but for you, I couldn’t be in such a film! This is the first film queen in my life, and I believe it is definitely not the last one! In addition, I would like to thank Sister Gong Li for teaching me a lot. In addition, I would like to thank the entire crew for helping me to win the award here. In addition, I would like to thank the fireflies who have always liked me! Thank you for always being with me! "
It’s quite unexpected to say that tears filled eyes and domineering side leakage attracted a lot of attention.
Sitting in the front row, Master Feng is whispering with Fan Xiaopang.
"This girl … is getting worse and worse." At this time, Yingbao is no longer the little girl who broke into this circle with a puzzled face and a star dream.
In recent years, with the rising status of Fang Siyi, who dares to underestimate such a seemingly innocent and cute little girl?
Therefore, Feng Dao naturally won’t forget the girl in front of him.
After all, to some extent, Master Feng is a Yingbao guide.
In those days, Yingbao couldn’t have reached this position if it wasn’t for Feng Liuye’s "eye-catching".
There is also a sense of satisfaction with peaches and plums.
Fan Xiaopang’s face didn’t change. He always said with a beautiful smile, "Someone still helps."
"You can’t say that." It’s rare for Mr. Feng to say a sincere word. "Carol is as good as you and I both know. Although the winner is suspected of packaging, it’s hard to tell the truth. If I hadn’t occupied the home court advantage this time, the best director would be really hanging."
"Are you so optimistic about that little one?" Fan Xiaopang was a little surprised.
In recent years, Mr. Feng has become a small steel cannon, and how can the audience praise people?
"Ha ha" Feng Liuye smiled without a word.
"Ah" looked at the stage and was so excited that he said the acceptance speech incoherently, and he also bowed to the stage. Little Yellow Duck and Big White Goose Fan Xiaopang were a little angry.
However, although a little unhappy, the performance of the two in "An Sheng in July" is really remarkable
Although she is dissatisfied that she didn’t win the prize this year, she still has something to say
After all, although it’s Huayi’s home, it’s hard for her to say that she can force two people.
This is especially true. The "four yellow eggs" stunt creates her advantages, and there are only a few.
Although angry, I can accept my fate.
When the little yellow duck came to Taiwan, he suddenly turned to Yingbao and winked and said, "Rabbit, one day, will your big director make a film for me and the big white goose?"
Yingbao one leng show some suddenly dazed, then consciously look at the Taiwanese siyi place.
And the camera just moved to Fang Siyi’s face.