Read sunny in incredibly still hiding this skill!

Originally, she wanted to suppress Su Yu with a sense of honor and make him afraid of the world’s name and dare not kill his mother.
But now it’s too late!
Sue the god of war is a householder. He has already given the order!
The father himself opened his mouth to take care of everything in the family. She is already a good mistress!
She has no sense of justice!
Su Zhanshen knew that Su Yu would return to Beijing. He left everything to Su Yu to decide!
Su Yu strode forward and slapped Xu’s mother’s face. "You are Su Jia’s cheap maid!"
Xu Zhu’s mother’s teeth were knocked out several times. Her face was shocked and shocked. She looked at Su Yu. "You know martial arts and you actually stepped into martial arts!"
She felt a strong force from that slap just now!
This is the most acceptable thing for master Xu!
Little master Su Wangfu’s loser can actually practice martial arts!
This will make those officials who were disheartened by Su Wangfu rekindle the idea of joining Su Wangfu!
Not in this era, people can never understand the importance a big power attaches to heirs.
And Su Yu is the heir of Su Wangfu!
His every move is related to many people!
Reading Sunny is like a water wave, and my eyes are full of surprises. Looking at Su Yu as if she is suffering and Su Yu knows martial arts, the news is not worth it at all.
"Wang Yizhi will practice martial arts!"
Su Yu faint sound he picked up the whip.
"What are you going to do!"
Mrs. Xu’s eyes were full of fear and her expression was horrified. "You can’t kill me! I am the daughter of the Xu family and I am the aunt of the Great Emperor! "
"Kill you? Not that simple! "
Su Yu’s eyes are cold and staring at Xu’s mistress. "Today the king wants to divorce his wife on behalf of his father! From today on, Jiao Xu and I will be reunited! "
Su Yu’s overbearing voice is like a stone hitting the ground!
The first day back to the house, the mistress was abolished!
Su Yu, this is so overbearing!
"Divorce your wife on behalf of your father"
Master Xu’s face froze and then her expression was bitter.
A deep sense of shame flooded her mind. At this moment, she felt that her self-esteem had been severely trampled by Su Yu!
Open Sue’s mistress was actually divorced by the young master for his father!
Xu mistress eyes staring at Su Yu hover, she know Su Yu won’t kill her in the middle of the back must smile and growled "good! Su Yu! You Sue’s little punk! I cann’t believe you did this to me! I’ll go back to Xu’s house one day! I’d like to see how your Su family will fall and perish in the next day! "
Su Yu, Xu’s mistress, was afraid of Xu Jiahe’s influence and did not dare to kill herself.
Then she has nothing to be afraid of!
When you go back, you must unite with Xu Jiahe and the Great Emperor to severely suppress Su Wangfu so that Su Long and Su Yu can live forever and regret!
Xu’s mother gnashed her teeth constantly.
Su Yu shook her wrist lightly, and the whip was weak, giving off a light explosion.
"Want to go back? That’s really sorry.
Su Yu’s voice is deep and cold. "I think you misunderstood that just because Wang doesn’t kill you now doesn’t mean he won’t kill you later."
"You read aunt body flogging king to one hundred times back! I will let you live longer before! "
Su Yu sounds like a devil climbing out of hell, which makes Sue’s mistress tremble and tremble.
"What? No, you can’t do this! My nephew is too today! My family is a royal family! I "
Mrs. Xu’s face froze and then she cried in despair. "I beg you, don’t kill me! Don’t do this to me! I know I’m sorry for you, but look at me. Su Wangfu has worked hard for 20 years. Please spare me! "
Master Xu dare not say that she is Su Yu’s mother, and dare not beg for mercy with this excuse.
She knew that what she said to Su Yu would make Su Yu even more chilling. She could ask for mercy from Su Wangfu and make Su Yu soft-hearted.
According to Xu’s mistress, she knows that Su Yu is a world-renowned and soft-hearted man.
She must ask for mercy. She dare not accept her ending!
A hundredfold punishment?
Be executed again?
This ending is even more terrible than simple death!
"You touch your conscience and ask if you are working hard for Su Wangfu for 20 years or selling Su Wangfu for 20 years! How much benefit has the connections and fame of Lisu Wangfu given you in the past twenty years! How many supporters of the throne have been brought to the big emperor! "
Su Yu squinted and sneered.
Is he soft-hearted?
That’s also being soft on one’s own!
Su Yu has always been a thunderbolt to the enemy!
Su Yugen doesn’t want to divorce his wife on behalf of his father!